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Do Your Speakers have LEVEL CONTROLS or EQUALIZERS? (Vintage or Modern) ???
When I designed my DIY triamplified horn speakers a DEQX DSP  was an integral part of the design.  I wanted bass folded corner horns back in the corners and midrange and super tweeter horns well out in the room where they could image better.  The ... 
SET Lovers, what's the one solid state amp you love(d)?
I was amplifying the mids and highs of my triamplified DIY horn speakers with Cary Audio 2a3 SET monoblocks then I bought a pair of First Watt F3 single ended, single gain stage, class A stereo amps with VFET output transistors to replace the SET ... 
Concerning high end audio names in new cars
I find the JBL system in my Toyota Tundra to be quite listenable.  
Disappointing On
My amplifiers are Pass Labs and First Watt but in 1972 my wife and I bought a McIntosh MX110 preamp/tuner and MC2105 power amp.  The 2105 has never been serviced but here over a half century later it is still playing music in the basement party ro... 
The Snob Appeal Premium
For those of us with the skills and tools many of the posts in this thread are good arguments for DIY speakers.  
Creative Sound Solutions
I too am a fan of Dayton drivers.  I use their anodized aluminum cone rubber surround 15" subwoofer drivers in Bill Fitzmaurice designed HT Tuba 25 Hz quarter wave folded corner horns,  and the SQ is outstanding.   
Klipsch Jubilee & Klipschorn Experience
I have had triamplified DIY horns in my main system for the last nineteen years.  I initially used a tube/SS hybrid amp on the bass and Cary Audio 2a3 SET monoblocks on the mids and highs.  I ended up with a Pass Labs X150 on the bass and two Firs... 
what speakers do you consider "energetic"?
Fully horn loaded(including horn bass) speaker systems have an energy that I don't believe can be matched by direct radiators.  Needless to say I have such speakers but in the past I've owned and played sealed and ported box speakers, ESLs, Magnep... 
concrete (cinder) block tower with wood chopping block for turntable stand
I agree with the efficacy of high mass for turntable stands. My DIY stand uses a section of sixteen inch diameter white oak log as a central pedestal. Three large lag screws in the bottom of the section of log serve as feet and allow leveling of t... 
Burn in vs perception
I find this thread to be reassuring.  I've always felt a little inadequate because I couldn't discern any difference in electronics after they burn in other than the difference that warming up makes.  I definitely can hear burn in with phono cartr... 
High end speakers at low volume
ricco275, if I had your desired criteria for speakers I would definitely look at horns.  Very light diaphragms powered by strong magnet motors coupled with the minimal excursions required of diaphragms boosted by the impedance matching augmentatio... 
Amplifier for Cornwall IV
I use First Watt amplifiers with my DIY horns, and I think they are an excellent choice. They replaced Cary Audio 2a3 monoblocks, and the improvement was obvious.  
Integrating speakers into contemporary decor - can WAF ever be overcome?
Any time the subject of spouse acceptance factor is raised I immediately think how lucky I was in that regard. One of the first times I met my girlfriend and wife to be was at a teen hangout where she invited me to join her in her new 1968 Chevell... 
horn or line array?
Horns, unbeatable when properly designed and built.  Also remember horn bass is the icing on the cake.  
horn or line array?
Horns, unbeatable when properly designed and built.  Also remember horn bass is the icing on the cake.