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Since they came out to provide service for you and apparently were competent, you may need their services again in the future. I wouldn’t burn the bridge but simply kindly decline their offer. Paying to hear an amp(s) that isn’t the one you would ... 
Best subwoffer crossover with room correction
@erik_squires , sorry for the confusion: I was talking about the link that user ditusa posted just above my comment. The link is for a JL Audio CR-1 crossover that is priced at $3500 while the normal used price seems to below $3000. I was just let... 
Best subwoffer crossover with room correction
Just be aware the linked crossover is quite a bit pricier than the norm. See HiFiShark’s sold/expired tab for examples of past listings of the CR1. This model is supposed to be a wonderful unit - I have no experience with it yet, just a heads up t... 
Noir album recommendations
It's not jazz but the soundtrack of Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas by Ry Cooder regularly evokes a noir feel, to me. It mostly uses slide guitar to get that dark, lonely and often foreboding sound.   
Opinions on PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (Mk 1)
@magon, I want to thank you for starting this thread. I wouldn't have been aware of the sale otherwise. I've got a Directstream on the way and am going to trade in my Perfectwave mkII in on it. I don't make changes that often but this was an offer... 
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
Tekton Goes After Erin & More Just saw this guy for the first time and thought it was funny.     
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
Congratulations @jaymark ! What preamp and speakers are you using now?    
Planar Speakers and Diffusors
drbond, thanks for the clarification! I thought thats what you meant but wanted to verify.  
Planar Speakers and Diffusors
@drbond, by “back wall” are you speaking of the wall behind your speakers (in front of you as you listen)?       
Please recommend King Crimson albums…
There are many live albums (Live in Toronto, Radical Action, etc.) which are at least worth browsing through to see if any of it agrees with you. Much incredible muscianship is on display but they don't do mellow for very long at a stretch so that... 
Interesting video on cables
Imagine building the machine to build the Apple cables. Such tiny pieces require mind blowing precision to achieve the high quality level shown.   
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
As far as room mechanical controls, as mentioned by mahgister - traps, diffusors,  helmholtz devices and such: I have a troublesome boom between 70 and 80 hz caused by room dimensions and have been looking at different ways to reduce these peaks. ... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
Glad you started this thread as I wasn’t aware of the Mac unit. I have room modes causing some boom that available speaker placement options won’t cure. I’m curious about its utility as it seems to be in the ballpark as the JL Audio CR-1 and the r... 
I Cried Today
Kindness and empathy seem to be missing in our world oftentimes. It is uplifting to see examples and know it is out there. Thank you for sharing.  
Jazz for aficionados
@pjw81563 , great stuff! I just discovered Gator last week from the all knowing YouTube algorithm. Found his album on Qobuz with Pat Martino and was off to the races. Thanks for the links. I’m constantly amazed at all the great stuff that is out t...