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Used tube preamp $2-3K
Might research a Rogue RP-5.  They can be had for around $3k  
Best Music Streamer to pair with Rogue Audio monoblocks and Pre-Amp
I have an SGC ST hosting a Roon core, A Bryston BDP pi as the endpoint ,Rogue RP-1 with Mullards as the pre.  I have heard many others say the Bryston BDP-3 functions wells as a Roon endpoint.    My little BDP-1 has been rock solid for several yea... 
Need help choosing preamp for streaming
For Posterity: Moon Ace is a good all in one solution for streaming and can be had for around $2K  
Qobuz Connect working Beta demonstration....yay!
@barts  Weirdly, to me, it came with the Titan and a power cord and nothing else...zero, nada, nothing!  I guess they expect everything should be done QR code to scan on the side of the box?  
Qobuz Connect working Beta demonstration....yay!
@barts  Most of the time, I run Roon on an SGC/ST with a BDP endpoint as well.  Sometimes just for kicks I will switch back to Manic Moose to listen to Radio Paradise as the MM RP app, to my ears, has a little better sound stage.  It would be in... 
Qobuz Connect working Beta demonstration....yay!
@barts  After just reading the antics you have to go through to get the highly hailed  Lumin Roon ready the old much maligned Manic Moose operates light years ahead in that capacity.   
Qobuz Connect working Beta demonstration....yay!
I actually don't dislike it. It's stable. But it's obviously due for a refresh. Bryston working on it now but its way behind schedule. It also works across all their BDP series even if its been discontinued like the Pi.     The current versio... 
Looking for a tube preamp that has xlr outputs.
Rogue Audio RH-5 can be found for about $1.5k  
Looking for phono preamp advice in the $1000 - $1600 range
Moon LP 5.3 might be worth a look. Their new $2.3K 310 LP is based on this model. Can be found for less than $1k.     https://www.stereophile.com/phonopreamps/307sim/index.html    
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
I’d say that Six Blade Knife or Down To The Waterline or Water Of Love would probably be what I’d play. +1 for the above and add in Walk in the Westend. Also Homeless from Paul Simons Graceland , just to behold Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Or anyt... 
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
For Neo-Medieval Voice: Vox Clamantis , Music by Henrik Odegaard. Recorded at the St Nicholas Dome Church Haapsalu Estonia   description of Odegaards compositions "Elements of Microtonality"  
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
The Cisco Kid by War on World is a Ghetto. Recorded with the most sophisticated equipment of the era. I have seen reviews where they use this as a reference recording. The engineer, Chris Huston, got a grammy nomination for the effort.  
Hearing aid question
I have had Oticon and currently Widex (~$3K). The best pair I had were a pair of Widex top of the line $7k. They blue toothed to the phone and could be adjusted and changed with a phone app. Really handy. Lost one somewhere and had to fall back to... 
I like Bryston.  I only have one of their streamers that has been discontinued but they have still provided support for it and it sounds great as a ROON endpoint and standalone.  That kind of effort is hard to find that in this industry.  You woul... 
I think the Rogue is fully balanced, is it not?   As an interim step, if not already, you could upgrade the tubes in the RP-1. I put a set of Mullards in from Andy’s tube services and have really enjoyed them. Enjoy those while you continue rese...