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"Cars are Cars" by Paul Simon...are my channels reversed?
Thanx, again, all, excepting millercarbon who, while witty, is unnecessarily ┬ácondescending, we have an answer. The Belles Aria integrated amp I just bought is wired with the channels reversed. Truly lame and quite disappointing. BAD QC. I don't e... 
"Cars are Cars" by Paul Simon...are my channels reversed?
Thanx, all. Ian, your post was particularly helpful. I'll now assume there's something amiss in my new rig and will get to work. 
"Cars are Cars" by Paul Simon...are my channels reversed?
Don't want this to go on for days/weeks/months...just asking someone to listen to their vinyl version of the song "Cars are Cars". My connections look perfect, but it's very odd that, on the vinyl, the lyric "drive on the left" resides in the righ... 
"Cars are Cars" by Paul Simon...are my channels reversed?
witty, but not helpful 
Used Linn sondek lp12 worth?
I'm going to be very frank with you. If you don't buy it, you're nuts. If you pay less than what granny wants, you're a dick (particularly in view of circumstances). That TT is worth way the hell more than the price being asked. Just do it. It's a... 
Are marantz power amps any good?
"There" should be "their". 3rd grade English. 
Your favorite BEACH BOYS LP besides PET SOUNDS
Holland, Surf's Up and Sunflower. 
Best turntable And cartridge for Rega Brio R
Cannot go wrong with Rega 3 or 6 with Rega cart. 
What turntable to start out with ? Pioneer PLX-1000 or VPI Nomad
Love that Pioneer TT but have not purchased same due to the "loose bearing" thing. Is this something easy to resolve or does it take an expert? 
Artists' lps that don't get the respect deserved
Always loved Hari's "Dark Horse" which record no one else seems to like. 
Rega, Pro-Ject, Technics SL-1200
Sam: I've owned the P3, P5 and Project Perspective. Pick of the litter? Tough call. All good. 
Rega, Pro-Ject, Technics SL-1200
I have had all 3 and can tell you that I totally agree with your assessment of the 1200. That TT, to me, has a "metallic" quality.I like both the Project and Rega. I could live with either very easily. 
Cartridge breakin long?
Too "zingy", right? I found Soundsmith to sound very "hi-fi". 
Rock with strings
Excellent job by Jafant. Well done sir, or madam. 
Unlikely New Gem...ELO
Right on and I give you high grades for your writing skills (a lost art) too. I just wrote to an old college friend of mine about this record which communication echoes your sentiments. Jeff, now and when in The Move, is probably the most Beatle-l...