Why is NASCAR suddenly topping the charts?

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown won at Talledega, and now the top three songs in the country are Let's Go Brandon, Let's Go Brandon, and Let's Go Brandon? http://www.popvortex.com/music/charts/top-100-songs.php


Well it did start as bootleggers racing to see who was fastest. MotoGP is insane! Rossi is amazing. Now though with Hamilton emerging as the new GOAT this is the time to be watching F1. The championship is so close we may go into the last race with a tie, which for Hamilton would be his 8th breaking the record of the great Michael Schumacher. Hamilton already has broken all the other records, this is the last one standing between him and the greatest of all time. But he will have to do it against Verstappen, another super talent destined for greatness. Both at the top of their game, it could go either way.  

I was Nascar fan for many years, I put up with the confederate flags and bill hillys as perceived them as left over sentiment from the lost cause. I now observe I was quite incorrect on this, the lost cause is part and parcel of Nascar, inherent to it's very existence. I'm done with Nascar, fans who love to see driver induced crashes and fights.


Much prefer MotoGP, road courses and ability to pass, true world wide participation and venues. Besides motorcycles far more fun than cars!

This crowd strongly supports the LGBFJB community. MAGA!

(Make Audiogon Great Again)

Are you being converted to liking rap music?

Technically said top three songs. Never said I like it.
Is AC/DC rap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifs8crL5p4E
Don’t care- it is genius!
Let’s go cornholio! You can tell he really is the greatest most popular president ever just by the sheer number of people chanting his name, writing songs and making videos in his honor.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE6FdipYKrw
Jerryg123- joe Biden bought all of hunter’s art because he wants to meet the president
@crustycoot - motorsports will evolve as it has done for over 100 years

Modern motorsports is the simple evolution of  gladiators and chariot racing

The primal spirit of competition in mankind will not be denied
" echoing throughout the land "

.... as in "getting quieter and quieter as time passes?" as in "getting less and less relevant?".
I think @crustycoot is wound a bit tight. So NASCAR runs on corn e85, Indy car corn, e85. F1 hybrids, now they also race those stupid electric golf carts. 
Brandon “accrued”  81 million votes. Brandon “won” 477 out of the country’s 3143 counties and county-equivalents. No wonder the song is catching on....


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Why did I read this carp?
I am more interested in finding out who is buying Hunter Biden's awful art?

Probably the same guy who bought John Wayne Gacy's or  Henry Lee Lucas paintings.
But I digress.
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10-27-2021 2:26pmA friend told me about this and what it was supposed to mean 3 days ago, and I still don't get the joke. How does Brandon sound like Biden, and what does "Let's go" have to do with anything?
Here you go. She was winging it, most everyone knew what the crowd was chanting, hence the hilarity at her lame explanation.

@millercarbon - I am shocked!

It's not that Kelli Stavast an NBC reporter was caught, misreporting the public's opinion of the current President, in much the same manner as misrepresenting the words of the former President. It's not the intended message that was lied about, and I do mean poorly lied about, or even that it was so blatantly obvious that any credibility is simply a standing joke.

It's that you have stated clearly that you hate rap music.
And here you've started a thread about perhaps one of the most current controversial rap songs.

Are you being converted to liking rap music?
A friend told me about this and what it was supposed to mean 3 days ago, and I still don't get the joke. How does Brandon sound like Biden, and what does "Let's go" have to do with anything? 
tolerant political group

Bwa HaHaHa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Great sense of humor!
You're not as smart as you think you are, but you're not stupid.  But you seem to assume everybody else is.
Unless you are totally clueless, you know this is a political meme meant to offend a certain tolerant political group.   There is an epithet in there