Best Brands Out of These-Wharfendale,Bowers and Wilkinsons...

I would like to know what is the best brand out of these-Wharfendale,Bowers and Wilkinson,Clitsch,Boss,Feacal,Sonus Flogger or KOF?I have a Demon amplifier which says 400 watts on the back.

Martin logjam
Bowels of Wilkins
Many Turd audio
Vander's spleen
Deafinitive technology
Magic Ho
Acoustic Hen
Weiner Acoustics

Ya Mama
My Rants
Puss labs

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When you are Flogging, make certain you do not use your any Feacal on your Clitsch, Boss. They might not mate well with you Demon, and could give you some Sonus issues, at least when playing on your Wharf, Dale.  .
Blowers and wilsons are the best.  They are manufactured on Nautilas submarines so the tapered tube pressures come out right.  Clitch towers are also very popular but you must clutch them when moving into place.  And their horn tweeterswork only if you blow on the rear mouthpiece.
I was impressed with Tragico, Fartin Logan, Audio Physicals, and Cockports, but ultimately I prefer Hosef Audio, HoAc, or Handerweeners. 
I would take a serious look at Salk Audio.  I listened to a pair of their $6,000 Song3 Encore's at the RMAF and they sound easily better than a pair of $16,000 speakers down the hall.  Problem is they sell direct and it would be difficult to listen to them unless you attend an audio show.

Not a fan of Focal or Bowers & Wilkins.  When I hear them I always ask myself.........where's the bass?

I am sure there are a lot of Audiogon members that can steer you in the right direction.  The first thing I would replace would be the Denon.  Junk in equals junk out.
Who who wouldn't want to be an audiophilia with names like these. I think we are all on to something here. Lol 

Bang  An Elf's Son.  couldn't resist.   what's with the pissed off peeps here??  
Is it correct that some of the older Splendors are similar to Rogerings?I have had no luck finding local Splendors but I have found a pair of jolly good Rogerings.Rogerings Studio 1s .The owner claims they are similar to Splendor BC 1s.
What about these speakers?

Sinus Fiber,
Bang Your Son Olaf, 
Sound Slabs,
Von Shyster,
Savant Guard,
Devolution Akusticks, and

just to name a few .
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You’ll need 400 Watt speakers, mate!  Or is that two 200 Watters?  I hear Deaf Teck is good...have you tride a Poke?  Ditch that Demon too and Get a Yo’Mama or a Man Rats!  
We in the biz got a million of these...Sansewage, Poisonear, Oinko, Drool, Kommon Hardon, Broken Awfulsoon, Caver, Fizzle Linear, McIntush,
Audio-Wretcheda...I could go on. 
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This is clearly a person who wants expert advice/guidance of more seasoned folks. What you respond with is derision,chides, and unfriendly responses... 

.. AND  you wonder why 2 channel audio is dying.... 

@jtgofish .. sorry for the unkind responses.. not all audio enthusiasts are like those above. I wish I could answer you questions in an educated way. 
audiophiles are  sometimes jerks.... it’s insecurity 
Here is another name for you Cerwin Vega and I cant find anything on  "Clitsch"
must be a typo ...right?  :P
- hificrazed

I thought a Clitsch was a body part, although surprised people are throwing it around so casually.
I guess ever since Trump said Shithole publicly we can say about any word we want....
I like the Clitsch, sounds like a body part. We should design the logo. This is fun!! Great post. Lol
I hear many owners speak highly of their BMW speakers...  makes me wonder if they think they are built by bavarian motor works...
When Audio brands change their names this is what we have. Kinda like the Demon personally. Lol