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What is approx. percentage of your total
I have about 75,000 albums and listen to 15. 
What's your SDS setting?
43°0′40″N 78°38′5″W 
Most "Musical" sounding speaker cable under $1000
Hi Jim.I think they're out of business due to a minor earthquake in the Bay area which destroyed the facility.However, the owners have regrouped and should be releasing a new line of cables soon. The new company is called Richter Cables.Good luck. 
World's best Pre-amp for $10K and above?
It's obvious nobody takes this clown seriously.Don't respond to his senseless posts; he'll soon tire of talking to himself.Hopefully:-) 
Music that everyone else loves but you just don't
Anything with Lindsey Buckingham and/or Stevie Nicks. They've made bubble gum rock and roll an artform.Honorable mention:Norah JonesPhil CollinsDavid BowieLady Goo GooMadonnaSheryl CrowTime to hang up the spikes:The WhoCrosby, Stills, and NashAero... 
Mcintosh CD players vs. Wadia Cd Players
>>Yes, we are an authorized dealer for Wadia but that is not why I am recommending them per se.<<Yeah, right. 
Don't read you'll be sorry
You should have stayed retired. 
Spectron vs Parasound vs Cary vs ?
Nice beat down Al.+1 
Unusual TAS bomb
Uh oh.Somebody didn't pay the piper.Good for them. 
Audible Illusions vs CJ preamps: sonic difference?
Wanna bet who's selling more tubes?You lose. 
Esoteric owners - SA-50 to ?
Esoteric players have always sounded great.Unless of course you're using to forums to push the latest models.Dealer disclaimer. 
Audible Illusions vs CJ preamps: sonic difference?
Interesting I don't see a 6922 listed in Psvane's offerings.You are aware of that, right audiozero?:-) 
Audible Illusions vs CJ preamps: sonic difference?
>>so they arrive very qucikly by air so you don't have to go through a long waiting period with other vendors who receive the tubes at their business location first in the States then to your home.<<I know that Audiogon member Trelja s... 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Congrats zen, two mental defectives are better than one.Neither of you will be advancing to the lightning round. 
Do you believe in Magic?
Just my observations:1. Remove all ear hair2. Remove all clever clocks3. Trim fingernails neatly (toenails don't seem to matter)4. Tie all shoe laces tightly5. Ensure all window and door jams are nailed closed6. Remove all brilliant pebbles7. Secu...