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recommended speaker cables and interconnects
+1 on Audio Envy.  
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
Hi, Check out Cullen Cable, he sells Seymour&Pass hospital grade wall recepticles    
Power amplifier input sensitivity setting. 1.4V or 26db
Thanks Russ, For the reply. I overthink stuff sometimes, Lol!  
CEC TL5 100V power
Correction :    
CEC TL5 100V power
+1 on Jason's recommendation. Checkout ACCUPWR.COM I've read good results from people that have used  them with Japanese Luxman equipment.    
You are batsh*t crazy....I'm just kidding with ya'😋.It's all in what YOUR audible hearing prefers.I've heard highend audio systems that I thought sounded mediocre;But a friend or friends thought those  particular systems were worth a second mortga... 
Transport for Benchmark / Peter Daniels NOS DAC
Scratch the Moon 260D(T), it doesn't have the small footprint you're looking for.The Heed has a small footprint though. 
Transport for Benchmark / Peter Daniels NOS DAC
You could also check out Heed Obelisk CDT or Simaudio Moon 260D(T). 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Gary Moore; Blues and Beyond 
Goldmund Memesis 2 Preamp
Hi,You could see if you can get a "ballpark" price on a repair.Goldmunds are NICE and worth looking into a repair/refresh. 
Preamp recommendation; ≤ $5k
Hi,Checkout Tortuga Audio, excellent passive and active tube preamps! 
Hoping for a recommendation for stereo amp around $1500 or less ($2k max)
Odyssey, Outlaw, Schiit? 
Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so
Coda, Primare, Sugden? 
Rotel A14 and LG TV issue
Hi mep,That's good news! 
NAD T778
Have you looked into Outlaw or Anthem?