Streamer with decent app

Hey all:

I like to control everything from my phone while chilling in bed. Mostly Spotify and Tidal. I have a Yamaha WXA-50 that works pretty well but ready for an upgrade.

I tried a Sonos amp because it offered more music services but didn’t feel that the sound was as good.

Looking for an all in one solution (amp, streamer) that has a nice app that works well with the music services.

Budget: <$3k




For a meaningful upgrade both sonically and with a good app at your budget, unless you’re extremely space constrained I think you’re much better off with a separate streamer and integrated amp/DAC.  The new Innuos Pulse Mini will give you a great streamer that comes with its excellent Sense app that’s praised for both its usability and sound quality.  And there’s a good used Bel Canto C5i integrated amp/DAC that’d make an excellent partner for the Innuos.  They both are small footprint products so won’t take up much more room than a one-box unit but will likely deliver much better performance and comes in well below your $3k price target.  Just one thought, and best of luck.

A naim uniti atom. Is a perfect choice most dealers have demos for sale at 3k or so The amp stage is a beefy high current 40 watts the dac and streamer are fantastic and it has apple airplay Bluetooth Spotify tidal internet radio and quobuzz built-in

The atom is the class leader in all in one streaming systems.

We know as we sell many of these types of systems



Audio intellect nj

Naim dealer

The Rose RS520 is a fun piece that should fit what you are looking for.  Could likely find a nice, lightly used one in your price range (they are $3695 new).

Keep in mind what devices you have. Some of the expensive streamers only work with Apple devices.

One reason I went with Roon, though they keep making updates I don’t want... <sigh>

@soix , @audiotroy ​​@goldprintaudio , @jbuhl 

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check these out. 

I think I want to stay with something smaller and not separates. I really don't want to deal with remotes and turning things on (unless it's through the app). 

If you get a chord 2go/2yu you can stream from any app on your phone that plays music/movies etc. The chord app only accesses the chord streamer for settings and connection once connected (5 seconds) you just use what ever playback app you like. for example I use it with the iPhone tidal app / Spotify / Roon app etc. I even use it with YouTube.

your just using the phone sound output sent to the chord like you would if your using apple airplay, android equivalent. 

its IMO the easiest to use yet (I've used roon/aurender/blue-os),  you just use the streaming services app not a propriety app form the streamer manufacturer. 

granted the chord streamer is not cheep but it is portable and sound very good better then the Aurender A10 I replaced it with. 

yes its just a streamer/network bridge/ no DAC or Amp. but you can adjust volume from your device i.e.. phone. oh i reread and you did mention you wanted an all in one solution my mistake. well if you added an amp/DAC you’d be set i suppose.

Plenty of decent streamers many of which have been mentioned here. However a decent app is another issue altogether.  If you are a classical music listener Roon is the only app which gets it almost right. Apps from Aurender, Auralic, Elac or Cambridge Audio don't go close, especially if you stream Qobuz. The Qobuz native app, while not good, is as good if not better than the apps mentioned above but to use it on most streamers you need to go via Airplay which is limited to 44.1 sampling so no Hi Res. If you listen to music with a readily identifiable artist then almost any app will be OK at a basic level.

The next two steps up the ladder would certainly include the Step 1 Marantz PM7000N ($999) and the Step 2 Marantz Model 40 ($2499). Both have plenty of power, decent phone apps, voice control via Amazon Alexa if you want, and way better than average SQ. You can cobble components together streamers and DACs and amps, and perseverate over interconnects if that's your thing, but with the exception of maybe the Rose RS250 (Step 3?) at $3695, nobody is building better quality, better value, integrated streaming platforms. 

Thoughts on the bluesound powernode?

If you like the Sonos interface you can find Sonos Connects for cheap on the used market. Then for $500 have Wyred 4 Sound modify it, they replace the S/PDIF output stage and clock. I have been using one as a ROON endpoint for many moons on a secondary system and it sound purdy dang good and has been totally reliable. Then you got $2.5K to burn on a DAC/AMP. Like a used Hegel H190 or Rost


If you go Bluesound just get a node and go digital to a integrated with DAC. Beat the pants off a powernode. Tidy 2 box setup.


Aaaand if I am not mistaken you can use airplay (16/44 only) with the Rost or H190) . So you use phone app to stream with a native music service app but control the Rost with remote.

ROON, and use it’s ARC for remote listening, and your choice of streamer, done!

Sticking to one box solutions, the next step up would be a Bluesound Powernode or an NAD C700.  Next step up in performance would be the NAD M10 v2, which looks to be currently on sale for US$2,499.  All use the BluOS app which, by most accounts, is probably one of the best out there.  

The "persistent queue" mentioned above probably refers to the fact that when you load an album or a playlist, it just gets added to the play queue.  The play queue does not automatically reset. This makes it easy to create new playlists.  The downside is that if you don't clear out the play queue (by merely pressing a button), when you load an album or playlist and hit "shuffle," it will shuffle everything in the play queue.  For some reason, this feature seems to drive some users into a fit of rage.

Other all-in-one units out there are the Naim Unity Atom and the Hifi Rose RS520, but both are beyond your USD 3k limit.

I have an older Powernode 2 in a second system, and it is a pretty good sounding unit.

+1 dinosore

I have an NAD M10 V2 in my office and it is fabulous!  Very happy with this unit.  This is my first NAD purchase and they are very innovative and seem to be pushing out new products frequently.  One of the best parts about this unit is the size....9" x 9" x 4" high which sounds important to you.

Let us know how you make out.

For <$3K you can find a very capable streamer with CD ripper. 

Innous has a range of streamers at various price points.  I use my Zenith MKII with 2TB drive to stream Qobuz and Tidal, and play my ripped CD collection. 

The Innous Sense app sounds excellent and is easy to use. I have a lifetime Roon subscription, and while Roon has more bells and whistles, Sense SQ is superior. I no longer use Roon in my listening room. I do use Roon, instead of AirPlay, for whole house stereo to wireless speakers throughout my house and backyard.

Thanks all!  Some great suggestions. 

@dinosore How do the Powernode and the M10 compare?  They both use BluOS I assume so app functionality would be the same.  And for the price difference, I assume the sound quality is better on the M10.  Any other big differences? 



@panzrwagn That Rose RS250 is intriguing. For that price the app better be dang good. :-)

I love Marantz products but why does their streamer have to be so dang big? And I’m not sure about that HEOS app.

I’m really surprised how poor some of the apps are for some of these units. To me, that’s the most important thing (other than SQ).

Edit:  Almost pulled the trigger on the Marantz streamer (because I really like the sound of Marantz)  but haven't seen anything good about HEOS compared to BluOS.  

To me, the DAC makes the biggest difference and I’m using a Bluesound Node N100 with an LPS and a good USB cable going to my Denifrips Pontus ll. As time with the Node passes, I’m thinking of getting a better DAC, not a better streaming device.

All the best.

I've been using some KEF LS50 Wireless II's for the TV. Super convenient. No remote needed. From the app, they auto-power up when they sense a source. Volume adjustments can be made from your music app or, for video content, from the TV remote. I feel like they're a good measure of convenience and quality at a good price point. 

The Dynaudio Focus XD series powered speakers will appear on your network. You could use your phone and the Tidal/Spotify native apps and take advantage of the high resolutions streams available on Tidal. No boxes at all in your bedroom. Just speakers.


Used pair over on TMR for little over $2K

I picked up a Bluesound Powernode to try out.  The app is really nice.  Unfortunately, it doesn't sound as good as my Yamaha WXA-50 (to me anyway).

Still looking.  :-)