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Wireworld Eclipse 8 interconnect - opinions please
@iani  I use the Purist Audio Disc for burn-in as well.  Try leaving the cables still and untouched as you put the Purist Audio disc on repeat. It would be interesting to hear how things sound after that.   PS I find Wireworld RCA connectors to be... 
Upgrade Interconnects/Cables or…?
@kennythekey  I agree with previous comments about moving the speakers out into the room. It should improve the depth of the sound. Have you tried using the “Rule of Thirds”. That was the secret for me locking the speakers into the room.  Good luck!  
Wireworld Eclipse 8 interconnect - opinions please
@iani  Have you given them time to settle into your system?  I have Wireworld interconnects and speaker cables in my system and they need some time in the system to fully open up.  Please be patient…yes I know that’s a silly thing to say to an aud... 
Who has tried one of the PS Audio Power Regenerators?
@portoalegre Those folks were right. It needs to burn in like any other gear. Give it some time to come into its own. Good luck!  
Need some treble
For only $299 I would suggest the Lokius with a 6 kHz adjustment for treble and 16khz to add some “air” to the sound. Schiit gear is built incredibly well for the modest asking price. You,after experimenting, may find the other bands on the Lokius... 
Need some treble
The Schiit Loki Max importantly allows settings control from your listening position with the supplied metal remote. As the remote has a bypass button you can confirm  the quality of circuitry and its lack of degradation on the musical signal.  A ... 
Annoying newbie CD/SACD player question
@plasticspoon8  Please message me, I think I can be of help.   
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I have owned Vandersteen speakers for the last 40 years.  Going in order from 2C to model 3 to 3A to 3A Signatures to Treo CT’s now with stereo subs. They just reproduce what goes in with a “you are there” sense of realism. I bought them before he... 
Help me find a pre-amp
Although it doesn’t look like a Backert design, Bob has been working on my PS Audio PV-12L to the point that very little if any circuits from PS remain. I am fortunate to live within driving distance of Bob Backert and he has incrementally improve... 
Help me find a pre-amp
@yogiboy A big +1  
Which Shunyata Power Cord?
All of my components are powered by Shunyata NR cords. The NR (noise reduction) cords really do “quiet” my system allowing for hearing more minute details and expanding the sound space in all dimensions.   
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
Shunyata NR power cords. Alpha on amp. Delta on Line stage. Venom 10 on SACD player and phono amp. They really do reduce noise so you can hear deeper, wider and taller.   
Conrad Johnson--does anyone use this brand anymore?
I have a PV-12L. It’s been the core of my system for a quarter century!  I have the good fortune of living only an hour and a half from Bob Backert an expert modifier of cj preamps. I recently took my line stage to Bob to clean noisy volume and in... 
Hearing other appliances in dedicated line
So big a deal was my discovery years ago that some of the ground wires were not tight inside my 200 amp breaker box Stereophile published my letter to them about it. Taking proper precautions,I hand tightened every wire inside that breaker box. My... 
Schiit Audio Loki Max experience
@tattooedtrackman If you get a Loki Max I would love to hear your impression of it!