looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable

Hello All,

looking to a upgrade jumper cable to replace the standard one comes with my Fyne F704 speaker, any advise will be really appreciated. 


more specifically looking for a silver jumper cable to jump from low to high, so my existing speaker cable will plug into low, and jump to high via jumper cable

Thank you following up SOIX, I'm currently using Purist Audio Design Corvus speaker, and may going to live cable SPC in the near future. still struggling in-between bi-wire, and jumper cable. Since I have never use jumper, I really want to give it a try. of course don't wanna break my bank so I plan not spent thousand on jumper cable, maybe few hundreds for now........  

Nordost cable has one, ZenSati available I think on TMRaudio.com. Kimber are good too.

You don’t need to spend that much for a few inches of jumper cable. DH LABS makes nice silver jumpers at a reasonable price!  


What type of sound are you looking for? I've found Fyne speakers tend to accentuate the highs and wonder why you are looking to silver cables which would further emphasise the high end. I haven't heard your model of Fyne speaker but I would stick with quality copper cable, not that I think jumper cable in itself would make much if any difference to the sound.

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Take a look at this. It might give you some insight on using silver cables over copper! BTW, IMO , the thicker gauge of the cable is more important. But if you must have silver you won’t go wrong with the DH LABS REVELATION jumpers!


"...and a 12 AWG wire size help to deliver greater resolution, clarity and a noticeably deeper soundstage." LOL!


I'm sure it's good if you like the sound of silver wire. They make good cables.

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The only way to achieve the best sound possible is to use silver solder and weld the connections together. Otherwise you're wasting your time and audiophool money.

Also, who in their right mind pays even $70 for a 4 inch piece of wire? 

I have Kef Reference 5. I tried $400 CAD Kubala jumpers and it degraded the sound compared to the internal jumpers. Not giving up... on trying and spending money like most of us... I got great sound improvement buying 3mm pure silver cable on eBay and fancy Furutech spade and banana plugs. 5 minutes assembly time. $300 CAD total with specs comparing $2,000 products. The only thing is that they are not shielded. Better looking... but I don’t know if isolation would help. I found some very detailed review from audiophile that no shielding was better. For what it’s worth, the typical plates provided with some high end speakers are not isolated.

Duelund no. 3 silver speaker wire from Audio Connexion.  It will rival the price is no object stuff for about $45/foot.

Just saw this AudioQuest Dragon BiWire jumpers, not sure about the Dragon jumpers but Dragon power cord sound is pretty damn good.


Appreciated everyone, I mean it. So far I’m start to getting a great list for both silver, and copper speaker jumpers


SONIC BI-WIRE JUMPER (12 AWG silver-coated oxygen-free copper) $70


REVELATION JUMPER CABLE (14 AWG pure silver jumpers) $350


Anticables Level 5 jumpers.  Silver AND gold (ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors Heavy #11 gauge) $175


Duelund no. 3 silver speaker wire (flat annealed pure 99.999% silver ribbon) $45


3mm pure silver cable on eBay and fancy Furutech spade and banana plugs from eBay $220


AudioQuest Dragon BiWire Jumper (Direction-Controlled Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS))


Look @ bulk solid core Neotech UP-OCC hookup wire and use bare ends (sans connectors).

You can purchase it in either silver or copper with a Teflon wrap (may also be available in cotton wrap).

I've used the solid core copper 22 gauge Teflon for speaker wire, but I prefer smaller gauge (22-26) in single runs of less than 12'.

I've purchased it from a few venders, but only recall Sonicraft  (sp?) right now.















I agree with @dekay . The Neotech wire is as good as it gets in silver or copper. I have used it to rewire 3 different sets of speakers. It is highest quality.

Why would you ever want to run the speaker cables to the woofer terminals and then jumper to the high terminals?  Don't you want the purist signal to your mids and trebles?  And then you want to change to 4-6" silver jumpers serialized with your 8' copper cables to bring on greater treble?  I think you will have to strain very hard to hear any difference by doing this.

If your system is lacking treble extension, fix it at the source of the problem.  Using cables as bandaids to compensate for tonal incoherency is never a good idea.  And there is no guarantee that silver here or anywhere else in your system will fix your problem.  It's not always the wire material, but rather the cable design and implementation.

@jafox  Makes a good point about the mistake of using cables as tone controls, although I disagree with his spelling of purest. 

If the OP's goal is neutrality, WireWorld would be my recommendation.

Honestly, my old, beat up ears are no longer good enough to tell the difference between short jumpers.

A long time ago, industry insiders determined that they could retire early if they could successfully market cheap to make wire as expensive, exotic tone control cables (exotic creatures, anyone). Now, it's dogma. Sheesh.

the reason why I want to try jumper cable is I want to see if single speaker cable with jumper as good as bi wire cable can be, or even achieve better sounding experience, to me upgrade single speaker cable seems more cost efficiently, and ease to sell on used market too, guess there can be more budget room to play around with variate jumper wires other than buying variate bi wire cable set. Keep trying to find the best bang for the buck for speaker cable instead of breaking my bank here. Thanks for all your help here!

Honestly with my experience biwire is better than jumpers, On biwire my plinius sa100 and diapason produce more holographic sound, more relax and bigger soundstage.Iam using silver jumper as well .

Even on my Noerh 9 speakers and plinius Sa100 combo the result is the same using anticable on bass and late Paul silver cables on high ,Iam not sure if Audioquest dragon jumper will beat biwire. Iam fan of audioquest dragoon series cables.

Jafox with respect to you good silver cables can achieve what the OP wants to achieve on treble.But it has to be done right and with the right cable. Audioquest dragon jumper will be my choice. Is there any guarantee it will work ? No, This hobby is trial and error at times.The only way to know is try it.Cables should be match properly to the system. I agree cables should not be use as band aid.

In regard to Jafox's comment I have also preferred running the cable to the tweeter connectors when using a single run of cables to bi-wirable speakers.



Dekay agree. Iam using the Jumper per Nordost instruction. It work well for my Redrose monitor and Diapason speakers and my wharfedale speakers.

@roxy54 - "Purest" indeed.  Thanks mom.  😊.

I have not been a user of Purist Audio cables for 15+ years.  The product line was lacking resolution and too soft on the top.

Rather than spin your wheels on this jumper quest, consider trying a different speaker cable altogether.  The Wireworld product line is a good suggestion.  Another is Silent Source.  I just sold an 8' Silent Source Ref speaker cable pair for $2100. It has a bit of a mellow presentation but its tonal coherency is outstanding ....... and it's construction is silver wire.

I replaced the Tannoy jumpers on my Kensingtons with Transparent’s mid-priced jumpers.  More improvement in SQ than I anticipated.   I use mostly Transparent throughout.  

Bi-wiring sounds like a good alternative to completely avoid the issue, but if using a jumper, just know that some claim that pure silver is one thing, but silver coated copper is another. I’m not an electrical engineer, but some claim that silver coated copper cables can cause phase shift issues at certain frequencies. Would a 4" length really cause any noticeable change? Maybe not. But just be aware of that "possibility".

@roadcykler you'll be surprised on this forum.  I used 12gauge biwire that for $30 bucks.  Sounds wonderful.  My Yamaha  NS-1000M speakers use 14 gauge wires only to make it even easier.


I want to see if single speaker cable with jumper as good as bi wire cable can be

I had both single and shotgun biwire versions of my speaker cables and although I slightly preferred the shotgun pair I’d say your incremental $$$ would be better spent on good jumpers rather than going biwire and then use the considerable savings elsewhere in your system.  To me, the main benefit of biwire is the additional gauge, but as your cables are already 10AWG I wouldn’t think that’d be all that much of a benefit in your case.  Hope that helps a little.