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Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
Right, like my bedroom light switches were designed for my bedroom light. Much different than my dining room light switch. A transistor is simply a switch. It can also amplify a signal. It can be used in the design of an amplifier, but nothing ca... 
What are your thoughts/opinions on the Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium
Has anyone compared them to the Atma-Sphere Class Ds?  
Not sure what to think
@Soix and OP Aric Audio makes the MotherLoad XL. This is the Motherload II mentioned by Soix that is built with fully balanced input/output A lovely unit (I own one that I pair with the AtmaSphere Class D amps!!!)  
Use escrow service to pay for speakers?
Lots of ways to pay by a secure method. Many fewer to recieve by a secure method. With the amount of scams going on, using a more secure electronic payment system is best. At least there is some assurance you can recover your money in fraud. Cash... 
The time has come and I request advice...
@oldschool1948 +1 Agree, I have an innuos and ran Roon for years. In the last 6 months it seemed to have some connectivity problems so I switched to Innuos Sense. No problems sounds superb and honestly, I don't see a difference in the OS. Both ve... 
Volti v Charney v Rethm
@larryi  My room is 30 x 25 feet. 13 foot ceilings. I don’t usually listen super loud, but infrequently do pump it up. Quality is more important than quantity (volume). Thanks everyone so far for your input!    
Volti v Charney v Rethm
Sorry, can I add I have my system in the living room area. No other place is possible. My wife is not picky in looks. But my room is an open LV, kitchen and dining room. 25x30 feet with 13 foot ceilings 🙁  
Help With New Preamp Decision
So, I have a system I am selling. I have not put it up for sale yet, as I would love to hang on to all my equipment forever, LOL. Anyway, I have an Atma-sphere MP-3 I am going to sell. I purchased it used in April 2023. It was sent to Atma-sphere ... 
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
IMO, I think some of the newer horn designs take the shouty, harsh and fatigue out and you are left with crystal clear sound. You should listen to some newer horns maybe at a show, just for your own experience. I think you will be surprised.  
Evaluating Equipment-induced EMI noise in one’s audio system
Will you reveal power conditioner brand Y? Brand X can remain anonymous,  thus touting a brand yoy like and not giving any specific brand a thumbs down.    
New Generation Class D - AGD Audion Mkiii upgrade
I am a fan of the AS Class D (I own a set) I have not heard the AGD so can not comment on the sound I believe BOTH companies designed a GanFET Module from the ground up for their own purposes. Building an amp with the sound characteristics that ... 
New Generation Class D - AGD Audion Mkiii upgrade
I believe BOTH amps are easily upgradable. Actually, I know this for a fact.  
New Generation Class D - AGD Audion Mkiii upgrade
@roxy54  1+++++  
New Generation Class D - AGD Audion Mkiii upgrade
@Atmasphere 1++++++++++      
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
@docroasty  I think I have a manual and can copy and send to you. I am pretty sure you only need the pin if you are connecting to a preamp (other source) that has only RCA outputs. I honestly staggered the amps about the width of the overhang of...