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Need help with Klipschorns/Electronics and mother.
Oh they are at the bottom of a thread page.  I got all excited when I thought I could help and forgot how old it is.  Haha.  
Need help with Klipschorns/Electronics and mother.
The Rotel could be harsh.  It sure sounds like something is hooked up backwards. Fixing the Dynaco is an option but most who fix these end up with new innards fixing some weak points in the design.  You would, in effect, give you a brand new amp.... 
When was the last time when serious new instrument was invented ?
Trey Gunn used a Warr Guitar.  It will play bass, guitar and can sound like a synthesizer.  Chapman Stick is another example.  Tony Levin is a master playing that.  
Bob Weir: "George Jones is my favorite musician."
We lived in the country, rural, no internet, no towns but my Mom liked music.  I remember her favorite, Hank Williams.  We also listened to The Masters Family, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Pride, Porter Waggoner, Hank Snow, Skeeter Davis, ... 
Help me understand the current amp market
Boy, that Luxman sounds like a keeper to me.  I would be inclined to try some speaker choices.  Fritz has bookshelf/stand mounted speakers that are reasonably priced and easy to drive.  I saw a used pair for about $2300.  Atmosphere is selling a ... 
Difference between Bluesound Node, Node 2, Node 2i, NodeX
I have a 2i that I  bought refurbished 4 yrs ago and upgraded power supply.  That runs to a Topping D90 AKm version.  I am getting great detail, non fatiguing sound.  I will keep this til it fails.  
High Pass Filter for Mains
I've had a Marchand for over 20 yrs.  I've had Phil Marchand check it.  He has always been accommodating for me.  He uses good attenuators which make a difference and put new op amps for mine. The new company Sublime looks to be comparable.  
Tracks that bring out the best of YOUR digital system
My latest discovery.  Sarah Smile Hall and Oates Traci Chapman - Fast Car Donald Fagan -Tomorrow's Girls Grace Jones- Hurricaine Dub Yello -Way Down Zhu -in the morning Lots more!  
Solid state amp vs tube amps
I’ve had the Pass XA25 for 4 years. My speakers are 100dB and could be driven by a small watt amp but I like this sound. 3D sound stage, quick, clean, natural and easy to listen. This amp is made without the usual 2nd harmonic distortion signature... 
How many monthly kilowatt hours, including hi-fi, do you use?
I’m a misor for power usage. This is good if electric blackouts become more frequent. My Pass XA25 manual says 240W at idle. 30 days would be about $30 if my math is right, I am getting older, and humble, so correct me if I'm wrong.  
Need a 4 way electronic crossover
I have not seen mixed reviews for Marchand.  Occasionally used ones come up for sale.  New are 800 to 1000 approx.   There is also a new brand that advertises quality parts used.  The name escapes me.  They have 2 models priced at $599 and $799. ... 
Thoughts? - First Watt F8 / Vandersteen Treo's
I hope you don't have issues with the F8.  More power is a lot more money.  The F8 drops to 15 w 4ohms.  
Ethernet Cables - what are you using and why?
I bought Blue Jeans cable Cat 6.  40 ft was $50 or so.  
Burning-in as a non-linear experience
I have this happen every time I unhook wires or have to mess with the springs under my speakers.  It takes a couple days. I have ribbon speaker wires and spades would not stay tight so I  had new ends installed. In the mean time, I bought Chines... 
Jazz for aficionados
Another good funky bunch is Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. Hammond B3 anyone?