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Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
Re: Kenny G. I’ve never been a fan of his BUT....before he became Kenny G his name was Kenny Gorelick and was a charter member of the original Jeff Lorber Fusion Band. On the 1st few Lorber records, Kenny Gorelick played his butt off! 
Equipment Rack - How important in the grand scheme of things?
I've mentioned this before.  About 15 yrs ago I bought a used Billy Bags Rack solely because I liked the way it looked.  I was totally surprised by the instantaneously audible improvement, it was NOT subtle!    
Modern Fusion - worth a Listen - Aaron Parks
A band that inexplicably didn't get the attention it should've has always been Tribal Tech.  Individually and collectively, these all-stars have been creating outstanding contemporary fusion for decades!  Within the last few years, founding member... 
Modern Fusion - worth a Listen - Aaron Parks
Great call on the Simon Phillips/Protocol series!  You mentioned II.  Guitarist Andy Timmons cont'd with the band and recorded III but for IV, Phillips brought in guitar-slinger Greg Howe!  Really well recorded and played, hard charging Fusion wit... 
New Santana Album "Africa Speaks"
Carlos oughtta do something like this!https://youtu.be/HxV-OhLUV98 
New Santana Album "Africa Speaks"
Wanna see a group of grown men running away from a mouse?, watch what happens when they turn on this video!;)  A few points 1st -- This music is extremely well played, is a derivative of a music with roots in the Latin Jazz behemoth; Irakere (Chuc... 
New Santana Album "Africa Speaks"
For the more discerning music-lover, Buika's the real deal!  If you can, try to follow master drummer Dafnis Prieto, prepare for lift-off!!!;)https://youtu.be/sf0sf2VpDSI 
Recomend Some Albums Recorded with True Imaging.
Prior to his passing, Don Grolnick was one of the most prolific musicians around.  While his records are Jazz recordings, the man literally played on 1000's of NYC studio gigs for decades!  Easily recommended would be Don Grolnick - The Complete B... 
Billy Cobham Question
Someone upthread mentioned how 'Spectrum' was the last BC record they had heard.  Well, beyond the many fantastic Billy C. records you should be checking out, here's one that might catch your interest.  Alphonze Mouzon - Mind Transplant.  Mouzon p... 
Billy Cobham Question
Longtime BC fan here, I've seen him with MO 3x, Crosswinds band 4x, Cobham/Duke 2x, AND...the last time I saw him was when he premiered the Powerplay record in Pittsburgh!  The list of records I own from his discography is substantial, like I said... 
Acoustic panels on ceiling
…..you say you’ve been reading conflicting info. How are the answers on this thread any different from the rest?  Why wouldn't you be satisfied with whatever GIK tells you?  Just curious. 
Best father daughter dance song for wedding? Not Butterfly Kisses...
Unforgettable - Duet - Natalie & Nat "King" Cole -  
What do you say to your audiophile friends who say you just listen to your equipment more
A non-audiophile friend wouldn't know what listening to music VS. equipment even means!;) 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Take 6 - debut recording - 1988 
Why discussions generate into personal affronts...
A big factor is the 'keyboard warrior' mentality.  People are SO brave when there aren't any true consequences to be paid.  This very well may be the primary reason for all the negativity.