Zavfino OCC SILVER DART 1.5 power cable

Hi .

i am looking at  Zavfino OCC SILVER DART 1.5 power cable. The specs look great but I have no experience with this brand .

Has anyone tried this cable and what are your impressions ?  With which (perhaps more expensive competition) can it be compared ?



Another person falls under the delusional spell of the power cord believers! "It is easier to con someone than to convince them that they have been conned" - Mark Twain.

This is an audio group where users discuss matters related to audio. Users here should be free to ask questions without being called "delusional," which is a form of mental illness.


While you await feedback, here is the most relevant thread on Zavfino cables. I would reach out to Raymond at zavfinousa to see if he’s got any demo pc for your in-home audition.

Good luck!

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@cleeds +2. Jason Bourne (angry looking dude with oversized sunglasses) has a habit of polluting all cable threads by being the first comment in every single one of them. Don’t mind him. Mental issue.

@ortodox : there is a lot of info and users’ impressions on the thread (link posted by Lalit above):

lalitk and  thyname , thank you very  much for reply.

About " mental " ...   The owner of PS audio Paul was answering a reader's question whether hi end is worth it or not.

He said : "  I drive a $90,000 Tesla. Is it worth it? No. But it's fun. "


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Jason, perhaps your equipment is unable to discern auxillary equipment performance?

Can you share what you are using?

BTW, you have 0 discussions started, just continuous criticisms on other posted discussions. Do you think these forums are a problem for you?


@jasonbourne52 You are a condescending internet troll, and you get you a grim satisfaction from belittling others online. It's obvious that you desparately want everyone to be aware of your opinion, and clearly you don't have the humility to allow other people to be free to think and speak for themselves. Even though you think you are superior and everyone else is always wrong, can you at least find enough decency to stop pissing on every discussion like a dog marking its territory?

@cleeds + 4   @ozzy +1

@jasonbourne52 just move on down the road to wherever you came from.

OP Zavfino makes great products!! All through my system 

This is an audio group where users discuss matters related to audio. Users here should be free to ask questions without being called "delusional," which is a form of mental illness.

@cleeds Very well said. I think @jasonbourne52 is an ASR plant who continually poisons the free exchange of ideas and honest opinions on this site that promotes exploring new options if nothing else. He’s for nothing more than shutting that down. Sad little person IMHO.

BTW, this Zavfino PC looks to be very thoughtfully designed and I’ve no doubt sounds great.  I’d just like to mention another PC that is mostly 5N silver and has been found by other members here to offer a lot of performance per $.  I’ve got several cables from them and have never been disappointed, and it’s the only silver PC I know of offered anywhere near its price and is half the cost of this Zavfino cable.  Not saying in any way it’s better, but just another option that may be worth a look.

Another person falls under the delusional spell of his own power and significance!

Thanks @cleeds

It’s sad when a member has to shoot his mouth off over and over, without adding anything constructive.

LOL as for jasonbourne52,  its ok.  May be he has his point.  No need to make fun of him.    I have purchased a few interconnects from Zavfino (Raymond)  before. 

The Fusion and Silver Dart , he said "the terminals are their own custom design with OCC copper, low resistance connector with aluminum ground housing".  And he said his company oem lots of cables to others name brand company but he can't tell me which company he made for the cables for.   

Just wanna share my personal reiview.   Nice cables and dead quiet.   If you ask me do I believe snake oil.  The answer is "TOTALLY".    To be honest,  its not necessary to spend thousands of dollars for speaker cables, interconnect.   So cheaper cables will give you the same performance.  Cause I have tested it.   They sound the same to me.   If you have the money to spend and show off what you got.  Absolutely fine !   Most of the people will only look at what brand of cables you get before they judge the sound.  If they see Audioquest William Tell.,  they will automatically say it sounds so good cause it is an expensive cables lol.    

I owned the Kimber Carbon 18 XL.   Then later I bought a Mogami 3104 .
When doing the comparison,  they sound the same.   I was like wow, why the hell I spent thousand of dollars for the Kimber.    Guys, check out Mogami 3104, you will like it.   Sound amazing.   

Invest on speakers.     No matter how expensive is your amp and streamers,   Its not gonna sound good with anything.  




Big believer in high quality 10 awg power cords. That will run you about $100. Beyond that, it’s marketing, visual aesthetics, and sometimes snake oil.

Cue the "your system just isn’t good enough" argument.


@carlsbad not at all. I just like having quality constructed OCC products and Zafino fits the bill and I did not have to cash in a 529 plan. 

@jerryg123 You aren't the OP but I'm glad to see a Jerry that has plenty of money for such things.  And I really have no problem with that.  I certainly would expect this to be a high quality cable.  

Many speakers have a $5000 or much more set of beautiful polished wood cabinets that do nothing for the sound.  But people aren't criticized for buying them.



Let Jason Bourne speak his spiel every time the subject comes up. We all know what he is going to say about cables.  He’s harmless.  Let us all chip in and buy him a set of lamp cords for Christmas.

+1 @lalitk & @carlsbad’s 1st post. I’d like to suggest um ... nah, never mind. Enjoy the hunt :-)

Let me help @jasonbourne52 out.  He is correct, but he doesn't know why.

Excerpt from Novo Hifi excerpt:

An electrical anomaly known as the “skin effect” occurs when electrons move through any solid core wire. Higher frequencies travel along the outside (the skin) of the conductor faster than midrange and lower echelon frequencies. This results in hazy PRaT, muddled instrumental timbres, and an unnatural sound.

This is a power cord for goodness sake.  It just carries juice.  Power supplied to your home does not have multiple frequencies.  It has one single frequency - 50Hz here in the UK; 60Hz in the US, So the reference in the review to multiple frequencies is hogwash, (perhaps written by a crazy PRaT).  Why are so many people so naive as to believe this tosh?  As long as the wire layout is big enough to carry the required amps its construction is irrelevant to the sound of components that use that power. 


@ortodox - Zavfino is one of the better cable makers. I have studied their cable fabrication methods and to me their science is valid.

They are one of the few cables I would recommend because of the approach and ,materials they use.

The science behind cable design can get very complex and does impact perofrmance e.g.

  • wire metals - i.e. copper vs. UP-OCC copper vs. silver
  • wire types - stranded vs. solid and which gauge to use
  • dielectric values of the various insulations
  • varoius cable geometries
  • connectors

Zavfino seems to have a very good grasp of all of the above and come up with some great designs that will actually work very well, incorporating

  • very low noise
  • fast dynamic response
  • excellent seperation
  • natural sounding (no colouring of the sound)
  • expansive imaging

The cables you mentioned is one of theri best, so you really can’t go wrong

Are there better cables out there? - YES - but they will cost a lot more and their improvements over your cables would be marginal !

Hope that helps - Steve

+ whatever cleeds  I've a full loom of the Zavfino Prima and love them.  They replaced Cullen Crossover II PCs which are quite good.  The Prima, more expensive than Cullens, providing improvement in detail, attack and soundstage.  The bass detail also improved.  Best of luck finding your happy place.

Count me in as a fan of Zavfino. I'm currently enjoying their interconnects in my system. 

I'm one of those souls who suffers from a lack of "sensory gating", meaning I am easily distracted by sounds most people won't ever register in their awareness. 

Just because one person can't hear the difference between two or more components doesn't mean those that can are delusional. To think otherwise is plain and simple arrogance. 

I do recommend blind A/B comparisons when trying out new components. This helps eliminate a number of biases I may bring to the process, and focuses my attention on the sound of my system. 

Good luck on your journey Ortodox.  

So far I have not seen Used Zavfino cables for sale, I wonder how good their power cables?

@jayctoy : there have been several. But they sell pretty fast. HiFi Shark is your friend: 


Check out the “sold/ expired” tab too

@thyname  i did not have chance to try Zafino. Silver dart is not flexible enough

for me. Maybe  zavfino prima-occ mkii power cord is more flexible.