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Outlet Question
zlone 395 posts 04-29-2024 at 09:15am  The Hubbell 5362 is a pretty decent unit.  ^^^^^THIS^^^^^  
Anyone hear the Van Alstine CA1 Control Amplifier or NP1 amp demoed?
Jump over to AudioCircle.com. Van Alstine has lots of traffic there.  
Kind of Blue
I'm not a big Jazz fan but,Coltrane's  A Love Supreme is one of my faves.  
Effect of Internet Service Quality on Streaming?
jwei said, Glad I had my vinyl and CDs.   Amen Brother!!!!!!  
Community radio station
I've always wanted to have a radio show. You'd hear everythin from Grady Martin to Captain Beefheart. No commercials, I like that concept!!  
Rear speaker recommendations to pair with Energy LCR
Energy CB-5 should round out your sound nicely.  
BTO Not Fragile
Saw B.T.O., Bob Seger and Charlie Daniels Band on the same bill in 1975. If I remember correctly, tickets were $7.50.  
Stupid remote or stupid user
Pull that plug Man!!!!!!!  
Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
I like bananas and rice krispies for breakfast!!!!  
Who out there wants to, or has, validated an amazing cable find?
Mine is bigger than yours!!!!!!  
Any normal size speakers that sound like Volti
Smaller Volti's like the Rival or Razz?  
Basic Troubleshooting: 4 channel automobile system.
You'd probably get more and better responses on an AutoAudio chatroom,  
Chicago 1967 - 2023
Chicago died with Terry Kath. Just my opinion,nothing more.  
Does your system sound “better” after being away?
If I get away from my system for a couple of days, it takes an hour or two to hear what I like about it. I think it's just the nature of the ear/brain connection. I'm not a hearing specialist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!!!  
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
Rolling Stones, "Sister Morphine" and  "Moonlight Mile" from Sticky Fingers. Catch a good buzz,turn off the lights and enjoy. Hell,the entire album is a trip.