RIP - Tim Mrock

It is with much sadness that I bring the news that Tim Mrock, the developer of Perfect Path Technologies, passed away at approximately 1 am on Monday morning 10/28/2019.

Tim succumbed to a fast-moving cancer. He leaves his capable partner Krissy to run the business and to continue producing the Perfect Path Technologies products.

Over the past few years, Tim and I have become good friends, often carrying on long telephone conversations discussing audio, new ideas to improve the hobby, and things of a spiritual nature.

Tim was a true genius, an inventor, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a deep thinker, an extremely hard worker, a generous person, and a man who truly loved his partner, Krissy.

With the conversations I had over time with Tim regarding his spiritual pathway, we can take solace in the knowledge that he is in a much better place. He was a man who loved his Lord with a passion. The names he gave to his company and to his products pretty much says it all.

I'm going to miss you, buddy.

Rest in peace, my friend.

RIP to Tim

I feel sad to hear that bad news as customer of his nice products.

How old he was?
Whoa, sad to hear this. May his memory be eternal. Peace be with Krissy during this time.
I had many phone conversations with Tim prior to purchasing The Gate. We laughed at how many, in fact...
Tim was always gracious and excited to talk to me about products and the Hifi hobby. I felt like I was his most important customer, as I’m sure others felt as well. 
My heartfelt condolences to you, Krissy.  God Bless.
Greg Cannava
Fly with the angels, my love. <3 

PPT will continue in Tim's honor.  A new product release and sale coming next week, and  the webpage will soon be updated with a beautiful tribute page. 

It's too important to stop, gentlemen. We've only just begun.  

Many thanks for the well wishes, they mean so much to me. 


Krissy Mrock
Perfect Path Technologies

Although I was not a customer, from all I heard from those who dealt with Tim, I know he was a great guy and I am deeply sorry to hear this news.
George from neighboring Vermont
Wow,  I was so shocked when I heard the news earlier this week about Tim's passing. He was so full of life whenever I talked to him. He always went out of his way to talk to me on the phone and give me audio advice.  He felt like I friend to me. If I didnt live so far away, now Florida, I would have drive out to see his shop and rig. I am so glad to see that Krissy is able to take over the reigns from him. I also wish Krissy my heartfelt condolences. Rest in Peace Tim.
Very sad to hear. For someone so innovative to come on the scene and leave the mark he did in so short a time makes me wonder what else he could have come up with.

All the best,
Tim left piles of notebooks, ideas and inspiration. <3

I will continue to introduce new products to the audio industry; in collaboration with other companies and on our own. Just as Tim had planned.

A new product coming next week. Stay tuned, fellas.

Krissy Mrock

That is just so sad and so unfair.

My heart goes out to you Krissy.

Very Nicely said Frank.
Just a little side note ...

Tim was putting together a system to demonstrate at the Capital Audio Fest using a pair of floor-standing speakers that he bought at an auction for $165.00. They are sold new at Best Buy for $1000.00. 

He completely tricked out the speakers with PPT products. He even built the cables for the speakers, the ICs and the PC's. He made special room treatments and a huge power conditioner to use ... all done with current PPT products and new ideas that occurred to him as he was building the system.

His idea was to completely blow everyone at the show away using really inexpensive speakers that just about anyone could easily afford.

He sent me two of his experimental power cords to try out just for fun. I've got to say, they were absolutely stunning.  After installing the power cords, one in the CD player and one in the phono stage, it was like placing another PPT Gate into the system. They were bulky, stiff and according to Tim, extremely difficult to build. I had them for three weeks before they had to be returned.

Returning them was like pulling two ribs out of my side. 

Tim was a genius, no doubt.


littlecx, this is hardly the thread to be asking such things. Start a new thread if you're that concerned about it....
Sorry to hear of your loss, Krissy. I didn’t have the pleasure to know Tim but he sounds like a great guy, and a wise man.

God bless. 
I promised Frank I wouldn't freak out when the comments got rough.  :)

What is carcinogenic? The 40 years of cigarette smoking (he quit 8 months back), the years of ham,  bacon, ice cream and whatever else he wanted. (He hated my organic food.) The stress of starting a new company in a tough industry....well, they all add up. 
The products are safe and non toxic.
Tim and I have had many long conversations on the phone.  Many times over an hour.  I feel like I lost a brother.  Nobody I've ever known has had a heart like Tim.  His passion was audio and the Lord.  Many times Tim gave thanks for the divine inspiration he received which is known as the PPT Total Contact.  Going miss you buddy.

Mike Girardi
I am stunned. Although Tim and I exchanged only a few emails I gleaned that he was a gentleman and genuine. A man to be missed.

So good to hear from those who got to know Tim.  I know he was devoted to his customers and to making them happy with his products.  Whenever I wrote or called, he always remembered past details.  Hearing more about him here, I wish I had called more often.  
Tim once said to me he intended to turn the field of signal enhancing upside down, and I believe he has done that. I hope we can all support Krissy and PPT in furthering Tim's legacy.    
Krissy, I could feel your tremendous love for Tim whenever I read your posts involving him. Your shared passion for the Lord, audio and innovation helped build what I discerned as a strong and emotionally intimate marriage. I am so sorry for your loss Krissy.

I have no doubt you will carry on your shared passion for these innovative products as your oneness makes it absolutely irresistible.

Tim’s motivation and drive was rooted in a genuine desire to help others through his fruitful mind. My conversations with him made it clear he was not doing this for just himself, but rather looked at it like a ministry and calling.

My heart and prayers go out to you.

My sincere condolences to Krissy and family. Tim’s product were by far the best accessories I ever own.
Very sorry to hear that.  He was a gentleman in his dealings here and gave me some very useful advice on a problem I had.  My sincere condolences to Krissy.
I'm so sorry to read the news, my most sincere condolences to Krissy, family members, and friends. Tim will be missed...
"Fly with the angels my love" is lovely, Krissy. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt sentiment and so sorry for your loss.

He loved you all. He taught me a lot about PPT and how his products work, and I was by his side from the initial patent (2004!) until the end. His passion and zest for life are sorely missed. Stay tuned, fellas, more things to come. <3 Krissy 
This is quite a shock!!  I spoke with him twice on the phone and he was gracious with his time both times.  Was looking forward to more conversations.

So sorry for your loss Krissy.  I suspect his products and his ideas are going to make him remembered for a long time.
With the meteoric rise of PPT, and the recent frequent introduction of new outstanding innovative products, Tim having been critically ill feels unbelievable to me.
My condolences to his family, and also as well for our entire audio community.
RIP to Tim. I didn't care for his products, but he was passionate for his craft.
There are two moments I'll never forget. The first time I looked into his eyes, and the last time I saw his face. <3 His legacy will live on. 

I just came to know about this. I am so sorry for your loss Krissy.
RIP Tim. My sincere condolences! I have and will continue to enjoy all the PPT products.
Tim was a friend. The products he developed have greatly increased my enjoyment of music. Above that, though, my interactions with him, by phone, text, and in person, were a source of joy and inspiration that I will miss very much.
So sorry to see this just now. I talked with Tim once and he was very helpful and kind.  Krissy, I wish you strength and peace. You certainly had Tim's back - y'all were fortunate to have found each other.

RIP Tim Mrock, and to his family and friends, my deepest condolences. I just found this thread after mention in another.

Please take comfort in knowing that his legacy lives on as I enjoy the music.

I know going forward that, when my system plays "mind games" with me as it now often does, I’ll fondly remember that Tim had a hand in that!

I feel blessed to have known Tim.  With his zest for life, passion for his craft and our personal connection, he profoundly changed my life in ways beyond merely enhancing my audiophile rig.  

It's been said, "Music gives soul to the universe. Wings to the mind. Flight to the imagination. And life to everything!"

Rest in peace, my "brother."

OMG I just heard the news. I’ve known Tim for many, many years, he actually “painted/tinned” my entire electrical panel many years ago. I’ve been to his place several times and his music loft was a sanctuary. Tim was passionate in everything he did from building and painting and flying his HUGE model airplanes to helping others with anything that was asked.

Remember that the body is but an outer covering for the soul. The reality is that the soul never dies, but just changes form. So, we know that in some way, Tim will always be there around us playing his music in the heavens above. You will always be remembered my friend. Condolences to you Krissy and all Tim’s family.

what a loss. I've known Tim as a friend and fellow audiophile for several years. He ppt'd my entire house for a review, and we became close. under his somewhat tough veneer he was a true gentleman who in some way came up with discoveries that far outshone many products developed by far more learned men. Where he got the ideas only God now knows. Krissy, please carry on his great work.
Dr. Gaw, he loved you to pieces. One of our first and favorite customers. <3 Please come visit anytime. I’ve kept his room exactly as he left it.
<3 Love, Krissy
I'm shocked to read that Tim has passed away. I only talked to him a few times but I truly appreciate his passion for and his contributions to this hobby. My condolences Krissy.