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DAC connection: which type gives highest fidelity?
WOW my computer to DAC connection is schizophrenic. My older DAC does have USB, It's a CAL Alpha.  My newer Mini Mac does not have Toslink/Fiber.  I use a USB to Coax Adapter.  Sounds great if you considering the age of my gear. 
How to get into high end digital? (Feeding a DAC)
I did it with a Mini Mac and an Eosteric D-07 DAC. 
Separates vs Integrated and Separate phono stage vs preamp with phono
I have a full function pre-amp with two pretty good phono stages. I also have a stand along phono pre amp. They all sound great but I've notice some MC cartridges do better with my stand along and a SUT than thru the full function pre amp and it's... 
Should I buy a VTL Siegfried mk1 basically new 700 hrs?
If you have concerns regarding VTL service.  Call them and ask if they support this previously owned product.  It sounds like the seller is a VTL Dealer which is always a plus.  I've owned VTL amps for most of this century and never had an issue w... 
Thrift store bargain
I stop by Goodwill once in a while, it near the Lowe's so it's not out of the way. I found a working Pioneer PL-50 it has no dust cover and needed a belt,  for only 20 bucks. Work great too.  Recently, I've been using Facebook's "Marketplace" feat... 
Still happily using vintage gear?
I use the following vintage gear in two systems: B&W 801S3 from 1993, Technics SL-1800MKII & SL-1210MKII, Pioneer PL-71, Technics SL-10,  CAL Alpha DAC and Spica TC-50 speakers.  Every piece functions just perfectly. 
Items for sale without remotes.
I have a Esoteric DV-50 I need to sell but the remote is damaged.  Thanks for the options Agon'er's. 
Nostalgia and audio systems, time of life and attachment to audio systems?
Op, I get it.  I too am retired and from time to time I look back at my audio journey. It's like my systems reflected the state of my life at that time.  
Before the 450MKII were purchased I had VTL 300 Deluxe mono blocks.  Great amps but tube faults were a major pain.  With the 450's tube faults are a breeze.  When a tube goes, it's identified by a flashing little green light.  The power to the amp... 
Owning the speakers you dreamed of 20 years ago
I heard B&W 801 Matrix speakers around 1990, fell in lust but they were well beyond my reach at the time, I'd just started a family. Many years later when the overtime was good and I saw a pair locally. When I got them wired up I was slightly ... 
Solar Panel and Inverter Recent Audio Lessons Learned
I live off the grid, 100 percent Solar/Batt./Inverter system.  No issues. 
Do you ever miss vintage gear you no longer have?
The Klipsch Forte' speakers I had in the late 80's are what I miss.  I recently moved off grid. My old system in the city will be liquidated and I pretty darn sure I'll be getting another pair of Forte's soon.   
Was this Technics set up for Radio or Nightclub?
It looks similar to the Jr College Radio Station set up I saw years ago. 
Mod Squad "Line Drive Deluxe"...
I had one for a while and replaced with an Adcom 750GFP pre-amp.  The 750 has a tone bypass switching.  I've always regretted selling it.  
Opinions on VTL preamps
I owned a 2.5 for a while.  Solid gear.  I have owned VTL gear for years,  I've toured their manufacturing facility, great product, good service and wonderful people.