Brian Eno's Turntable Design

I have a thing for white turntables. I love my Acoustic Signature Triple X in Gloss White. But this looks very nice. No real details on it other than a limited run of 50. I guess I’m not getting one🙄



I'm sorry to disagree but as I stated on another forum it looks like something that would be sold at Spencers Gift Shop. 




Yes I get it. After looking at it closer it's probably more of a gimmick 🙄

I'll stick with mine

Maybe works something like this...

"Celebrity" designed means Pro-ject takes one of their entry tables,"collabs" with "celebrity" with their "unique" ideas. Now  declared "designed by X" and put a marketing campaign behind it.

Maybe a hit with Gen Z's who play "vinyl"?

I wonder if the TT sounds overly bright and thin sounding like Eno’s production on Coldplay albums

Wow, they do catch your eye don't they? POW! We're Back! Get some ballistic plastic and start drilling.. :-)


In the new Music Direct catalogue Mo-Fi has a limited edition Fender TT. I think it's much more attractive.. 

I hear MoFi is going to offer a "road worn" version and charge triple the amount. The finish will be full of dents and dings just like the over priced Fender "road Worn) guitars.

Hopefully the table is not as vapid, empty, and soulless as is Eno's "music".

Hopefully the table is not as vapid, empty, and soulless as is Eno's "music".


No idea who Eno is but that makes me sure not to waste time finding out. To many other artist that are good. So he is a musician or something that thinks he can build turntables? Thinks they need blinky light's?

On another forum I saw that it cost 15K and there is a limited edition of 50 units. Hey Eno, if you don't wanna get stuck with all 50 units, sell them through Walmart. At $150.00 the kiddies will love them for Christmas.



Looks like a lower end Pro-Ject arm, probably Pro-Ject guts, and an Ortofon 2M cartridge - so however limited and expensive this is, its performance will be pegged to the "entry level" side of the spectrum.

Eno was in the original line-up of Roxy Music (wearing ridiculous costumes and makeup,  pretending to play keyboards), produced one (or more?) U2 albums, and did some soundtrack work and albums of ambient "music". He’s done very well for a guy who can’t write songs, can’t sing, and can’t play any instrument beyond a very rudimentary level.

I have to wonder what a TT designed by Christo would have been.

This thing might be a better investment than you imagine. Unless it isn't.

How about Picasso or Dali as TT designers? I’d buy those, even if they didn’t work.

The price is now 20,000 Pounds Sterling (roughly USD $26,500), only a few left. If you look at it from the perspective that it’s a highly sought after piece of art from a popular figure then it makes sense. As the pieces become fewer the price goes up. Think Basquiat or Banksy. If the latter made a turntable I doubt it would sell for anything less than 6 figures to the left of the decimal, whether it was functional or not. At least the Eno table works, regardless of what some might think of the bits that it is comprised of.

Eno’s music might not be for everyone. I happen to like it, especially the 801 project with Phil Manzanera (BTW - while the project seemed to be a Manzanera thing, the name 801 is cryptic, identifying the real driving force behind it). People often forget there really isn’t a Talking Heads without him as his production work and techno know how put them on the map to stay. His work with Bowie on the Low, Heroes, and Lodger trilogy is also worth noting. Fripp & Eno, I could go on and on.

Then there is this: Maybe Eno thought this was the best way to listen to his music, or maybe he’s just having some fun at the audiophile’s expense. Perhaps he’s taking this tact with his turntable too. Either way looks like it will sell out and Eno stands to make a nice profit from it.

I find it interesting that the linked article says much about how the TT looks and nothing about how it sounds.

Some guy says he has no idea who Eno is, but he's happy to describe his music as vapid, empty, and soulless....  

This is obviously meant as an art piece, not some kind of advanced turntable technology.... 

@larsman: Your reading compression is about on the same level as are Eno's musical talents. The Audiogon poster who said he has "no idea who Eno is", and the poster (myself) who was "happy to describe his 'music' as vapid, empty, and soulless" (I am actually not happy to do so, as I find his influence in Pop music as unfortunate) are two different, distinct persons. A re-reading of the two posts will reveal that to be fact.

I neglected to include Eno's work with Talking Heads, as I find the results to be of little merit or interest (to myself, at least). While I'm at it, let me state that I find David Byrne to be, like Eno, just another musical charlatan. As were Lou Reed and many other New York-based "artists". Just one person's opinion, although Art Dudley agreed with me about Reed, Art putting quotation marks around the word singer when speaking of Lou. A terr-i-ble "singer", and a mediocre songwriter. Still, more talented than Eno ;-) .

Just one person's opinion, although Art Dudley agreed with me about Reed, Art putting quotation marks around the word singer when speaking of Lou. A terr-i-ble "singer", and a mediocre songwriter.

Art Dudley agreeing with you. Well I guess that says it all. Thanks for the laugh.


I can't believe the ire expressed here for Brian Eno! I consider him to be an eclectic, influential creator of new musicscapes. Indeed his influence is vast and wide. Here is a bit from wiki...

"A self-described "non-musician", Eno has helped introduce unique conceptual approaches and recording techniques to contemporary music.[1][2] He has been described as one of popular music's most influential and innovative figures."

He has worked with such artists at Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, the oracle himself Mr. Robert Fripp, David Bowie, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson and Grace Jones. 

I guess I have always enjoyed innovative artists that push the limits which is why I have always been a fan of Salvador Dali and ambient music. I get if you don't like his turntable but wow, can't believe the closed minds here.




How about Picasso or Dali as TT designers? I’d buy those, even if they didn’t work.

I'd be much more interested in an Escher designed table. 😁

@falconquest + 1 - I'm a huge fan of Brian Eno's first 4 albums; not into the ambient stuff, but those first 4 are superb works of musical art.... Lots of other artists have appeared on Eno's albums, for sure - and don't forget one of his main partners in crime from Roxy, Phil Manzanera... 

@bdp24 - I was referring to this, both on the same post:

Hopefully the table is not as vapid, empty, and soulless as is Eno's "music".

No idea who Eno is but that makes me sure not to waste time finding out. 

You might want to brush up on your own reading 'compression'..🤣

@larsman: Your exact original post (to which I was responding), not the amended one directly above: "Some guy says he has no idea who Eno is, but he's happy to describe his music as vapid, empty, and soulless....". Separating the single quote found in your original statement into two separate ones as you did above is not intellectually honest.

@clio09: And Dudley and I aren't alone. Robbie Robertson went to hear The VU when he arrived in New York, and was not impressed. Whatta ya think Dylan thought of Reed? I think I know ;-) .

@bdp24 - Some guy DID say that - look farther up the thread. I don't know how quoting what some guy said is 'not intellectually honest'. Somebody had no idea who Eno was yet complained about his music. I for one don't care one jot what Art Dudley or Robbie Robertson think about music; their tastes mean nothing to me. But Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!! ;-)  

@larsman: Or my taste for that matter! As my mama useta say: Each to his own, said the lady as she kissed the cow.

What irks me about guys like Eno taking up space in music publications, record store shelves, radio broadcasts, and enthusiast discussions is that artists more deserving (yes, in my opinion) are thereby afforded less of same. I know, life ain't fair. Too many talented but unknown songwriters, singers, and musicians spend their lives in abject poverty while a guy like Eno reaps undeserved (again, imo) rewards.  

@bdp24, not sure what Dylan thought, doesn't matter either. Both artists inspired many others. There is an old quote that made the rounds among several music folks: "The Velvet Underground didn’t sell many records, but everyone who bought one went out and started a band." I'll only go so far as to say I much prefer Femme Fatale to Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (both songs were about Edie Sedgewick). Brian Eno inspired lots of artists as well, so I strongly believe he deserves all that space, so much so that there is one less Eno turntable available now.

Big Eno fan…..but could care less about his TT. I’ll take my 80’s retro SOTA thank you.

Eno is a very significant musical creator and influencer. 

TT is capitalism at work.

And strange Chuck has not weighed in as he is a Roxy boy and TT savant.


Neither strap nor chin. 

@vinylzone ...and you shouldn't have to flip the lp, either....and 'random reverse-play' ought to be exciting as well.  Not since that whole 'walrus, 'John is dead'...or whoever was 'dead' then....

Actually, I'd rather have the 'floating platter' TT that really works.

It'd probably fry my pacemaker....'pick the LP with Care.....'


Dotage in 'Botage

Lou Reed can't sing and that is exactly the point. As for song writing, few artists have sold as many records as Transformer. Berlin is a rock and roll classic. I suggest everyone listen to it. Granted, some of his work does not merit much but few artists have been as prolific. David Bowie and Frank Zappa come to mind.

As for Eno, his biggest mistake was leaving Roxy. Roxy did not suffer one iota. Ambient music is just nice sounding noise. 

I find most of the jazz standards boring, but I don’t care what you listen to. He is to popular music as Miles Davis was to jazz. Kind of Blue is one of Eno’s favorite albums. It would be nice if people didn’t bash what they don’t like or understand.

Eno like others was experimenting with synthesizers. He has worked and helped some of the most popular acts of the time.

He and others(Fripp, Daniel Lanois, etc)pretty much invented ambient music. On his album My Life In the Bush of Ghosts, along with David Byrne, used sampling, which is now used extensively. They introduced world music to rock and other genres.

Groundbreaking yes, talented yes, quirky yes, boring no, poor producing no. He will be remembered as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

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I believe Phillip Glass played a part in Ambient music before Eno. What is with the invective against musicians...these folks are our ultimate source. Just say not my cup of tea and quit revealing your crass and boorish incivility.


Neither Patton nor George. 

Eno is so absolutely accessible, even my mom likes Music For Airports. I prefer Discrete Music or Before and After Science. But still, it’s pretty basic… there is a whole world of challenging music to be discovered if you really dig!

The whole ambient series is fantastic. Check out Brian's "reflection" app (you can stream an album of it as well).