Many nice gents in this site, highly reputable common folks audiophiles like @lalitk @wig and others have mentioned these, so it’s probably time to create a specific thread on Zavfino, a direct sales cables company based in Canada with presence ‘ distributors in US, also direct:

I took the advice of these folks with a power cord, the Prima MK2

I could not be happier with this cord, something that would easily cost $2,000 or even $3,000 from other better known cable makers. It’s outstanding, for about $500. Absolutely amazing build, and packaging too. It sounds great, very quiet. I am sure the cheaper PC, the Majestic at $390 is very good too: 
I now have the Prima speaker cables on my way. Call me “sold”.

No BS, truly top quality cables company that flies under the radar. Very affordable too. Take a look. No relation to the company, just a happy first time customer, thanks to my Audiogon friends here

I read on another thread that you used to use Cardas Clear Reflection cables. Now that you're building a full loom of Zavfino cables, what specific differences are you noticing when you compare the Zavfino speaker cables and interconnects to those in the Clear Reflection line? I am currently liking my two pairs of Clear Reflection XLRs (between DAC and preamp and between preamp and amps), and I'm now considering adding the CR speaker cables to my system. With respect to sound quality alone, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Zavfino vs Cardas CR? 

Thanks for any detailed comparisons you can provide.
Honestly @sdl4 it’s been several years since I owned Cardas Clear Reflections. Different speakers, different amps. It’s been a while and there is no way for me to remember and compare with Zavfino. I did not even know Zavfino existed until earlier this year. Over the years I have owned and tried many speaker cables, including Cardas, Synergistic Research (all three tiers of Atmosphere X), Audioquest William Tell, Triode Wire Labs, Shunyata Alpha v2, Crystal Clear Audio, and more. So here is that.

I’d say if you own and like Clear Reflection XLR ICs, it’s only logical to complete the “loom” and buy Reflection speaker cables. I would do that if I were you
@thyname, thanks for the advice. I understand how hard it is to compare cables across different components and differing time periods.
Just received the Arcadia interconnects. I’m shocked at the build quality for this price. Not just the construction, but the packaging is also top notch. 
I received three power chords yesterday.  The packaging is 100%, the same as my speaker cables.  The first few hours of break in was as  expected.  Grainy and rough in the upper frequencies.  With just minimal hours on them, they are starting to settle in.  I am expecting them to sound excellent with a couple of hundred hours on them and will report back.  The build quality is some of the best I have seen.
Awesome. I have been saying for years now it is all about the power chords. Here are my 5 favorite power chords:
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“I installed the used Dart into a Audioquest Niagara 1200 that powers my 2 front JL F-113 subs. I must say, the Dart seems anemic compared to my DIY cord. That is, the bass is barely detectable. “


I am curious to learn if you’ve tried the Dart elsewhere in your system? My pair of REL Carbon Limited are powered by Zavfino’s Majestic MK1 OCC 12AWG. I did not experience any loss in bass when I switched from my Furutech FP-S032N 12 AWG Power Cable.

OP here, quick update:

My pursuit of Zavfino is now over. Because the full Zavfino loom is complete.

My system is pretty simple. Digital only. Streaming DAC, transport, integrated amp, speakers. Here is my Zavfino lineup:

  1. Speaker cables, two runs as I biwire. Silver Darts for HF, Prima MKII for LF
  2. Two Silver Darts power cords, one for Integrated amp, one for DAC. Prima MKII for transport 
  3. Silver Darts XLR interconnects from DAC to integrated amp

The non-Zavfino stuff is the Ethernet cable (Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference) and the Shunyata Omega XC power cord for my Shunyata Everest power distributor. They will both remain as is.

The last piece of the puzzle was the pair of Silver Darts speaker cables for the HF run, which replaces the Prima MKII (shortly up for sale, maybe this weekend). The second run for LFs will remain Prima MKII.

I could not be happier with Zavfino, especially as I gradually added more. The improvement is definitely cumulative, and the “full loom” concept in full display. If I were to describe the sound I get with one word, it would be “natural”. To my ears, best tonal accuracy I have ever had, and a very pleasant timbre, the one I like. Additionally, my sound opened up way more than I thought would ever be possible given the limitations of my room. I struggle to remember better sound (fellow audio lovers local friends, audio shows). Not trying to brag. Ok… maybe a little bit 😂😂

From my short / mid term observations: you don’t need to pay a lot of money to get the Silver Darts. The lower tier models are most definitely great value for the money, and the law of diminishing returns kicks pretty hard when paying a lot more for the Silver Darts. That’s of course with my ears and my equipment/ room combination, so your mileage may vary. So why I did mostly Silver Darts? Two reasons: 1) avoid future regret and prevent the thought of upgrading down the road, losing money in the process, and 2) while Silver Darts are not cheap, they are definitely very reasonable price wise compared to the top performing cables from the usual brands. Have been there, done that, so I am very familiar. My total full loom Zavfino cost is lower than the cost of several full looms from other more mainstream brands I have had in the past. It’s all relative, and we all have the anchoring biases, which I am cognizant of.

Finally, the built quality, packaging, presentation are all top notch. Those who have bought brand new can attest I am sure. They look top quality in presentation & packaging, and let’s face it: this matters in terms of brand perception. Buying process on website is extremely easy and convenient, here in US one central location, buy direct, online, no dealers. One guy to deal with, Raymond, who has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.

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The Silver Dart worked best for me on my dac. You might wanna try it. It didn’t make any difference on my power amp or sub, either.
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Based on recs from latik, williewonka & others, also nice website and irresistible pricing, I have just ordered Zavfinos for new power conditioner and sub amp. Never heard of the company before today. With luck I will soon have heard FROM them, which is the point.
Ozzy you might need to wave the magic chicken foot over it for a while. Isn’t that cord like $5k?
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Thanks for the comprehensive and detailed impressions of Zavfino loom. I’m glad they worked out beautifully in your system.


Please allow Dart to settle in, at this point you got nothing to loose. And you know the upside if you end up preferring Dart over Galileo SX :-)


Congrats on your new cables. Which Zavfino PC’s did you buy? Please allow them to break-in for atleast 200 hours and post your findings.
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Oh, and it sounds like you are the proud fourth owner (at least) of this one specific PC:

Just go to the feedback of your seller, Steven in Georgia, and you will see what I am talking about:

Anyways, I apologize for digging into these matters. Not my business. I would sincerely hope that a $6,000 power cord would sound better than a $930 power cord. Do the math. You are not new in this. You can figure all this stuff out.
is there somewhere it can be repaired and brought up to Dart proper specs?

Which proper specs? These proper specs?
I went to remove the Dart, the IEC broke in 3 places! So beware of the cheaper than expected plastic on the IEC.


Please email Raymond - and include couple of pics of broken IEC. Let’s hope he can get it restored to original specs.

Earlier in the thread, you mentioned that you preferred the Fusion interconnects to the Arcadia interconnects. I know there are some differences in the metals used (e.g., type of copper, pure silver core in the Fusion), but I'm wondering if you could say a little more about the sound quality differences between these two cables. Raymond says that the Arcadia is their best-selling cable and a great value, but he's clearly even more positive about the technology in the Fusion. 

Thanks for any additional comments on the sound of the Arcadia and Fusion interconnects. 
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I am pretty sure it’s the same exact cable. Look at the pictures, ads, and the feedback on your seller I linked. Or just ask your seller, who is participating in this thread. It’s obvious to me.

Anyways. Hopefully you get your cable fixed, and get your five hundred American dollars back in some shape or form. Fourth owner or not, it does not matter
I sold the cable to Ozzie. I bought it used from USAudiomart. The guy that traded it to the guy I bought it from contacted me about some other stuff. It’s definitely been passed around. The frayed end was like that when I got it. Good luck with it.
Ozzy is the fourth owner that I know of. It ain’t like he’s marrying it.I do list stuff here and USAudiomart. eBay sometimes if it doesn’t sell.
Thank you for the honesty @dalims4

you are 100% right on the “married” comment. We are all adults. Money is just money. We move on
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A good company would fix the cable, no matter how many times has been changing hands and abused/ used / raped. Crossing fingers Raymond comes through for you 🤞🤞🤞

In my system, Arcadia leaned towards warmer presentation whereas Fusion had more balanced sound. With Arcadia, you get the warmth of copper and top end sparkle synonymous with silver conductors. Since my system already has a slightly warmer presentation, I end up preferring Fusion over Arcadia. In my opinion, both cables are quite capable of rendering upper details, gorgeous mid-range and low level bass as long as your system is up to the task. 

What is worth pointing out here is Zavfino uses PC-OCC copper which yields to absolute transparency, tonality and naturalness that often lacks in cables made from OFC. 

Thanks for the very helpful comments! I seem to be very sensitive to "brightness" and prefer a slightly warmer presentation in my system, but I don't want the high end to sound rolled off or excessively softened. From your comments, it looks like the Arcadia interconnects still provide a reasonable amount of upper-range detail.

In describing the design differences between Arcadia and Fusion, an email from Raymond at Zavfino USA says "The Fusion is a hybrid design of solid pure silver and PCOCC single crystal copper whereas the Arcadia is just OCC copper." Do you know the difference between PCOCC and OCC copper?

Thanks again for your help!
PC means "pure copper". Defined as 6N (or more) purity (99.9999% pure, six 9s).

OCC means Ohno Continuous Cast. So PC-OCC means pure copper ohno continuous cast.
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By no means, Fusion is a bright sounding cable. If you feel your current cables lacks bit of top end details then Fusion will add touch of 'sparkle' without being edgy or bright. 

As @thyname stated above, PC-OCC is currently the purest copper conductor currently available. I suggest you reach out to Raymond and try to audition both cables and let your ear guide you which cables offers the best synergy in your system. 

Thanks to both @lalitk and @thyname for the helpful info. 

So I guess that both PCOCC and OCC are Ohno Continuous Cast copper, but the PCOCC copper is at a higher level of purity. I'm assuming that any OCC copper is continuous "single crystal" copper, but maybe that's not the case.

Listening to the different interconnects certainly makes the most sense, but I noticed that Zavfino's return policy includes a restocking fee so I wanted to pin down my cable choices as much as possible before ordering anything. If cost were not an issue at all, I would simply get a 5-meter length of the 1-meter Cardas Clear Reflection XLRs I use now, but I haven't been able to adjust to the idea of spending more than $3k just for a pair of long interconnects. It looks like there are some good values in the Zavfino cable lines, and I'm just trying to see if one of these options might work in my system. I guess I'll need to let my ears be the judge.
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@thyname, I'm tempted to try the speaker cables you listed but I really prefer spades all around. 
I've owned a full loom of Nordost Frey 2 and speaker and int from Purist Audio Aqueous. I also think the A21 are good speaker cables. I downsized years ago and went with Acoustic BBQ 12g from Bill on this site. I'm skeptical when a bunch of people jump onboard something new but it's only a cable. Thanks for posting about these.  
I am sure Raymond makes cables with spades. Mine are BFA.

And it's perfectly fine to stay with what you have. As you say, it's only a cable.
Yes, I saw he does. What I meant is that it's not like shipping a pair of speakers or a 200lb amp. 
Update on the Fusions. They been hooked up to my A/V system for a week. That’s a total of 226 hrs. I put on them. Their staying in my system! The base on my LaScala’s are on the money. "Fast & tight & clear" Nora Jones- "Come away with me" LP opened up to precise clarity, which I was missing with the Zu Missions. Surprisingly I don’t need to change, a tube or transform my Crossover (ALK). I like to thank you @thyname for the heads upon the Zavfino’s
Congratulations! Thank you for the update.
As I have previously mentioned above, the effects are cumulative. The full loom concept. If budget allows, you can add more Zavfino to your chain, gradually. You will see (hear) what I am talking about 
So, I installed the used Dart into a Audioquest Niagara 1200 that powers my 2 front JL F-113 subs.
The power cord that I was using was a DIY version that I made using 10ga .9999 solid silver wire terminated with Furutech NCF fittings.I must say, the Dart seems anemic compared to my DIY cord. That is, the bass is barely detectable.

What  10ga .9999 solid silver wire do you use ?

The 10 gauge silver wire that I used came from a supplier that provided documentation showing its .9999 certification.
I then polished it, applied some Furutech Nano liquid, pushed the conductors through the best oversized teflon tubing I could find, installed Graphene mesh sleeving, slightly twisted the 3 conductors then installed Furutech NCF fittings on the ends.
The parts alone cost over $2000. It is an awesome looking and sounding power cable. If purchased from a company it would probably be in the upper $$$ range. Its best attribute is in the bass performance.

@ozzy, did you solder/crimp spades to the conductors to insert into the AC plugs? If so, which spades did you use? Thanks. 
@thyname Could you provide your experience with silver dart vs prima? I finally got the fusion XLR and 1st impression is very very promising, both finishing and sound quality.

That makes me wondering what are the additional impacts silver dart can provide? 

I touched upon this briefly on my previous (long-ish) post above, but a to expand a bit further:

The only cables I was able to compare (and own) direct between Prima MKII and Silver Darts are power cords and speaker cables. Interconnects --- I only own the Silver Darts which I bought from the start.

Silver Darts are NOT a huge improvement over Prima MKII, and Prima is definitely better value for the money. Of course, this is only valid for me, my equipment, my ears, my room. Other people with more elaborate systems and better trained ears may think otherwise.

If someone forces me to "quantify", Silver Darts are perhaps 5-10% better than Prima MKII. Same overall tonality and timbre, but maybe a bit more coherent / focused, and a bit more "airy".

My advise, if someone is looking at Zavfino: if in budget - you are better off doing a full loom of "lesser" tiers (i.e. Prima, majestic, Fusion, etc.), than buying one or two silver darts.

Hope this helps. Take it with a grain of salt. One man’s experiences & opinion.

I just inserted the bare wire into the screwdowns in the Furutech. Funny, that you ask though. I have found that solid silver can slide out a little in the connection. It probably should have been soldered as well.

That is why I asked. Furutech makes some nice mini spades as well as others. Far more secure. Should also be used with stranded wire as it is more fragile and tight clamping will damage the strands. The strands will break over time and cause sonic and safely issues.