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Vera-Fi Audio LLC Snubway Shipment
What do Snubways do?  
Audio Research versus McIntosh tube amps: anyone experience or compare both?
I have mine on low (3 available speeds) and can't hear them.  Things seem to stay cool enough.  Might need a higher speed if your room is hot, but them you wouldn't want the amp on for super long anyway.  Biasing is pretty easy.  I think the VT10... 
Audio Research versus McIntosh tube amps: anyone experience or compare both?
Used ARC REF150se sometimes trade for $6,000 or less, if you need more watts.  I own one.  Great amp.  I think undervalued on the used market, but that's the market.  
Great song by the Clash
Know Your Rights!!! This is a Public Service Announcement, with guitars!!!!!!  
Synergistic Powercell 12UEF SE a worthy upgrade?
@ronrags  I also have both a Core Power Technologies Equicore 1800 MK3 and Deep Core 1800 and have wondered the same thing.  Please let me know your results if you try a higher end power conditioner.   -docknow  
Martin Logan CLS vs Newer Hybrids Like Montis, Summit X, 9A, 11A
I had CLSs for many years (1989-2017), then upgraded to used CLXs in 2017 and they are better in almost every regard.  I paid $7,500 for my pair (without boxes).  I have since added a single ML BF210, which is wonderful and integrates well using t... 
M101 Nova Power Cord
ARC LS25 mkii vs ARC Ref 5se
The LS25 was introduced in 1998, the same year as the Reference 2.  The REF5  was introduced in 2009 and the REF5SE in 2012 probably. I got these data from the ARCDB (Google it). So LS25>REF2>REF3>REF5>REF5SE is a lot of steps up.  I h... 
How to connect susb to my system
So what happens when you decrease the load driven by the preamp below its minimum specification? The extra current demand on the output stage softens dynamic impact and results in generally poorer sound as the vacuum tube output stage struggles to... 
How to connect susb to my system
The Thorny Math of Impedance: Nearly all ARC vacuum tube preamps are rated to drive a connected load (read amplifiers) of not less than 20,000 ohms (20K ohms). What does this mean? The output stage of a vacuum tube preamp has a high source impeda... 
How to connect susb to my system
@leog2015 I have a REF6 (now SE) and used to feed my Martin-Logan BL210 with a pair of single-end connectors, until I read a document that used to be up on the ARC website (that whole section has been taken done).  After I did the impedence calcul... 
Robbie Robertson: "Killers Of The Flower Moon" Soundtrack
If you don't know it check out: It is one of my favorite albums  
SabrinaX Sub-Crossover
@upstateaudiophile you should definitely consider using ARC to tune your subs.  I would be talking to both Wilson and ML to get advice on the crossover parameters you are asking about.  
What was your first record?
1st record: a 45 of The Beatles "Can't buy me Love" 1st LP:  E,L & P; Pictures at an Exhibition. Still have the LP and a better British pressing.  45 is long gone ...  
Should I Sell My ARC REF 6 and Get A Pass Labs XP-32
@moto_man  Is it a REF6 or a REF6SE?