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what amplification are you running with your Dynaudio Heritage Specials?
I never heard the combo, but had a good customer running his Heritages with a  Sugden A21SE and he absolutely loved the pairing.    
Speaker Recommendations
They are surprisingly good!  (especially at the fairly modest price point)  
Streamer Comparison (sort of) Lumin T3 vs. HiFi Rose RS150b
I sell both Lumin and Rose.....bummer you had the issue with the 150b.  It's a great unit (I've not experienced the issue you noted on any of the ones I've had on hand). Both the T3 and 150b are very good and you summation of the 2 is pretty much... 
Speaker Recommendations
If you are open to a bookshelf, Revival Atalante3 would work well for what you are looking for.    https://revivalaudio.fr/atalante-3/  
Streamer with decent app
The Rose RS520 is a fun piece that should fit what you are looking for.  Could likely find a nice, lightly used one in your price range (they are $3695 new). https://www.hifiroseusa.com/products/rs520-wireless-network-streamer-integrated-amplifier  
Sugden Amps
I'm a Sugden dealer and absolutely love the brand.   I have several customers running both A21 and A21SEs with Heritage speakers.  
Full range stand mounted speakers
I've never seen the One.Rs in person, but is it not possible to remove the cloth surrounds and run without them? Options like the Harbeth 40.3, Spendor Classic 100 and Revival Atalante5 are all very nice, but not sure what your budget is, and the... 
Bel Canto Dac 3.7 in 2018?
@bunkertoy Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions.  Would love to chat.  Taylor  
Bel Canto Dac 3.7 in 2018?
@bunkertoy  Yes, I'm a Revival dealer.  Love both the Atalantes and the Sprints!  
Bel Canto Dac 3.7 in 2018?
Congrats on your 3.7 Ref upgrade!   Matt at Ace Tomato is great.....he does some nice upgrades. And great speakers!  Love the Atalante3.    
Streamer with variable digital output
Lumin has variable digital outputs.  I was using a Lumin U2 Mini this way today actually.   And the HiFi Rose RS130 does as well (not tried any of my other Rose models to check if they do).    
Upgrade from BS Node 2i?
If you plan on using the dac in your Anthem, then you may want to consider the Lumin U2 Mini versus the D2.    
dac and streamer or seperates
If you have an onboard dac with the Krell, maybe you would want to start with the streaming transport and wait on the dac.  You may like what you have! As an fyi, as a Lumin dealer, I'm a fan of the U2 Mini!  
dac and streamer or seperates
You can't really go wrong either way.....just comes down to which you prefer.  Good options with both types.   I tend to stick to combo units most of the time as I like the simplicity, but have recently been using a Line Magnetic LM32 Dac and Lum... 
New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport
My first few RS130s arrived today, so dealers are starting to get them in hand!