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What's the value of this package
It's worth whatever pleasure it brings you.   The same idea could be applied to the market in general.  It is worth whatever someone will pay for it at auction. 
Diving into the world of needed!
I have a Prima Luna and think its great.   It's a power amp so I can't comment on the pre amp part but you would do well with your own inexpensive pre and a power amp.  The power amps are inexpensive, depending on the model.  I bought a prologue 5... 
Help with a Sugden Integrated Amplifier
Get another Sugden new or used. Sounds like you'll enjoy the investment. Or send it to a repair shop suggested by Sugden. 
Will my Krell drive a 2 ohm load?
Really too stressful? I would guess that if any amp can take it Kell would be a good choice.  However Subs would be ideal. 
Noob, need help please
You got some suggestions for high quality AV receivers, add Marantz.  You really need to work with a British vendor.What your asking for otherwise is difficult.  You either want a "entry level" High End system with an integrated amp etc, or an AVR... 
Noob, need help please
Yes your question really is how do I set up a home theater.  Take the suggestions above, or when you buy your receiver get advice from the vendors. 
Congratulations Atmasphere!
My  congratulations as well for what they're worth. 
Ching Cheng Power Cords
So how do you buy a Ching Cheng cable?? 
Which to Upgrade first? My Amplifier or Speakers?
You have a system you seem to really enjoy.  My question is why change something now.  If you want a different sonic specifically, then pursue that.  Otherwise speakers make the biggest difference.   
30 Watts of class A power: What Speakers are you using and suggesting?
An obscure brand that no longer is in business.  They are bookshelf size called Hyperion 585s.  Power is supplied by a Prima Luna Prologue 5 currently using Gold Lion KT-77s. Very easy to achieve loud volumes with no audible distortion.If you can ... 
Best Tubes on Market today?
I have a cheaper 845 amp that came with stock Chinese tubes from the early 2000s.  I wasn't impressed with the sound so I bought Psvanes.  I don't know yet if it will make a difference.  My options were very limited I wasn't going to spend thousan... 
Michael Weiss - Soul Journey - Kickstarter
Even though I love sound/sonics. it will be the music ultimately that will sell this product. The only exceptions would be sound demo discs.  I'd like to hear that as well. 
Personal attorneys are too expensive to employ, as a rule, in cases of moderate financial damages fraud.  I know a $5K loss is not moderate to many- if not most of us.  We also  invest our hearts and souls into our systems and often pay a premium ... 
Preamp with Headphone Amp - Tech Considerations
Your ears will tell you as well, if you happen to own the equipment already.  I missed the input impedance statistic. 
Best budget preamp for my entry level system?
I agree wholeheartedly  with Millercarbon,  It would make your system much more complicated.  Yes It's a good idea if you want to seriously upgrade your system , but your next step given your budget is to my mind to consolidate sell and start over...