Witch vinyl LP , EP or single you acquired FIRST?

...in your colection that you can remember...to begin my first was...Tom Waits...Bone machine...
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Bad Company's self-titled 1974 release. Followed by Black Sabbath's 1971 album "Master of Reality" - which truly was a "Witch" release.
"Witch" one??? I remember the first 3...

Dave Clark Five-Greatest Hits
Rolling Stones-High Tide and Green Grass
Herman's Hermits-Hold On

Call your 3rd grade English teacher.
Milstein Miniatures (Capitol P8339) and Milstein Vignettes (Capitol P8396), both with Nathan Milstein and Leon Pommers - acquired in 1962 via some record club or other. I still have both and, believe it or not, they still play wonderfully and get played about once a year.
"mea culpa" Lindisfarne...i must have been high again...hope moderator will fix that error eventually...(did i wrote error good?:) p.s. like your sarcasam...
Which one? Do you know how long ago that was? I don't remember the first LP I bought this year!
"Meet The Beatles" was the first thing I bought with my own money. Mom and Dad bought me lots before that.
Little Richard's second album, with keep a knocking', heebie jeebies, baby face, Good golly miss Molly.
Ray Bolger, Once in Love with Amy

I was three years old and given to me as a present from Amy, the little girl next door. It was a 78.
As a kid I inherited a large collection of 45's from my older brother. It had a lot of the old doo-wop, early R&R, and R&B. The 1st 45 I ever bought was 'Wake Me, Shake Me' by the 4 Tops and 'My Girl' by the Temptations. The 1st albums I ever owned were Sgt Peppers, Supremes Greatest Hits, and the Vanilla Fudge (bought 'em all the same day at EJ Korvettes!;)
Steppenwolf. I can't remember the album name. It was the one with Born To Be Wild and The Pusher. I think I got it around 1970.
First records bought were early Beatles 45's in the '60's. First Lp was "Paranoid", by Black Sabbath, 1970.
Ah yes I remember it well going with my Dad to E.J.Korvettes. The prices were letters not number. A chart on the wall translated the prices. I wish I could say I remember the prices exactly but seem to recall most top hits costing a pretty penny in thoise days of $3.98 or something like that. Like I said I can't be sure.
Let's Get Together / Haley Mills From the movie "The Parent Trap. I was 7. I bought the 45 with birthday money. Haley Mills was my first crush.
Paul Revere & The Raiders, Gary Lewis & The Playboys "This Diamond Ring" ,
The Monkees, The Kingsmen "Louie Louie" on Chess Records. Still have it.
Can't remember the precise title, but Frankie Limon and the teenagers, ? Teenager falling in love. It was a LONG time ago
I think my first Lp that I paid for was Black Sabbath, Vol. Four. Boy, did that sucker rock! An unexpected benefit was that my father hated it.
For the record (no pun intended) the original 45RPM release of "Louie Louie" by The Kingsmen is on Wand Records not Chess.