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Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
Not sure what tweak1 is talking about. Plenty of old high end dvd players from Sony, Pioneer, Toshiba, etc make great budget transports. They all have coax/optical outputs which all modern dacs have. I personally have a Tascam Cd200 which I picked... 
Many Questions Need Help
I'd suggest a Cavalli Liquid carbon or schiit Jotunheim for your Hd650 for about $200 used and a used Rogue Sphinx for $800 for speakers.  
Chinese Cables that sound good
Viborg power cables buy 1 get 1 free on amazon:¬† https://www.amazon.com/Viborg-MBU1606-Hi-End-Shielding-Connector/dp/B08H1LWX5Z?th=1  
Suggestions please. Your favorite 3, 12ax7 tubes
Raytheon 5751 2 mica black plate with windmill getter are the best 12ax7 tubes. Sylvania triple mica black plate 5751 are 2nd. The Sylvanias are warmer, sweeter sounding. But honestly gold lions or psvanes are the best value.  
Does Anyone Else Member the Golden Age of Audio Insults and Product Degradation?
NAD - No Audio Delivered¬†  
Denafrips Athena- is damn good
I bet you were drunk at a strip club, met a stripper named Athena, and meant to say she was good :)  
AAD Speakers
Was it really necessary to bump a 20 year old thread?  
Why do Cyrus get such praise from What HiFi???
What Hifi is an absolute joke! The worst audio rag by a wide margin.  
Why are People Dumping their Audio Research Gear and What Does it Say about them?
If anyone wants to dump their ARC gear for say, $20, I'm all ears.  
Cats have skills
This from audio asylum? Bunch of lunatics over there.¬†  
What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
I have not purchased from a B&M since 2004..perhaps you should take heed.  
If anyone is looking for a cheap transport I picked up a Tascam CD200 for under $100 recently, it sounds significantly better than my old integra dvd player as a transport, using both the optical and coax outputs. The tascam is more musical, detai... 
Help. System sounds thin and bright or harsh
What power cables are you using. In my system stock power cords made it sound harsh and bright and thin, lot of metallic sounding highs. Replacing with Pangea Ac14se mk2 eliminated emi and made music.  
Is Spectral Audio on holiday?
42. The answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything.  
My Schiit Modi 3+ TOSLINK Connection Wiggles Does Your Schiit Modi 3+ TOSLINK Wiggle also?
Schiit products have bad build quality. I had a modi multibit and the coaxial input jack BROKE completely from the motherboard. I just used optical and USB from then on.