All the brands I don't like...

In order to save time and energy and contain the fallout I’m just going to start listing all the famous brands of gear I don’t like here.

You should all be thanking me for this. :)
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Looks like Erik is waiting for me to get my bowl of pop corn. 
La de da de da, ho de do de da, oh de da de do, yeh ya yeh ya   
 I got it.
Didn’t picture you as sensitive type...holding a grudge is bad for your health. Let it go and focus on music not the brand.

You can thank me later 😉

Don’t bother if you’re not intending to include specific, accurate,unbiased and independently verifiable information explaining why you dislike each brand. Otherwise, it’s a meaningless and worthless exercise that merely would document all of the brands you have emotional, illogical and personal psychological reasons for disliking that I believe are more effectively explored and, hopefully, resolved in a more private and constructive manner.
Although I and others would likely find an open forum exploration of your personal experiences with certain brands, that almost certainly form the basis for your somewhat strong emotional response to certain of them, very interesting, wildly entertaining and with a constant and irresistible opportunity to post satirical comments of varying degrees of wittiness and humor, I still urge you to conduct this exploration of your psyche in private.
This private approach also has the advantage of not further exasperating the obviously very extensive emotional damage you’ve suffered at the hands of certain unnamed malicious audio brands and the odds of receiving significant financial remunerations from some or all of these corporations.
My crack team of high quality and priced lawyers will be contacting you soon to determine whether you have a solid case worth aggressively and immediately pursuing against any audio brand that inflicted injury upon you. Pro bono, of course.

Jokes on you guys. Read the post again. Carefully:

All the brands I don't like...

In order to save time and energy and contain the fallout I’m just going to start listing all the famous brands of gear I don’t like here.

You should all be thanking me for this. :)
Got it? No? Okay, once more, this time with editorial comment, for you slow learners:

All the brands I don't like...

In order to save time and energy and contain the fallout I’m just going to start listing all the famous brands of gear I don’t like here.
You should all be thanking me for this. :)
Got it?
Thus my post:
The complete list of erik_squires posts of useful information:         . 
Blank space, indicating no such thing exists.
I know, I know, they are NOT paying me enough for this!
 erik, you have many followers here on the "Gon. On a rare occasion, you come up with an interesting topic, but generally, not ( imo ). Yes, I read your posts, but, I am not one of those followers I speak of. Enjoy ! MrD.
This is supposed to be a hobby. You know, something people do to have a pleasant experience?

Just stop the hate fests and tell us what makes your listening happy. Keep the rest to yourself. 
You guys take the bait like a big old hungry fish, and then fuss that you hooked yourself.

Erik, how is your Discman doing these days?

Warm regards,

Why is this necessary? What am I missing? Who cares?
I care — Erik has good opinions, as valid as anyone else’s, usually informative, often entertaining, and never abusive IMHO. Besides, I’d like to know if he meant to say Mc or Mac...
I can’t believe this but I’m 100% in agreement with OP. Those are specifically the brands I would never recommend to anyone. I’d go as far as saying that the people using those brands are dumb. 
They. Just. Don’t. Get. It. 
     I can only speak for myself but my intention is not to direct hate toward Erik or anyone else.  I don't know about everybody else's perceptions but I don't sense an abundance of hate fests or overly negative posts on this thread up to this point. 
     From my perspective, I'm having a pleasant enough experience participating on this thread discussion thus far and would enjoy and expect it to progress in its generally civil and constructive manner in whatever subject directions it naturally gravitates toward.

I like Bob Carver, but not Phase Linear.
I like Sony, but not Technics.
I like Polk speakers, but not McIntosh speakers.
I like Cambridge CD transports, but none others.

Is that weird?
@millercarbon- It’s called, "cognition".       Scary: that so many also vote, sans the ability.
I like movies. 
If the movie is worth watching it doesn’t matter if they’re on a 13” black and white TV.
I like music...

I don't think it's clear, at least not to me, what you're ROTFLMAO about?  Could you please clarify?

In all of audio there is only one gear I don't like, Luxman integrateds.  Treble like a dentist drill, sucked out mids, bloated bass. Only the deaf need apply.  Hah, just kidding.
I usually don't respond to Erik's posts but this was such a masterful trolling effort that I can't help myself. Congratulations Erik. This was not only a clever post and thread starter, it shows once again that many forum participants don't read the whole thread before they post. Millercarbon nailed it and I'm pretty sure I know why avsjerry is ROTFLMAO. Several hooks have been set in the fleshy cheeks of Audiogon fish and Erik is sitting back adjusting the drag on the reel........ here we go.

To use another analogy I appreciate a good punking. This sort of made my day.

Oh, BTW, I don't like Crosley. Yeah, that's right, I really don't like those stupid looking record players for Barnes & Noble rubes. If I could make those cheap-ass turd piles illegal I would. Every time I see one I lift up the platter and pour sand in the gears (I carry a small bag of sand for this purpose). They are as ugly as a stomped possum and it just pisses me off to look at them. OK, I've never heard one but even the idea of such a monstrosity is more than I can take. See Erik, now you've ruined my whole day. God, those record players suck. 
@noble100 ....*G* Sorry, old 'net abbreviation....or 'aberration', if you prefer..;)

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

Why?  I interpreted Eric's 'opener' as the equivalent of tossing a shiny lure into the water without bait.  Sure enough, the fish hit it and ran....

(You will notice he's not followed up with Any comments....*G*)

^5's, Eric!  
Mijostyn +1 Anyone who reads every word of every post probably has too much time on their hands. I like Erik's post in general, but sometimes don't feel like reading every single solitary word. And to those who are so clever they had to "read shame" the rest of us, well, you know, since you are so clever.
Wow, I thought aftermarket fuses was the red laser pointer here but I think erik is and we’re the cats.
Thanks for setting me straight -- that's what I get for reading threads too fast...
I'd still like to know what Erik thinks about Mc vs Mac.

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Will this equipment include hearing aids? Just asking.


If you want to have that discussion you need to follow Kenjit.
I still love my vintage "M-Series", Onkyo amps with their giant dual analogue meters!
 But seriously, Maybe a few of you guys have a 'lil too much time on your hands? Or is it just a lack of "Anger Management Training"?? (I missed that seminar myself).
@erik_squires - I knew you could clear it up for me!@mijostyn - This thread is NOT useless -- that was a GREAT Seinfeld clip!

Sigh, those were great days for modern visual design. Onkyo, Hitachi, Technics, Kyocera, in Asia,Tandberg and Revox from Europe, Carver from the US.

All of them had amazing looking products.
@marqmike ....She's touring in the UK currently, but is going to be in Atlanta in April 1 & 2...*S*  Going to add her to my list of BluesGrrls I've had the pleasure to see IRL.... 👍😁

Used to have this little box with LED's that would either give you VU or RMS power...the latter was instructive as to how much actual wattage was being delivered to the speakers.  Most of the time, you'd be running below 1~1.25, but the peaks could 'flick' up substantially....

At the time I was running 150 a side.  Never got that high on the read-out; couldn't stand to be in the room (12 x 20, 10 ceiling)....*L*

I haven't owned anything with meters since my Revox A77...and that's been awhile...*G*
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@jollygreen....Pardon me, I handle my anger quite well, thank you veddy much....*G* The bumper stick on my car that states:


is a mild warning....I let most survive...’physically’, anyway....*L*

But, that’s what happens when one grows up with LA freeways, and has learned to cope with various metromadness combat traffic. ;)