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Does anyone know the crossover point of the Harbeth 30.2 XD?
"This is all in the realm of fantasy..." Yep!  
REL Sub Hum
Not sure on how to link to YouTube but if you go to YouTube and search, "If you only watch one REL video, watch this one" He addresses getting rid of hum.  
Bluesound recent update 4.0 tanked sound quality ???
Node 2i into external dac. Downloaded update yesterday. I only use for local classical radio station and Tidal. I have noticed no change in sq.    
UPS Driver Literally Drops Package with New Hana Umami Red
Looks like the general consensus is the cartridge should be fine. Changing gears just a bit; please give us your thoughts/ review of the cartridge once it's installed and you have listened awhile. As a Hana SL owner I have drooled over the Umami R... 
Thumbs Up on LFD!
The LFD power cable clearly has the most effect on a LFD amp based system. I have purchased numerous items from Gene. Super guy and dealer. I highly recommend you call him to buy a LFD Silicon Signature power cable. Gene has a money back satisfac... 
AI and the future of music
So I'm surfing through Instagram and came upon a video of Joe Walsh. He shares why musicians should not be worried by AI. "It's computers. It has nothing to do with music. It can't destroy a hotel room. It can't through a TV off the fifth floor i... 
Thumbs Up on LFD!
Years long LFD fan. Started with LE MK IV and Harbeth C7es3. Various upgrades to LE MK V, NCSE MK 1, NCSE MK 2, LE MKVI, NCSE 2+.  I currently have two LFD/ Harbeth systems: SHL 5 40th Anniversary and M30.2 xd, both powered by NCSE MK2+. In one of... 
Mazzy loves Little Feat!
I'm not aware of the details of this story. Was tempted to Google the answer. But that's no fun. I can only make a guess. Based on watching her guitar playing on YouTube in the past and listening to her music I gotta go with Bonnie Raitt.  
my shortlist for integrated Harbethsuper hl5 plus xd - please advise
I agree with yogiboy on the LFD recommendation. I have two Harbeth systems; SHL 5+ 40th Anniversary and M30.2 XD. I use a LFD NCSE MK 2+ in each system. Great synergy between Harbeth and LFD. As yogiboy mentioned, Gene Rubin Audio is tops on LFD a... 
Classical Aficionados: Please Suggest Debussy Solo Piano recordings
@newbee Thanks for the recommendation of the Presto site.   
A coupla good stories about Merle Haggard.
@loomisjohnson yes, my 67 year old memory is not as good as it once was. I remembered the BB version after I posted above.I bought the Big Brother album in the early 70's. Thanks. I only saw Merle once, the Auditorium Theater in Chicago. I think ... 
A coupla good stories about Merle Haggard.
...your a honky, I know, but Merle, you got soul"   Pure Prairie League  
It was 61 years ago today...
@bigtwin  Good point!  
Instrumentalists you can recognize after 6 bars..?
After six bars I can't even think of my name, let alone my designated driver.  
Welcome to Hell, here's your 8-Track
In the 70's I had quadraphonic system; 4 channel Harman Kardon receiver, four Sansui speakers, a BIC turntable, and four channel Akai 8 track player/ recorder. There were a number of four channel prerecorded albums available in 8 track. I had a nu...