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Installing dedicated 10 gauge lines
Has anyone heard of first trying running the wire out in the open first to test the results before burying behind walls ? I may test this in the future before spending the time going through the trouble of routing inside the walls.  
Percentage of cable cost
.12% should suffice on a 20k system .05% on a 10k system 1% on a 5k system    
length of interconnects for passive preamp
I have been running 25' of Mogami Gold balanced cables from my dac to a passive volume pot. Another 25' of Mogami to my amp for years without problem. Had a Lightspeed Attenuator at one time and longer runs I couldn't get hi volume from that thoug... 
Survey on Cost of Loudspeakers Supported On Townshend Seismic Isolation Podiums
For anyone who has not heard of Townshend Townshend Audio Seismic HiFi Isolation Products Demo @ Festival of Sound 2018  
Great speaker sounds terrible in my room?
Maybe try and talk to the person who sold them to you. They might have experience with using different components with the speakers and may have had to do some trial and error to get them to the way they had them sounding the way you liked.  
What would you say is THE MOST important factor to good imaging?
#1 would be getting rid of all reflections in the room . Obviously not all . Third wall reflections and on will not have much energy anyways . Try it out . Buy some Owens Corning or Johnsmanville 2'x4' rigid insulation as a test in your room . Und... 
Emotiva not so good
I was buying some speakers off Craigs . Got to this guys house and he started giving me prices I knew were well under the market value for a Emotiva XSP-1 and Paradigm speakers as well . Also a NHT class D amp . I figured I could flip the gear so ... 
GR Research NX-Extreme
Count me in on purchasing the nxtreme . Later this summer I will be buying . Along with a pair of the triple subs . One owner compared them to King sound King electrostatic speaker , with better bass . Crossing my fingers they will meet my expecta... 
Are Bowers and Wilkins speakers overpriced?
I would say no , they are not overpriced . What is the price to their top model ? If its around 20k then definitely not overpriced in comparison to speakers costing 100k 200k  
Axe to grind know it alls
Eric squires is definitely not on the list . Keep posting buddy ! Even more than you have been would be great . Keep the discussions coming buddy  
Axe to grind know it alls
I just scanned through all the posterts on this thread . Did not see them here . Maybe this subject is their Kryptonite. 
Interesting study
To add on to the last post . I have been inside of probably 2,000 residences in the last ten years (painting ) 3 people had anything worth mentioning .  
How many speaker companies?
About 6 years ago I read it was over 400 . Now ? 
Quad ESLs - I have some questions
I am going to try the Gr Research open baffle servo subs to go with my King Sound King stats . Everything ive read over the years makes me think it will be a flawless incorporation with stats . I am also considering one of his two open baffle spea... 
Quad ESLs - I have some questions
Run , don't walk away from them . The panels have major issues . I was in the same situation about 3 years ago . I had read of some bad panels when I was researching the 2905 . I ended up buying a pair of the 2905's from a Hifi stores used section...