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How Is This Possible? Must be Counterfeits
@audphile1 I was given the kopi luwak beans as a gift, and i have to say, nothing special.   
Roon Endpoint Streamers - Direct Comparisons between Current Offerings?
I am also in the market for a server/streamer to run ethernet into my Bricasti M1SE. Have been thinking about the Melco, but have been utterly indecisive for over a year now.  
Solid State Low powered Amplifiers
Using PA Speakers In A Home "Audiophile" Application!
Robert Plant
BIG LOG!!!  
Ultimate Turntable search...OMA K5 or ?
Can’t get past the OMA aesthetic.  
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
There are 2 Palettes (3 actually if you count the single input version) - the legendary and expensive Cello Audio Palette MIV and the more home-use version the Cello Palette preamp. If memory serves, the Stereophile article (read it moons ago) is ... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
I have 6 band on my Cello Palette and it is 🤌🏼  
Ikeda 9 Cartridge Squeaking
Old thread I know, sorry, but did you have a good experience with Expert Stylus and how is the Ikeda performing now?  
Herron Audio...Still in business
I needed help with my VTPH-2A today, emailed Keith and he replied immediately with info for me, my problem solved. Don’t hesitate.  
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
@curiousjim Master Couplers are all over used sites, I’ve bought 5 or 6 of them from ebay or audiomart etc. SR doesn't make the anymore.  
If Cardas Clear Beyond and Shunyata Sigma V2 speaker cables had a child would be ?
@soix I have Hologram II’s for years now and love them.  
Digital source upgrade suggestion?
@kijanki I'm just so many years down the road with itunes and have a huge record label catalog system through it, also really cannot stand viewing by album cover, I need to see more at one time, i need the smallest text version in list format, thi... 
Digital source upgrade suggestion?
@yage Thanks for these suggestions, very insightful  
Anyone know anything about Deal Home Audio in Batam, Indonesia? Real or fake?
Confirmed SCAM, run!