RIP Jimmy Buffett

A great One! R.I.P.


........just wow on this one as many of his songs were and will always will be the back drop of my life. You will be missed Jimmy !  '' Headin out to San Francisco for the Labor Day weekend show .....I got my Hush Puppies on I guess I was never meant for glitter rock and roll " ironic that verse seems now.    

This decade is proving to be the end of the 1960 generation's lifespan. A bunch are already gone, with many more to follow. By 2030 there won't be many left.



Right On! "Come Monday" will take on a whole new meaning this Labor Day.


Happy Listening!

Just saw him last night on a rerun of Blue Bloods which inspired me to listen to A Pirate Looks At 40 and Havana Daydreaming, my 2 favorites.Then  to see the news this morning was such a blow. He truly leaves behind a legacy of a style of his own that could be considered a genre of his own. He will be greatly missed.

Probably  will be an attorney WWE event  over the estate among the family and associates.

That guy generated a $load of dough.

Just came here to post this.

This one is hard.  Jimmy was a big favorite of mine.  Saw him quite a few times live.  What a talent and an incredible show every time.

R.I.P. Jimmy.  Thanks for the wonderful tunes!!!


Changes in Latitudes - Changes in Attitudes came out the year I graduated high school.  It remains one of my favorites from him.

He seemed to love what he did and it came through every time you saw him perform.  A one of a kind character and great performer...

I miss Jimmy already, he was so much more than just a man on a stage.  Possibly the warmest and largest personality out there.  His last live performance was in San Diego 5/6/23.  I've already made a playlist from his setlist and I titled it:  Jimmy's Sunset Playlist.  His final setlist is below.  I embellished his encore and added one final song as an homage "Sending the Old Man Home"

1. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

2. Fins

3. Pencil Thin Mustache

4. Son of a Son of a Sailor

5. Boat Drinks

6. It's Five O'clock somewhere

7, School Boy Heart

8. Volcano

9. Come Monday

10. Growing Older but Not Up

11. One Particular Harbor

12. Little Martha (Allman Brothers)

13. Cheeseburger in Paradise

14. He Went to Paris

15. Last Mango in Paris

16. A Pirate Looks at Forty

17. Back Where I Come From (Mac McAnally)

18. Margaritaville  


19. Southern Cross (CSN cover)

19+. Sending the Old Man Home (my personal embellishment & homage)


RIP brother Jimmy




Otis Gibbs has a really good youtube video that just came out on Jimmy by one of his close musician friends from the old days. My best memory of him is Orange Bowl Miami around 1980 with Dave Mason....can’t remember who opened for who but what a great show. RIP Jimmy thanks for all the great timeless music.

RIP Jimmy .....He will always be there for us through his music!



Matt M

Saw Jimmy in San Diego in May. We knew he had health issues, but his voice was strong, he looked great, and he played for almost 2.5 hours. He gave it his all to the very end. After the last song he said he was taking a break to go sailing and that he would resume his tour afterwards. Hard to fathom that he would be gone just a few months later. RIP, you brought joy to a lot of people.

One of my wife's favorite. She got me a few margaritaville t-shirts over the years. RIP.

Listen to "A Pirate Looks At 40" for a real insight into the man. Also, fun fact: Besides F. Scott Fitzgerald, who is the only other American author to make the NY Times fiction and non-fiction 20-Ten Bestseller list? Jimmy Buffett. Yeah. He was the real deal.

I feel like a grew up with Jimmy. Saw him the first time in probably 1974 and paid three or four bucks for the ticket. Saw seven or eight buffet shows after that and couldn't wait to buy every album. I took my teenage daughters to one of his outstanding Starwood amphitheater shows. They had zero interest in going really, but had the time of their lives and became huge fans. 

all of my favorites, Jimmy, John Prine, Guy Clark, Warren Zevon, and Leonard Cohen had something in common. They certainly didn't have the best voices in the classical sense, and weren't the best musicians, but they were the best storytellers.

They could take something pretty simple, like this hotel room, and turn it into a song that would live in your head all day. They were poets. Jimmy composed the mythical narrative for the life we imagined we had and it was so easy to consider him a friend, even though you knew you would never meet him.

I suppose that's why it's so easy to feel truly sad that he is gone

I am so sad over this. He was a big part of my high school years here in Florida. A total shock that’s too close to home and my own mortality. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

Great storyteller and writer. A great businessman too apparently. Who knew you could become a billionaire by playing bar tunes? 

Funny username is a line from A Pirate Looks At 40. I tried to buy some expensive gear from a dealer in NY who was very insulating and dismissive when I asked after the gear. (who knew a NY-er would be a d*ck?). Ultimately I made the deal and as we parted he told me he first considered me a scammer because of my username!  I explained the Buffett reference to him and he'd never heard the song. Apparently that's a NY thing too.  I should have used a Liza Minelli reference I guess...

From a failed Nashville wanna-be to a brand name. Jimmy never gave up and did what he wanted, sailing, flying his Vintage Catalina around the Caribbean, Amazing song writer, band leader, restaurateur, husband, father. American Dream, right there. He shared it with us, the paycheck to paycheck, workaday, guy on the street. My ex and I lived in Mississippi for awhile, never missed an Allman Bros. or Buffett show within a day's drive, and yes, I was the loud guy singing along, or playing air drums in the Allman Bros. Wore out many a stylus, if not complete turntables with J B on board 

Only saw him once, but when you can say that everybody was having a fun time, you know just how good of a showman he was.