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Hegel dealers US
Unfortunately, that is probably the same response you will get from any Hegel dealer, regardless of state.Getting trials from any dealer for any brand is extremely rare, unless you have a long term, solid relationship with them.Good luck. 
Hegel dealers US
Google is your friend: Acoustic Architects 70 NW 73rd St. Miami, FL 33150 Phone: (305) 925-0670www.acousticarchitects.net Audio SalonThe Biltmore Hotel1200 Anastasia AvenueSuite 470Coral Gables, FL 33134john@audiosalon.netPhone: (305) 322-8911 Ba... 
Replace my Adcom 555
@kalali, there is a Adcom GFP-555 preamp:http://www.tonepublications.com/old-school/adcom-gfp-555-preamplifier/You may want to try pairing it with a Parasound JC 2 BP preamplifier. 
I've got the Summertime Blues. Power conditioner necessary?
Sorry udog, but there ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcNqDQ48baE 
Awesome new cables from Jorma Design!
Welcome back David!!Best to tread lightly now that you know the lay of the land. ;^) 
Delete "Cable Snake Oil Anecdote" Thread!
Don't feed the trolls.  ;^) 
too bad Audiogon seems to have morphed to fussy, picky buyers
No, the market favors the buyer, and the last 4-5 years this has developed into a big time buyer’s market.Good luck putting demands on a buyer returning an item. Unless you got them to pay with a check or money order, they are in control. PayPal w... 
too bad Audiogon seems to have morphed to fussy, picky buyers
@stereo5 , what a difference 6 weeks can make, huh Bob?Here is a post of yours about the joys of selling in early March, on a thread about the cost of advertising on Audiogon:03-04-2018 4:55pmI posted 4 for sale ads yesterday here on Audiogon. A... 
Thoughts on the most difficult instruments for speakers to reproduce?
I would say piano for all of audio, but violins specifically for digital audio, especially massed strings. 
Doh! Modding vs. Selling
I would never modify anything I owned, as it will ruin the resale value.I've even found that the work of professional modifiers only gets back about 20-30% on the dollar. Any non-professional DIY work normally decreases the value from a stock unit... 
Speaker Cable Upgrade... Advice Please
Here's a crazy question... Might a power cable have more effect on the brightness than the speaker cables? Absolutely, not a crazy question at all.Look for a used K-S Emotion cord.Of course, it is possible that Wilson/ Devialet simply do not m... 
Speaker Cable Upgrade... Advice Please
What other speaker cables are also warm and laid back? From my experiences, older Cardas cables are warmer sounding. Cardas Golden or Golden Reference may work.Other manufacturers who may help take the edge off:Purist AudioKubala SosnaJena Labs... 
Magico A3
Congrats, and good luck Neal! Yes, I have been looking at the A3's since their press release in December 2017. Though I have not heard them yet, they do look very promising. Bringing Magico technology into the sub $10K range is certainly worth con... 
Totem Speaker Wiring
I have tried many configurations over the years, bi-wiring and single wiring. In many cases the best method is up to the individual user, and I have found in some cases bi-wiring works better, but many times a higher quality single wire run with m... 
Trouble in Fleetwood Mac.......
I had no idea Fleetwood Mac was still touring??!!I saw them on the Tusk tour in '79, very disappointing, IMHO.