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Who believes that Robert Plant
Yep, me - oooh, oooh; oooh, oooh; oooh, oooh 
How an audio rack can enhance your amp/pre
Ignorance is bliss 
Audio and Vinyl Shops in Charlottesville VA
Vinyl Hub 
My apologies to all...
Apology accepted. 
Is Vinyl Worth It
If you have to ask!+1@Mapman's Top 10+1@Mofimadness's +1+1I've never questioned its worth. Music is life for me. Always has & will be. I'm thankful I have been this lucky enough to have had it - up to this point - in my life. There ... 
Daryls House - some great takes on familar songs
I've seen the show a few times. My BFF likes housewife rock. No rain on parades - but come on - there are so MANY really good songwriters out there to be muddled with DH and his "has been" guest list playing their "has been" songs. Lyme disease or... 
Daryls House - some great takes on familar songs
Life's too short to listen to daryl hall's musak. Also, guys that wear shades inside are ball sacks... 
Best Option To Liquidate CD Collection
If you upload 1 CD and share it, it has the potential hurt sales of thousands, or possibly millions of CD'sUnless you're Metallica or Dr. Dre - which no one listens to anyway... Screw the RIAA - rip away people - give to friends - sell the origin... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Spoon - 8/17/14 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Future Islands - 8/16/14 
Best Option To Liquidate CD Collection
Yes, but the SQ is hit or miss, mainly miss. It's the live shows that allow the folks recording in the audience/field to do so jacked into the board. I have tons of live recordings of my fave bands... that I give to friends 
Best Option To Liquidate CD Collection
- Rip them all to disc.- Sell them all to a collector- Burn the hard drive copies to CDr and sell those again maximizing your profits!- Then go to church and ask Dog for forgiveness...-REPEAT till dead. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Zig Zags - Zig ZagsDesert Sessions ‎– Desert Sessions 7 & 8Swell ‎– Too Many Days Without Thinking 
Speaker grills
Off: When listening on the weekends! Or impressing fiends during the weak.... 
Anyone into cassettes?
Yes. Love cassettes. Next best thing to vinyl...