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MM Phono Stages With Greater Than 40 dB of Gain?
https://libertyaudio.com/service/b2b-1-all-fet-phono-preamplifier/ Can be made with what ever gain you wish Good Listening Peter      
Why will no other turntable beat the EMT 927?
May have posted this one earlier      Got a EMT950 turntable - the Germans definitely do accuracy well - this is the best I have ever seen. This one will be fully restored, then a part of my permanent personal collection. Posted by Peter Noe... 
How many systems do you have?
One sound room , typically 2 systems going, one SS one tubed.  5 turntables though :-)    Good Listening   Peter  
Not manufactured any more.
    My super biased opinion :-)  Good Listening  Peter  
Owning the speakers you dreamed of 20 years ago
^You just got to dig a little and you can find the Replacement tweeter, I'd be much more worried about the Mid range and Woofers.https://www.scan-speak.dk/product/d2904-980000/Good ListeningPeter 
Vintage vs New
Why not both :-)https://pbnaudio.com/m25-loudspeaker/Good ListeningPeter 
Best vintage DD turntables from the 70's and 80's?
Complete Proprietary Systems
Sota or Technics
Buy a used Technics SP10Mk2 - fantastic machines.  Heres one.https://www.ebay.com/itm/Technics-SP-10MK-Direct-drive-turntable-with-WE-308SX-Tonearm-Excellent/154...Good ListeningPeter 
Looking for a new phono preamp
https://libertyaudio.com/service/b2b-1-all-fet-phono-preamplifier/https://libertyaudio.com/service/b2b-4-all-fet-phono-preamplifier/I make these :-)Google the B2B-1 for more info - there is countless great reviews of it.  Good ListeningPeter 
Dedicated power
As mentioned above don't go through the trouble with a 30A line - run 3 20 A lines instead, labor will be the most expensive part anyway it'll only take a fraction of time longer running 3 lines compared to one.Run all three from the same side of ... 
Does it annoy you when companies don't show the internals of electronics ?
Oldhywmec, Where do you get your information ? Your way off your rockers.  In case you do not understand business, let me explain.  The preamplifier I posted a link to is the Olympia LXi, it has a MSRP of $22K, the dealer gets half of this amount ... 
Does it annoy you when companies don't show the internals of electronics ?
Oldhvymec You obviously have no fing clue as to what your looking at.  I assume you are referring to the Volume Control ? Which is a fully balanced relay based attenuator.  Perhaps put on your spectacles and give it a closer look.Good ListeningPeter  
Does it annoy you when companies don't show the internals of electronics ?
You mean like this :-)https://pbnaudio.com/olympia-li-lxi/Good ListeningPeter 
Kuzma 4 Point Tonearm
Have installed several Kuzma 4 point 14 and a single 4 point 11.  To me they are very robust sounding arms, lots of weight to the sound. We used a 4P14 at the last show we did. https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2019/06/23/pbn-audio-does-it-all-t-h-e-...