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Auditioning Used Equipment - Am I crazy ?
I'll guess your from Green Bay    
Aurender A200 vs N200
@fthompson251  Did you ask Aurender ?  
Speaker Slip Covers
Any local upholstery shops? Wouldn't take much to make them.  
Looking for a streaming DAC around 4k
https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/650105487-aurender-a15-streamerdacpre-ampserver/ I am a streamer/dac user also, for now. Although I never had a separate dac in my system, I have no urge to go that route. I have the A15 and to my ears it s... 
Still the demons of GAS pursue me
I'll say SAE  
Looking for a nice outrigger knob like this ...
Minimum Power Needed to Drive Klipsch Cornwall IVs? - Considering Erhard_Audio Ray
I would go with a tube amp. The heritage line loves tubes. Or a class A amp. For example, I have an ARC75se, 75W/ch, with klipsch forteIII, and at roughly 5-6 watts, it is plenty loud and sweet.  
Power Cable Audioquest Dragon vs Isotek EVO3 Ascension
I am a firm believer in cables are system dependent. And learned and heard this with my own ears. Like, garbage in, garbage out. I had an all Carver system for years, all were internally updated, sounded good. Then got the itch to upgrade. You c... 
Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
Thanks for starting this thread. It’s refreshing and informative. And I am mainly a blues music guy.  
**Advice Needed**Damage To Imported Speakers**
Maybe an experienced local/ish cabinet maker could repair the damage.  
Finally got a Luxman
Can the Forte 3 really be upgraded to be exactly the same as the version 4? I didn't think they could be ?  GR research for the Forte upgrade kit. I did the upgrade.  
floor speakers installed on the wall.... ?
My system is in my shop,and I had my Klipsch Forte's on shelves I built in the corners, and it vibrated the walls something fierce. Took them down, and welded up some stands with rubber casters, for ease of placement.  
AC hum
This is from a post williewonka made. Hope this is okay. turns out - all that was required is a slight "repositioning"  to a couple of the wires in the breaker panel. -  the electrician had repositioned a couple of breakers and those live wires r... 
ARC Ref75se fuse
ARC Ref75se fuse
I stayed with the stock Busse fuse. I ordered 5 and 7 amp, my ref5se takes the 5 amp, and discovered I had a few new unused fuses all the while, stashed in the original boxes. Want some?