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Results with Shunyata Venom Defender
@nyev  i experienced the same. I’m wondering how long you had the defender plugged in before you started your session and how long it was in total.  it was suggested to me that I let it settle for a few days. And seems t the warrant that I love o... 
Martin Logan vs. Everything
Thanks everyone!!!  I had a few drinks when I wrote my original post… I’m glad to see so much love for the Logans. By the way,.. terrible sweet spot but it’s just for me and the room and system is tuned to my liking so who cares right!!!  im super... 
Martin Logan vs. Everything
@tablejockey @terry9  I have the big panels and I added a pair of rel s/812 for amazing bass  
Martin Logan vs. Everything
@firstonetallguy  that’s a great story. I heard them when I was 16, and always wanted them. I was also in magnolia with my wife 25 years later in front of the dream speakers. My wife loved the sound and the look. We took them home and my system ev... 
Martin Logan vs. Everything
  Wow! It’s great to see all this love for the Logans @erik_squires  mentioned dynamics.. I added a pair of rel s/812 a year ago and it definitely took everything to the next level.  @newbee the Logan’s are very particular what you feed them.I ba... 
Higher-End Class A/B vs. Class A Integrateds
@nicktheknife I am in university park, i have 2 class a monos a class a accuphase and a sanders Magtech. The magtech is for sale, it’s not class a but it’s amazing and has basically unlimited power, it has also been upgraded with 6 synergistic f... 
PS audio m1200
Sanders Magtech. The one to rule them all. LIFETIME warranty. Super Stable. Huge Power. Dead Quiet. Call roger sanders and get one to try.   
HT and 2 channel in same room? 1 or 2 systems?
Does your avr have a preamp out? ….. just connect it to the pre in to your tube amp.. run your mains off the tube amp.. run the room processor… listen to movies and tv with surround on and listen to music in direct mode.    Done     
REL speakon connection to amp vs speakers
I have done both. On my old setup my fancy speaker cables were terminated in banana at my amp end and spade at the speaker end. I had some custom rel spec cables from an even earlier setup that were terminated in banana so I just piggybacked them ... 
Phono Stage Question.....
I love my Loco! Just make sure you have a low output cart.   
Hi-end audio is a big zero
@cdc  where are you located? I know some dealers in DFW who do this.  
Combination streamer and music server…without DAC
everyone is going to recommend the brands they use so here’s mine  Wolf Audio Systems. I use a LUNA R pure digital. Wolf works with stillpoints and audience for their internal vibration control, and wiring. If your music system is in your TV room... 
The character of analog and digital
@millercarbon  aw far as tracy chapman, i was looking into buying her debut album but its very pricey and was all recorded digitally, i have a very nice digital rig, and a very very nice analog setup now.. but since its a digital recording on vin... 
The character of analog and digital
@millercarbon     hey!! Good to see ya back!     
Silver Speaker Cables
I have some from tempo electric… how long do you need?