Many nice gents in this site, highly reputable common folks audiophiles like @lalitk @wig and others have mentioned these, so it’s probably time to create a specific thread on Zavfino, a direct sales cables company based in Canada with presence ‘ distributors in US, also direct:

I took the advice of these folks with a power cord, the Prima MK2

I could not be happier with this cord, something that would easily cost $2,000 or even $3,000 from other better known cable makers. It’s outstanding, for about $500. Absolutely amazing build, and packaging too. It sounds great, very quiet. I am sure the cheaper PC, the Majestic at $390 is very good too: 
I now have the Prima speaker cables on my way. Call me “sold”.

No BS, truly top quality cables company that flies under the radar. Very affordable too. Take a look. No relation to the company, just a happy first time customer, thanks to my Audiogon friends here
I agree, a lot of bang for the buck there. I purchased THE MAJESTIC MKII OCC POWER CABLE 12AWG and use it with my Luxman 590 AXII and Allnic T-1500. I also like the Audio Envy M6 power cord on the same equipment.
I agree as well 😁 Superb sounding cables and I have Lalitk to thank as Zavfino are a sleeper in the cabling industry and highly recommended!

Wig 👍
Do you folks buy here in the US or direct from Zavfino? I am interested in the Majestic power cord as I don’t want a forward sounding power cord. Trial period?
You buy them directly from Zavfino USA (I am not allowed to post links here). They ship from New Jersey the next day. It's still direct, as the Zavfino USA site is owned and operated by main Zavfino in Canada. At least this is my understanding.
@ grannyring 

I'm using the Zavfino Arcadia interconnects in my secondary system and have compared them directly to my Hapa C which are a little more forward but the Arcadia's are more relaxed without being soft and presents a more realistic soundstage being a few rows back.

I have a loom of the Majectic MKII PC and they are just amazing! You can order directly from the website and cables ship from NJ and Raymond at Zavfino is Outstanding...

I am also a very satisfied customer thanks to @lalitk pointing me in their direction. I use the Fusion interconnects which are excellent in my system.  Raymond at Zavfino was great to work with while I auditioned cables.  The Fusion interconnects are well made and the packaging is impressive but not wasteful.  I plan to try the power cords next.

I highly recommend you to step up to Fusion IC’s. Personally, I preferred the Fusion over Arcadia in terms of overall transparency and tonality. Considering your system, I think you may prefer Fusion over Arcadia. 
I will add another positive vote for Zavfino. I own two of their power cords; the Magestic MKII and the Fina. Both are very well constructed, quiet and in no way forward in terms of sound. The only slight caution is that neither power cord is very flexible. So, not appropriate for sharp bends around racks/components, etc.
Is the Majestic PC stiff? Do they offer a trial period? I don’t see that on their site? 

Here is the link on their return policy,

The Majestic MKII is comparatively stiffer than MK1 version. I own few pairs of MK1 versions. What length you’re looking for, maybe I can spare a PC for you to try.
I'm completely comfortable with the musical taste and listening skills of several of you that I have gotten to know through Audiogon, with that said I just ordered a pair of the Fusion (RCA) IC’s. I'll use it with the set up that I have my Majestic MKII power cord in. 
@lalitk  can you give me an idea on the Fusion interconnect break in time? That will give me an idea of how long to leave them on my cable burner.
@ lak

I would place them on the cable conditioner for 4 days and another 5-7 days of continuous running in your system.

I received the Prima OCC speaker cables. Right off the bag, they sound fantastic! It’s been a while I have been this excited with speaker cables. And definitely the first time with this current  speaker/ amp combination (B&W 803 D3 and T+A PA 3100 HV).

They sound extremely smooth and full bodied, with a very rich texture/ tone / timbre. Very high resolution, yet, with zero fatigue. I cannot find any weakness with them. Absolutely amazing value at that price. I am very happy.
I heard about Zavfino in August from Wig when I contacted him to talk about Inakustik cables.  He told me the Zavfino cables offered amazing performance at a very modest price point.  I was skeptical but at the same time very intrigued.  I've been an audiophile for 50+ years and have tried my share of cables ranging from budget  to extreme and everything in-between.  I contacted Raymond at Zavfino USA and placed an order for (5) Majestic MKII power cords, (1) Prima MKII power cord, (1) Pair Nova speaker cables, and (2) pairs Arcadia MKII interconnects.  Raymond was a pleasure to work with.  The cables were made in the Canada factory, shipped to Zavfino in New Jersey and then shipped to me.  The appearance & build quality of the cables is excellent.  I took my time swapping out my top tier cables from Purist Audio Design, Cardas, Elrod Power Systems, Tara Labs, & Inakustik.  I started with interconnects, then speaker cables, and finished with the power cords.  I made the changes one at a time on each component so I could evaluate the differences with each cable swap.  I was blown away by what I heard.  Not only did the Zavfino cables hold their own against my expensive cables, they actually bettered them in some areas.  The cables sounded a tad bright out of the box as to be expected.  Within an hour or two the brightness was completely gone and as the cables broke in they continued to amaze me.  Zavfino is definitely a winner and I highly recommend giving them a try.

The Majestic MkII PC-OCC audiophile-grade power cable at $390, plus the Arcadia OCC copper interconnects at $164 a pair for only $554 total!? That sounds like the sweet spot to me.

Since I still needle drop, I think I will give Raymond an email and see if I can get a custom shielded IC build for a turntable.

Thanks for introducing Zavfino to me.
Yes indeed @tyray and @hifipassion 

Absolutely great value per dollar. Even at lower tiers. 
I don’t have a turntable/ analog system right now, so I know very little in that area, but I believe Zavfino really got started in tonearm and other turntable cables at the beginning (check the main company name, 1877Phono)
@wig Interested in your take on how these interconnects stack up against the double helix design?
Lalitk mentioned this Cables to me as well, I thought they are very expensive.I need powercord.
@ facten

Zavfino is better sounding and more refined and conductors are OCC with low mass connectors.

You can’t a build DIY OCC cables at this price point with high quality materials as the Zavfino.

jayctoy2,661 posts10-11-2021 10:49amLalitk mentioned this Cables to me as well, I thought they are very expensive.I need powercord.

@jayctoy : Value in terms of price vs. benefit is all relative, and depends on each buyer. To me, for a 14 AWG OCC power cord (Fina) at $288 or 12 AWG OCC (Majestic) at $390, and 9 AWG OCC (Prima) at $560 retail, is not expensive at all. However, I realize for most people who are not in this hobby, those prices may sound insanely high. Bottom line is everything is relative and perceived. 
Thyname I think for us Audiophile the pc you mentioned are affordable.I need two pc, before reading this thread , Iam considering to try audio art and silnote pc, they have good sale right now.
@jayctoy  I have the audio art pc's.  They were the version before they revised their lineup.  They were called the statement with the Furutech F1-28 plugs.  They were in the $400 range and compared very well to a higher priced ($1,000) PC.  I am going to try the Zavfino Majestic in another part of my system.    
I don’t think Zavfino makes USB cables. Not that I know of, but of course I may be wrong on this. I no longer use USB in my audio chain 

Zavfino does have a USB cable (it will be uploaded on their website soon). Here are the specs, in case anyone is interested.

The Majestic USB cable (retail $132 for 1.5M) utilizes high purity PC-OCC single crystal copper conductors and high temperature resistant PVC insulation. Each core is tight pitched and twisted for a very high copper content per meter. Dynamically impressive and open while providing the purest detail transfer to your source.


• PC-OCC Single Crystal 6N Copper Conductor
• Tight Pitch Stranding
• Cotton filler insulation
• Full coverage shield
• Spaced layer extrusion
• Braid 1: Anti-static direct braid red polyester
• Connectors: 24k gold plated
• Lengths: 1.5M

Thanks @lalitk  for the info on the USB cable. I was not aware of it, as it is not in the website. Good to know they are scaling into digital cables. Hopefully they will be just as good value per dollar as their analog cables.
What about break in on the power cables. I know they perform some sort of break in, but what have you folks experienced with the Majestic II ?
Thus far I like it OK. My DIY cord is very, very similar at this point. Wonder if the cord improves with time? Right now it is a tad thin and bright. Just a tad, but enough impact my engagement factor negatively.
@grannyring : for power cords with Zavfino, I was told the "in-house" break in process is equivalent to 40 hours of continuous playback, and they reach optimal performance in approximately 100-200 hours total. I put mine on a heavy duty ventilator non-stop for about four days 24/7, then in my audio. It sounded great at that point, and I preferred it over the $3,000+ MSRP power cord it replaced like-for-like

You can demo the Fusion ICs vs what I made for you. I would be very surprised if the Fusion is better? Maybe. Perhaps a sideways move? Never know until you try. If you do try them please let me know.

I never liked the sound of stranded silver, but they combine with copper so perhaps they get some full bodied, meat on the bones sound.
@grannyring I’ll let you know if I try them. I really enjoy the double helix that you built for me so I’m not necessarily anxious to try other cables. I asked wig for his impressions more out of curiosity
Just ordered a pair of fusion XLR.
Using Valhalla 2 and Wireworld P7 now. Curious how does the fusion sound compared to these much more expensive cables. 
I just received my pair of Fusion interconnects. I noticed there is not a direction arrow, does that mean that these are non-directional? Just continue to always use them in the same direction regarding input and output?
If they have that metal barrel in the middle, I'd be inclined to have the directionality follow the lettering on it.
lak3,989 posts10-13-2021 5:00pmI just received my pair of Fusion interconnects. I noticed there is not a direction arrow, does that mean that these are non-directional? Just continue to always use them in the same direction regarding input and output?
@lak --- my Prima speaker cables I bought earlier did not have any arrows, but Raymond emailed me at the time of purchase a PDF with a picture that explained how to connect them (putting the Zavfino letters upside down in orientation onto the right speaker). 

I would recommend sending an email to Raymond and ask him. He is usually pretty good in responding.

You should install Fusion RCA cable with Direction ‘shells’ farthest from source component. You will find these metal shells mounted closer to RCA connectors on one end, that end needs to go on preamp or amp input. 

Hope this helps!
Has anyone rewired their tonearm with the Zavfino tonearm wire? I’m going to be doing this at some point in the near future & am thinking about that or the Cardas clear.
FWIW, I almost skipped this thread not knowing what “Zavfino” meant.  Maybe something like “Zavfino, a possible bargain?” may have attracted more viewers.  OTOH, it’s very pleasant not having anti-cable trolls on this thread.