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Power Sensitive Components
Just curious, why do you think the power is an issue. Are your lights flickering and dim? Maybe your local news is pointing out issues?  
Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
Bob Dylan at Royal Albert Hall. Probably considered a poor recording. I love that album so count me in on a person that will listen to poor recordings!  
All Hail the meek --yet mighty – NODE 2i
I've got 4 nodes, all older and a bluesound vault. The only issue I had with one node is the black coating became tacky. The Bluesound vault, my oldest Bluesound product will celebrate its 6 year birthday coming this July!  
Suggestions for testing a never installed, 20-year boxed amp.
Just curious: How did you end up coming upon an unused for 20 years boxed up amplifier?  
New Accuphase Amplifier Experience
I found it interesting about the warning on the power cord from Accuphase. I have a Bryston amplifier, 4BSST2 that would go in safe mode every once in a while. I called Bryston tech support and their first question was: "Are you using a non-stock ... 
dedicated power receptacles for mono blocks?
It sounds like having the dedicated outlets on the same phase will reduce the possibility of ground loops.  Thank you responders!  
dedicated power receptacles for mono blocks?
I forgot to mention that if you had the voltage switch set to 240 volt you would also be plugged into a 240 volt outlet!  
Bryston amp, pop sound at power down.
Ok, so sounds like what I'm hearing is perfectly normal, which is what a technician at Bryston told me.  I will stop fretting! Thank you all for your responses  
Bryston amp, pop sound at power down.
bslon: I think my sound could be also described somewhere between a thud and pop. Interesting you had it on the older version as well. I'd be curious if anyone else who has the 4BSST2 has the issue.  I will send an email to James tanner if I can ... 
Bryston amp, pop sound at power down.
I measured DC voltages at speaker terminals on the amp and both channnels measured .000VDC. This measurement was with a fairly decent fluke meter and had the volume set to zero on preamp and speakers disconnected.  That's how to do it, correct?  
Bryston amp, pop sound at power down.
No tube preamp. I've tried the amp with two different solid state amplifiers and with no inputs at all and the pop still occurs. I noticed that it seems to be an equal pop on both left and right channels.  I will perform the dc speaker terminal t... 
Kind of Blue
Anything by Ben Webster  
Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)
I love my low cost office system.  I repurposed speaker boxes, installed seas dual concentric drivers with recommended crossovers powered by a used Hegel H160 integrated amp and stream via a blue sound node. I recently added a small sealed REL su... 
Differences in YouTube, Spotify, etc.
I like Deezer, but wouldn't mind a trial run of Qobuz as it seems all the cool kids use it.  
New Streamer, DAC or Let it Be
I have a blue sound streamer coupled with a Bryston DAC. I find the best audio improvements come from the source of my music streaming service. E.G. Radio Paradise seems to have better quality audio than a lot of what I get from Deezer. So maybe m...