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Schiit - shipments stopped?
Op check your spam filter, they will email you order status and shipping updates and when it ships they will send your the FedEX tracking #.  Wait till your order something from China. I wonder if he has heard there is a Covid problem in California. 
Best CD player under $2000
Get a cd transport if you like your dac.  All the cd player does is read 0's and 1's and feeds that signal to the dac of your choice or the internal dac of the player.  Just find the transport or player that has parts for repair for the years to c... 
Why Don't More People Into Music Reproduction At Home Play Around With Musical Instruments
Does Guitar Hero count.  I play guitar sometimes and if I go to guitar center I always goof around on the keyboards to see what strange music I can create.  I used to play trumpet a long time ago.  Too bad I never heard Miles Davis until I got out... 
Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
I listen to your type of music.  Metal etc.  Miles Davis Bitches Brew is my go to for jazz.  It's metal on the trumpet.  Enjoy your jazz journey it's is weird trip, but enjoyable one.  Give a listen to all the ones people suggested you should be s... 
How to upgrade "power cord" on turntable with wall wart?
Save your money and get a speed control device. 
what's your opinion on the magazine 'stereo review'??
Thanks mikey99 for the links.  Brings back my childhood.  Used to read it in middle school. hoping one day to own a nice system. 
You have the same table I have.  The Carbon Debut, wasn't happy with the setup.  Tried cleaning the records with a cheap cleaner, under $100.  Was tired of all the static and pops.  Upgraded to a VPI classic 2 with a  Ortofon Quintet Black $3800. ... 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
The Show Must go on-Queen.  Life will continue to progress without me here.  I never understood why people cry at a persons death.  Throw a damn party at mine, celebrate your life , like I did everyday.   
I wan't the best in this price range
What are your options in Australia?  What is available?  I know you pay triple or double compared to US and Europe.  What about Australian made speakers,  why Import if you can get local.  My drive is not five hours like yours, but I have driven f... 
Why the fascination with subwoofers?
It's affordable to add a sub to your system, versus buying full range.  You do not have to spend big bucks to get a sub now.  What full range speakers are you referring too?  It all depends on your mains, if your speakers are flat down to 20 hertz... 
How good is your system
My system is so good I see musical notes dancing from my speakers.  I hear the silence of deep space when the music stops playing. My system has parts from all over the world, it's gotta to be good. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Listened to Gun's and Roses, Mercyful Fate "Don't Break the Oath", Iron Maiden " Number of the Beast".  Tonight will be a prog night. 
Blue Jeans Cable Sound Good???
I have BJC LC-1's in my system, they are a good entry level interconnect.  I'm slowly upgrading my interconnects to Morrow Audio.  They seem to offer my cd player better sound than BJC or AC Cobra's.  Next up is the turntable interconnects.  Just ... 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
Rock will never die as long as we listen and buy it.  Hip-Hop is dominating the charts and replaced Rock as the most popular last year.  I think it is sad what kids listen too today.  I remember New Wave tried to take over Rock in the 80's, it did... 
CD ripper
EAC=Bit perfect rips