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Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
Most British speakers need too much power and you don’t have that! Magico needs 100k front and even the junker A3!  Devore Fidelity can run in tubes and Is voiced to be easy listening. See if you can find a used O/96  
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
@roxy1927 most $500 cables are kind of bare bones with no geometry yet and just twisted pair copper that’s 14-12 awg. That won’t work well on an amp and they need 10-8 awg or better. Try a few more from a lending library from a cable manufacturer ... 
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
$8400 is Devore Fidelity 0/93  
Sonus Faber Question
Devore Fidelity any   
So, a reviewer just said something I need to talk about.
You should just go listen to live music more. Audio equipment to really generate something close to that is over 100 grand to get close to the composition and all the nuances. Gear matters more to make the not only the right sound of 1 element but... 
looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable
Why don’t you just use the Puritan jumpers?  
Turntable setup NYC area
I’m finding this is starting to become a theme and threads people are like please help me and they don’t tell you what equipment they bought! We’re not going to tell you what we have but we need help. Can you help me even though I won’t let you k... 
Focal v Wilson
Here’s an of a room in Munich High end with a $38,000 speaker from Rockport. They are similar in the 20-40k speakers you were looking at.     Room Components A4.2, F202 – HIGH END Munich2024 Loudspeakers: Rockport Technologies ATRIA II $38,000... 
Focal v Wilson
@audioman58 even if you buy eight to $10,000 speakers that were originally 15 to 20, you have to understand that they are still going to need cables that cost about 15 to 20 grand to make them work right in your entire cable loom. The biggest pro... 
Focal v Wilson
@audioman58 borreson I won’t play nice with vintage McIntosh. That’s like putting diesel fuel in a Ferrari.  
Focal v Wilson
@edelbby Sir that older amp will make any modern speaker sound very bad. The resolution of modern speakers are going to resolve every little problem you have with your older vintage amp that was never really made with the best parts. You really s... 
My new Borresen X3's
@deep_333 I have an entire loom of Kabala Sausna realization! 6k will get you C2 level Ansuz Mainz. I bet that is what it is! It’s a decent cable for a DAC or streamer don’t get me wrong.   
A stupid question(s) about power cords
Don’t run with scissors or put them in power plugs  
Power cords: does length matter?
Yes length matters you noobs. There is a reason why Shunyata won’t sell a powwr cable under 1.75 M..!!!!  
Solar flares are here, everyone unplug your dryer!
Chicken Little also said the sky was falling