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Heist/ crime songs
Cocaine Blues, Johnny Cash or George Thorogood, but there were a lot of others. Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday.  
What am I missing?
Wow, rent the music?  Ok, so for 8.99 a month, I get instant access to almost anything I'd care to listen to and a bunch of stuff I don't.  I mean, it's less than buying a new release LP or CD a month, and I get so much more. I work from home, an... 
Amazon music vs Qobuz
I use Amazon HD via a Node 2i with a wired network connection.  I recently got an outboard DAC which I think improved the quality.  I've tried Qobuz several times when they had deals.  The sound quality on both is excellent especially with well ma... 
For Vandersteen owners & lovers: Which other brands do you like?
In the '90s, I was in the market for a pair of speakers.  It was between the Vandy's and Magnepan, when a pair of Apogee Duetta IIs fell into my lap.  When they died, I auditioned again Vandy 2CE Signatures and Magnepan 1.7is, both within my budge... 
Lyra Kleos arrives after eight months. . Worth the wait? First impressions
I currently own a Helikon Mono and a Delos stereo.  They are by far my two favorite cartridges.  Setup is hyper critical, but when you get it right they're magic.  
A question about headphones
Your bluetooth dongle should probably be plugged into a line out on your preamp.  I've had very poor results plugging transmitters into headphone jacks.  
Headphone amp and dac advice needed
Sorry, been busy, but I did read thru the messages.  The Rogue is just too expensive and heavy. I've tried some of the Schiit gear and while they're fine, I'm not a fan of their sound. I have an SMSL dac, and I like the sound and features. So,... 
How many people do you think have the same DAC, amplifier, and speakers
I use a Bryston 4b SST2 to drive my Maggie 1.7i.  I know Bryston amplification is a popular choice among Maggie owners.  My preamp is an upgraded BAT VK30-SE and my main source is a VPI TNT4 with TNT5 bearing and SOTA Total Eclipse motor system, w... 
Headphone amp and dac advice needed
@spatialking Thanks.  Yeah, already planning to take them home each night.  I have a backpack for my laptop that has plenty of room for phones and other gear.  
Are Their any Tube Preamp with Home Theater Bypass?
My BAT VK30SE has theater bypass, but I don't use it anymore.  Instead, I run my home theater front pre outs into the SE inputs on my Bryston 4B SST2, and run the 2 channel preamp into the balanced inputs.  When I want to do theater, I just flip t... 
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
First stereo was a Sanyo rack system from Crazy Eddie's, probably 1979 or so.  First high end gear was from Ear Drum in Nanuet NY.  DB Systems 1B/2A/4B preamp, Bryston 3B, Logic DM101 turntable with a Signet tonearm and an Signet MK55E cartridge, ... 
What's It All About?
I think you need to ask Alfie.  
Time/Process of Hooking up New Equipment
Unless it's a tonearm or phono cartridge that requires precise installation and setup, it goes in to the system almost immediately.  Really, how complicated is it to plug in a power cord and deal with some cables.  
Maybe this is the winter you build something!
I have a pair of 80 watt Conn organ tube amps I'm going to be rebuilding this winter.  I also have a tube preamp I built around 20 years ago I might try and get up and running again if I can get the Conns done.    
Bluesound Node2 with outboard DAC
Bluesound Node 2i here. I recently added an SMSL VMV D1SE, mostly because I wanted to locate my digital gear across the room from my analog gear and preamp, and the D1SE provided balanced outs.  I didn't really expect a difference, but I got one. ...