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Thumper’s Mother
I agree 100 %.  
Help, my system seem to have slowly gotten " bright"
Could be the speakers themselves. Since you ruled the amp and preamp. Maybe the tweeters are somehow damaged. You would not expect Revels of that level to be the problem but again it’s possible.  
Recommended Listening
@scottya118  Cool I like Mose Allison. I’ll have to check it out. Have you heard his album “Ever Since the World Ended” ? One of my favorite Mose albums.  
Shocked. Need Opinions. How muck power do I need?
Lots of responses about current and rightly so. interesting isn’t power and current directly related ? P = I x E  just a thought   
All Hail the meek --yet mighty – NODE 2i
Still using my Node 2i. The software is good too. the WiiM mini streamer isn’t bad either for around $100, but you need to connect these up to an external Dac.   
Jazz Hands
Not familiar but I will also check it out. The duo album with bass player Nathan East called “The New Cool” is a good one too.   
London Grammar?
I like them. I have curated my own London Grammar playlist on Tidal. I think their recordings sound good on my system. When I am in the mood their music hits the spot.    @soix So give us a few examples of music that you do find “engaging” inquir... 
How to get AirPlay into my older system.
Pick up a older used Apple TV, one with Optical out for audio. There is always someone selling one typically for $30 or less. Works great for Airplay. Work’s wireless or wired.   
Am I right for this forum?
Some serious soul searching here, at least it sounds like it. Enjoy what you have don’t worry about anyone else and their high dollar systems. If someone can afford a million dollar system sure why not.  I bet your system sounds really good and ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@bkeske  - Nice Jazz session! You’re listening to there.😊  
Topping D90 bass bloat?
The Topping has a volume control so I would try connecting the Topping directly to the amplifier. Interesting to then listen to see if it still sounding bloated. Synergy in a system sometimes is elusive even when your mix of equipment is top notch... 
SEEKING ADVICE: Which component would you upgrade first?
Okay I saw the link missed it the first time. I had a few of those speakers on that list. The OP's Yamaha N-1 speakers are especially highly regarded. Personally if these (OP) speakers aren't having any issues to speak of I would keep them. I am... 
SEEKING ADVICE: Which component would you upgrade first?
@grislybutter  "lot of incredible speakers that are better than what you have for under $1000" So just wondering are you familiar with either of the speakers the OP mentioned. Seems like they are both highly regarded just doing a quick google s... 
SEEKING ADVICE: Which component would you upgrade first?
Welcome to Audiogon! Sounds to me like you have a nice (albeit) Vintage system. If it still sounds good I would change a thing.  One suggestion is maybe adding an inexpensive Steamer / Dac and trying out Tidal or Qobuz to stream a plethora of Ne... 
Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
+ Onkyo C7030