Looking for a streaming DAC around 4k

Hi all:


It all started when I decided to upgrade my Bluesound Node 2i to an Eversolo DMP-A6. I loved the sexy touchscreen, internal SSD, etc. of the Eversolo. What I wasn’t prepared for was an immediate and obvious improvement in sound, especially in vocals. Vocals were much easier to understand, more clear. This was even obvious when I hooked it up to my second system, a Marantz HT receiver and a pair of ancient Dynaudio speakers. It was so obvious my wife noticed at once, just walking by.

So I’ve been wondering if upgrading to a better streaming DAC would give me another major improvement. I’m retired so I can’t make any $ystem wide improvements, and my system, by the standards of what I see here, is very modest to begin with. Also, I need my system to fit into a certain cabinet, so I need a one piece DAC/Streamer, I can’t have separates.


Current system:

Integrated Amp: Marantz PS11S1, from their Reference series, about 2007. I like that it has both MM and MC inputs.

CD Player: Marantz SA-15S1, ditto. I like that it will handle SACDs and it has a digital out that I would try and run thru the new DAC.

Current DAC/streamer: Eversolo DMP-A6

Speakers: Dynaudio Focus 220s, the original model.

Turntable: Not really applicable here, but I have a Basis 2000 deck with a Vector 3 arm and an Aria MC cartridge (forgot the exact model).

My budget would be under $5k total, so let’s call it $4k plus sales tax. I have no problem buying used. I would love internal SSD storage. I would also love it I could use my standard .m3u playlists with said internal storage. Love sexy touchscreens even if I mostly use the app on a tablet. Lol. I don’t have Roon and no plans to get it.

What do you think? Thanks!







I like Aurender , products are built like a tank and they have excellent support.  

My Dad has the A6 Master. and he loves it.   Sounds excellent with his McIntosh amp's DAC.   

Personally I would spend that money on a stand alone DAC if you like the Eversolo interface and wait until down the road to replace it .

Since you seem to like the Eversolo already have you considered the A8? The differences are significant and would likely deliver improvement. 


I did, thanks. But it comes with a pre-amp that I don't need, else I'd have to sell my integrated and then buy an amp, and that's another rabbit hole :-)


Try one of the Ayre Acoustics streaming DACs, and thank me later!!!  Happy listening. 

I recommend Aurender. A new N200 or if you can find a used N250. Highly recommended.

@akg_ca thanks for the help. It appears there is no local storage or even a way to connect a library via external USB, which would rule it out for me.

@kennymacc I will get right on it.

To @tony1954, I'm in the NE USA, I will look into Aurender carefully, I see it's very popular!

The MOON has a USB-B (for computer connections) and it’s controlled via its MIND2 controller and app.

With MiND2 (MOON intelligent Network Device) fully integrated you can stream music from your chosen digital music library. The digital library can consist of music stored on a computer, on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and on music services, such as Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer and Qobuz. It can also access all Internet radio stations from TuneIn


If you really like the touchscreen I would check out the Hifi Rose 150b.

If you can do without the touchscreen the Lumins are very nice (like the T2-3) or Bryston 3.14.

By the way, if you have a bunch of SACDs, while your Marantz won’t do it, down the road if you picked up something like an Oppo or Sony with HDMI outputs, the Bryston will take a DSD stream out of the SACD player.  So in a way, something like the Bryston could help you future proof a little bit if/when your Marantz quits.  Or you could just buy a new SACD player!

Hi there and thanks, the HiFI Rose actually checks all the boxes for me. I'll have a look at the others too. 



I would suggest you reach out to Juan @blisshifi who has an Auralic Vega G2.1 he took in on trade. I’m quite familiar with Auralic and this particular model. It’s streaming function is quite good and its DAC section is fully competitive with other DACs in the $7-$8k range. He’s asking right w/in your budget. 

The Lightning DS native music management software is very good, but it’s also Roon certified if you prefer that route. 


+1 on the Moon.  I would also suggest the Bryston BDP-3 as it does a great job with local storage and SQ but the interface is about a sexy as a tire iron. 


If you go with Aurender and they do make quality streamers make sure it is a new model if you want to ever use Roon. I had an earlier Aurender and while I liked the SQ I hated the app. So I bought an Antipodes EX and couldn't be happier but still wish you didn't have to pay a monthly subscription to get a decent music management app.

Why difny you just buy the much better eversolo dmp8

That has a much better dac and lps power supply

And just put it is the slow roll off filter ?

You might be better with separates

The latest pontus 12 th anniversary dac,

And innuos entry level streamer- hd

Then later buy their matching lps power supply and has a very good 

App and interface.

If you dont mind putting the lps power supply behind 

Then linear tube audio makes a better lps thats better

And 1/2 the price on Audiogon only $700