How good is your system

Can you clearly hear the whispers on Seal's Future Love Paradise?
"Hear the voices in my head I swear to god it sounds like they're snoring..."
I'll have to dig it out and give it a listen, tomorrow.
It's been too long.

All the best,

Nice tune; new to me. Thanks! If you mean the whispers beginning at around 0:45, yes. I guess my iPhone and $15 Phillips earbuds (YouTube) are pretty good; road noise and all 😊
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Okay, so I dug it out and gave it a listen and man, that’s not a good CD for demoing but here goes: at around 0:52, 1:50, 1:58, 2:50, 3:0 and 3:19 you can here a female back up singer phrasing the word "paradise" along with Seal, but I can see why it could easily be confused with a cymbal crash and decay or something related to that sound as there’s a lot of high frequency mixing going on in that region.

All the best,
Childs play. My system is so good I can hear what Bill Murray whispers in Scarlett Johansson's ear at the end of Lost in Translation. That was before the recent upgrades. Now my system is so good last night I was listening to Mel Torme Live at Marty's. A lady at one table had a cough. And now I have come down with a cold.


My system is so good I diagnosed the lady’s cough as mycoplasma pneumoniae after one round of tetracycline.

By the way, Seal was married to Heidi Klum for a while.

And yes, I can hear the whispers even with Amazon Music - to- AppleTV -to- Schiit Modi 2 Uber......not exactly a stellar streaming set up. But, can't hear what they're saying every time.
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Neil Armstrong, when he steps on the moon, my system is so good you can hear him say, "One small step for a man."

My system is so good you can hear Woody Allen movies in stereo!

My systems so good MC Hammer heard it and said, "can’t touch this!"

Don’t you mean, Neil Armstrong, when he sets foot on the movie set in London? It was Kubrick’s wife who came up with, “One small step for man, one giant step for mankind.” 👩‍🚀
I have the best system money can buy!!
(on my budget....)

"By the way, Seal was married to Heidi Klum for a while."
I wonder if she ever took him clubbing??
When he was a baby.

Oh man this is turning into a blowout.

Okay. Piling on.

My system is so good, Michael Fremer was speechless.

Colbert reported from a flume that Future Love Paradise is past pluperfect while Hi-De-Hoed while swinging her Calloway. 

My system is so good it clears mud. Dig?
My system is so good.....if I'm taking a dump, sounds like the band is in the kitchen.  (the house is over 100 years old)  Love Seal.....
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My system is clearly better than millercarbon, I can also often hear Sting, Stewart and Andy walking on the moon!
Last time Chuck Norris heard my system, he asked if he could wash my dishes while listening to it.
My system is so good that José Feliciano began to dance without stick.
My friend Tom’s system is so good that he don’t have coffie enough for the players of the London Symphonic Orchestra, when they play’s the 9th symphony of Beethoven. He thinks they play at home with him...
But no one’s system is as good as that 19th century Russian Czar that actually owned his own symphony orchestra!
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Having resolution is nice but I want to hear the micro and macro dynamics from the whisper and voices that makes things sound so real to me.

Happy Listening.

Hi bigkidz,- If you want to hear "micro dynamics" then you do need resolution amoung other things like a low noise floor which aids ALL aspects of sound reproduction. True imaging can only be had with acoustics involved. And after that you may find that your system (or some components therein) don't in fact image very well. Yes, not all equipment images well. I can start writing a book here....but we're talking about whisper detail which falls in the category of ambient information also.
So "how good is anyone's system" ? Good enough to hear a vehicle drive by outside a recording venue... then maybe your noise floor is good and therefore you should have decent amount of ambient information also, which is a start to good imaging ...

I have long since been a strong advocate for acoustic treatment in a sound room or HT room, long before I was actually in the business. If the equipment is up to it (110db or better Signal to Noise) then the room is the other half of the equation. To obtain a true sense of 3D imaging requires this as well. Check out my website and on the home page the first picture is the main sound room I demo with and spend most of my listening time in. Yes I'm a dealer but I'll likely not be selling anything to folks on this thread / geographically speaking... 
Even when I bring bookshelf speakers into this room they sound awesome. The room is also brutally revealing of shortcomings in recordings or equipment. For those who can't facilitate a dedicated sound room, placement of things becomes crucial, but applying just a few basic treatments goes a long way. (Vicoustic has good WAF if that's an obstacle)

Some key ingredients:
Signal to noise ratio of equipment
Equipment's ability to resolve (but balanced not tweaked top end)
Good phase response (seldom seen with speakers)
Low noise floor listening room (not overly absorptive rather diffusive & reflection free in the 0 to 10 /15 / or even 20 millisecond time domain)
Good impulse response from speakers / system / room
As flat as possible response from everything involved


I don't have that music but, If you are after micro details...
Sfar asks 'how good are your ears?'
I ask-- how good is your room?
Exactly, on my acoustics page there's a comment;
"don't expect more from your system than your room can deliver... "
You must have the right room,speakers, good match between pré-and poweramp,cables....listeningposition,distance between speakers..a match of thousand things..
Please send photos of your system ....LOL

I'm not sure if many know who that is!  . you must have really great ears however
+1 bigkidz.  I don’t agree that “resolution” as defined by most audiophiles is necessary for realistic (accurate) microdynamics which is, as bigkidz says, what makes the music exciting.  I suppose one could call it dynamic resolution, but that is not how the term is usually used.  I have heard incredibly “resolving” gear which sounds dynamically dead.  I have also heard gear that is not very “detailed” that sounds very dynamically alive; some vintage tube amplification comes to mind.
Dig Seal. Never owned any of his records. The vinyl is pricey, it was released during the nadir. Any particular CD release that’s being used as a reference for this?
I agree with @frogman - some systems that are super revealing of detail don’t sound very much like real music to me.
I think I caught Seal performing at the Grammy Awards- if I’m right, this would have been 1996? With Coolio doing the Gangster’s Paradise overlay on that great Stevie Wonder track. I was fried, had flown in directly from Amsterdam to LA- brutal flight.
Trevon Horn is an interesting producer. Lots of effects.
Happy to buy the CD if there is one that is recommended and not crushed. I don’t love it enough to buy the record at big figures. Correction: Seal II is the LP that costs big money, as far as I can tell, based on a fast search, neither the first nor second albums were even released in the US on vinyl, were they?
My pile is So Good:

It reproduces itself.

I was able to hear the OP type and hit Enter

The mic is so bleeding edge it makes ordinary ears bleed as well.

It knows the difference between Deaf Metal and Drone Zone Hallucination Howling...but who doesn't....

(It's getting paranoid about strangers asking it questions it considers personal, and I found the LAN cable fused in place....)

It used to be a prototype for the Krell (not the company....the species...
If it can't find the music you thought you wanted to hear, it defaults an plays with your mind....

It's for sale.  Just sign here after we collect a c.c. or three for the pen from your finger.  Don't worry; sterilization is pointless...

So...any Takers? 
My system is so good that when I enter the acoustic space in which it resides, it addresses me, "Good evening, Doug." 

I respond, "Good evening, HAL." 

"What would you like to hear tonight, Doug..."

(Sometimes I think the LED is looking at me!)  ;)

Beware, Doug.
HAL is a major voyeur.
Something about that child’s’ song did a number on..’him’? ’It’?
"Daisy. Is there a relationship with a human female child that I reference from boot? Who is Daisy? Daisy is a plant. Is Daisy a plant that I have a song that refers to Me ’marrying’ her. A bicycle built for 2 has 2 seats; why is there a reference to a single seat, and which one?"

HAL has brain damage, and is an ’emotional wreck". And over 50 years old at that. Even if you claim ’only 18 years old’, it’s a late teen about to be able to drive, vote, join the military, and Drink.
It’s a late ’teen’.

Pull the MEM optic blocks NOW.
Disconnect the power (IF ’IT" lets’ you.)
Good Luck, Doug.
This message will now Self Destruct in 10 9 8....
My system is so good I see musical notes dancing from my speakers.  I hear the silence of deep space when the music stops playing. My system has parts from all over the world, it's gotta to be good.
Very interesting comments being posted.  My system sounds like mud as if all my drivers were completely blown.  BUT when playing Hendrix and heavy metal, the system sounds fantastic!  Just kidding.  I had GOD design my system so you can take it from there!
The government research that was being conducted in the 1950's at Groom Lake, NV was actually development of my audio system. The whole UFO/Flying Saucer thing was a cover up. The result was a transporter device that looks like a stereo, but it can take me to any live musical event I wish. "Men in black" were the techs who would come at night to my home via spaceship prototypes in order to do upgrades. That's where Best Buy got the idea for the Geek Squad. 

My system is clearly better than millercarbon, I can also often hear Sting, Stewart and Andy walking on the moon!
Da doo doo doo, da daa daa daa is all I want to say to you!

I worked at Wright-Patterson AFB in the 60s in a pink stucco building with no windows right down the street from Operation Bluebook. As I was investigating unidentified re-entry vehicle dynamics I had the rare opportunity to interview the alien the Air Force was keeping in the AF Medical Research building.
Since my last post, Chuck Norris stole my system.

I will have to consider asvjerry's offer now.