Is there a cheaper alternative to this:

5° Slant Riser Base For Model Five (  either wood or steel, or whatever. doesn't matter, really.  thanks in advance. 


Probably not if you want the speakers to sound like they were designed to be. 

Kind of.  Butcher Block acoustics makes solid wood bases with threaded inserts.  Those threads can be adjusted and in some cases swapped for IsoAcoustics footers. Check the thread size.

Butcher block looks to be at least double the price.  I'm looking for cheaper. but thanks anyways. 

I've seen welded steel knockoffs on Etsy for around half the price.



I had the Buchardt legs made from scratch. They are about $550/pair and I could have them for $400. (Given my time spent and ending up bringing them from 10,000 miles away, I really didn’t save much.)

Since these are just $350 a pair, I don’t see a lot of savings from contracting it out. Unless of course you want something that looks nicer, for your taste.

Down in San Diego, having custom metal and ironwork done in Mexico is an option, probably cheap(er) but again, you will only know what you end up with when you take delivery of it.

I had similar stands (Deer Creek Audio) for my JBL 4319s and they worked wonderfully for years until I tried them with the tweeter better aligned with my ears. They were placed on some Wharfedale Litton speaker stands firing straight at me and boy, did it make a big difference.

The problem with the 5° stands was my room. I needed about another 2 feet to properly align the tweeter with my ears and I couldn't move back any further. You may not have the same issues as the friend I sold them to, with my JBLs, loves the way they sound in his larger room.

If those are made as well as the Deer Creek Audio stands, then the price is decent as the Deer Creek Audio stands command more money used than new. I paid about $330 for mine and have seen them going for $500 to $700 on eBay.

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Looks like an oversized tuning fork.  Why would someone want to use a tuning fork stand for audio equipment?

I don't know about the ones the OP speaks of but the Deer Creek Audio stands were made by a local artist near their place and they were constructed of 14 GA powder coated steel filled with a sandstone foam product to deaden them. 

They sounded nothing like a tuning fork when rapped by the knuckles, which didn't feel good.

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First I thought about some silly item, but realized that that is probably good and reasonable deal.

As speaker stands go that's a pretty low price and they were designed for your speakers seems like a no-brainer to me .

Whatever you get better be the same height and have the speakers at the same angle as the real stands or the speakers will not sound as they were designed to be. 

I have 2 sets from Etsy. One welded steel like these and the other solid oak. Both about half price or less. Once set up feel the base. If it vibrates a little then use some flat thin rubbery wedges, like Herbie's or even cheap ones, or you can cut them yourself. I think the metal one came with them. I also had to adjust the throw, or degrees, by either wedging just the front or rear base, to align tweeters. Depending on your throw a tiny amount of lift to front or back results in many inches of change.

If you’re handy it seems to me that some simple wood work could achieve  the same endpoint

"$174.99 each" "You can buy two for just $349.98!"

What a deal - the price of two is exactly double the price of one.  Maybe if you buy 4 you can get the giveaway price of $699.96!

How about the JS-120 from JBL that are for their L-100 Classic speakers? Note they’d only save you around $50. Yes, look at Etsy. Or if you are handy and have woodworking equipment you could make some from wood that would do the job just fine.  Keep that 5° slant and the same distance from the floor to the woofer and you'd be set. (Figure they are using 1st reflections to enhance the bass maybe of the KLH Model 5). 

Well I have a pair of KLH 5s and the stands came with them.

That being said I also have some other wooden stands that I bought on ebay that are custom made by an individual in Reno. If you type JBL 100 stands in the E bay search line, they should come up. They are $200 a pair and he sells them as stands for JBL 100s which is what I used them for. They are an attractive walnut, but  he works with many types of wood. They are angled and not as tall as the ones that came with the KLHs. That being said, with my usual listening position being seated on a couch in a slightly slumped position, they  sound as good or perhaps even better than the KLH stands.

@larsman The angle of the stand that they designed would have been  optimized to a certain listening position ( listener's ear level and distance from the speakers ) and sound presentation preference. However, room acoustics, system balance, and listener preference plays into  speaker position and I find you always have to play with angle, toe in, and so on to get the sound you like dialled in.

@emann50 appreciate the suggestion.  looks like the angle won't work though.  great price !