SNAKE OIL! A new TV Show hosted by David Spade

Maybe we will finally get to answer the age old question if cables are snake oil! Fox is producing a new TV show on Wednesday nights called “ Snake Oil” hosted by David Spade. I’m not sure what the details are but I’m going to send a message to the producers letting them know about our dilemma. Maybe will finally get to know.

I met a fellow member on here who is a writer in the television industry. He wouldn’t tell me what shows he worked on but if you are out there and you know somebody over at Fox please send them a note and some cables! L O L

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If ANY network could produce a show entitled "Snake Oil".....FOX is certainly qualified for that task...It's a Perfect fit for them.

Hey ,let's talk audio not your stupid politics. Doubt this show will talk about audio.

Mpingo discs, carbon fiber outlet covers and cable lifts. Snake oil?  I think not!


You had a good opportunity to talk about a TV show, which was titled (perhaps in irony) of a subject us audiophiles often discuss.

But the topic has already derailed, since you mentioned a network.

In other words, you forgot to put on your “kid gloves”



IIRC, some years (decades?) ago there was talk in the AG’s office of NY of making a case against Monster Cable for fraudulent claims in their promotional material.  It was never pursued, presumably because it mattered so little to the public interest…unlike for example tainted meat or defective cars.  Like GRAS medicines, the supplement industry, and homeopathic remedies, the government stays out where belief systems intersect with commerce. Our little hobby included.  

“Snake Oil” is a purely emotional response used by people on these forums who, unable to prove their point blurt out these words like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I see irony in the fact that these “Audio Science” people are so quick to use this term. So quick to turn to emotion because they lack the “science” to prove their point or realize their argument does not stand up to scrutiny and so must resort to emotional responses.

The deniers refuse to accept the strange and wonderful surprises in this hobby called audio but at the same time seem to be religiously committed prophets commissioned to rid the world of HiFi.

This hobby fascinates a number of scientists, engineers and inventors who often stumble upon ways to improve audio before it is completely understood. The Wright Brothers had little knowledge of fluid dynamics but their propeller design was remarkably efficient given their work was largely intuitive.

We even have one person on these forums, a denier that claims people lie to themselves to believe that they hear a difference.  Perhaps people claimed the Wright Brothers only thought they were flying back 100+ years ago.


Hey, I can tell you that certain cables are not snake oil. I have tested a lot of them. I did an interesting test with Nordost c7 ( figure 8) Purple Flare against the Nordost Blue Heaven with a C7 ( figure 8 adapter) on a BlueSound Node 2i. It definitely sounded better. Here is the interesting thing about these two cables. The only difference is the Blue Heaven has a ground wire running through the sheath in a twist fashion. I think the ground connection only at the wall end is acting like a RFI/ EMI shield. Maybe it is against code to not have the ground attached at both ends. 
either way it did make a sound difference. That being said I do believe some of these cables have gone to the moon and beyond in price. Maybe it does cost that much more to have these special twists or terminations. I think it’s also based on the rule of 5x. If it costs $50 to make a cable the retail starts at $250 because everyone gets their cut. I say test the cable you want to buy first. If you feel the cable in your system is worth $1000 and you can afford it then buy it. I would also say try the $250 cable and see if the more expensive one is worth the money. I also believe you should spend the money on the components first and when you finish that then go into upgrading cables and buying expensive tweaks. Magister has done some serious upgrades without breaking the bank. Also, he must have one of the most understanding wives ever. Which makes him a very lucky man. For fun one day I did try a Nordost Valhalla 2 XLR on my modest 2nd system. I almost fell over the sound was so good. That being said I am not going to spend $12k on one 2 meter interconnect. That cable costs 3x as much as that system. So I put back my AQ Columbia and am very happy. I also use AQ Columbia XLR  in my main system. Test, test, and test before you drop that cash. We all worked hard for that money.

Yea the rest of people must learn how to audition an audio furniture and how good those shelves can sound yea yo!!!


Tortured myself by watching the show for five minutes, it's absolutely horrible. Somehow being employed by Saturday Night Live is supposed to make you entertaining. It's quite a bit of thin Goodwill.


At least with audio deceptiveness is better hidden and not as easy to see And understand

"snake oil" expression  had an interesting etymological history...Knowing where it come from and means guide us in deep waters ...


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Well guys it didn’t turn out to be the show I had hoped for. I watched a few minutes of it and it is truly awful. Unfortunately I think that we all are dumber for reading this post that I created. I do think though that they could use cables as an example for a product on the show. If they had somebody on there who said that “ hi, I’m Bob and I invented Bob’s audio cables. These two wires are worth $5000 and make your stereo sound wonderful. Do you think that my business is real or fake?” I would venture that 80% of the voting public would say that that was fake.

Faux will tell you that Everything You Know Is Wrong.....

....then get lawsuited for the last nickel they're going to have when 'Everyone Else' is done with them....

I can see it already....

"Cable Lifters?!  What?!  Why not some nice cheesycloth, dyed to taste, suspended by  clotheslines with springs at the ends?

Sillyphiles, lifters are for shoes...."

(...and we already know Who likes them....*LOL*)

There are some people who are literally too stupid to have an intelligent conversation without letting their biased politics enter the discussion.   It’s a sign of being a simpleton in everything they do.   They don’t Have the mental capacity to understand that there are shades of grey in everything.   To a simpleton - it’s like reverting to their early childhood when everything to a child is black or white, or “I want this”. …  and if they don’t get what they want they start to cry.    
     The only solution is to treat people like this as the infants they are. 

Any excuse to spend quality time with my "Hifi buddies" is a good one.   Even if the subject is absurd and/or ridiculous. Going off topic works for me.  It seems the less someone knows about a subject (and speaks with authority), the more "interesting" it becomes.

Hoping all those "zeros" and "ones" arrive at your ears in good shape today.

I ran into someone about 6 months ago who was arguing that "high end music" was snake-oil. This person didn't get music - at all. Any music.

Anyone I meet that doesn’t like music and animals........Well, I just don’t Need them in my life. ! My music and my dog mean more to me than these people and they are meaningless to me. Can anyone on Audiogon imagine spending a lot of time in your life with someone that could care less about MUSIC....Music Is Life.

I dont know...Not loving music is a disability more than a moral characteristic...

But i dont trust anybody who dont love and care for animals AT ALL...

I dont know...Not loving music is a disability more than a moral characteristic...

+1 @mahgister 

Yep they’re losers, they’re all losers, who are the losers? Everyone! We are all losers. This thread turned into such a mess. You never know what you’re going to get when you ask the general public!