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SOtM player?
@Fuzztone,After reading some of your posts/replies etc, is it so hard to be chill?  No offence meant. 
SOtM player?
Lovely sound from a wonderful piece of kit. If only it would connect and stay connected. I am throroughly fed up with trying to get a connection to just be able to play music and not waste my free time faffing about trying to boot up the bloody th... 
Martin Logan Motion 60XT, best value ?
The XT60's at around $1800 would seem to be a bargain going by what my Motion 40's sound like. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I think the good folk at ML have scored a winner with the range of speakers.IMHO. 
Which Stands for Magnepan LRS (and other models): Mye, Magnariser, Sound Anchor, etc
Some chap who makes them sound better. At a premium I believe if memory serves me. 
Cd disc changers.
I think my Sony  CD/DVD CX777ES 400 disc player sounds good to me. Not sure if it can be classified as 'high end' or not though. 
How much are AR AR3's worth these days?
How much are AR AR3's worth these days?
Why not advertise them on here?   
How much are AR AR3's worth these days?
They are worth as much as your integreedy..... 
Best speakers 5k 10 k
Check out Boenicke......then forget the rest. Not exactly forget the rest but your list will grow shorter when compared to any of the Boenicke range. Just my opinion which ain't worth diddly squat....,Having heard many loudspeakers in my time. Not... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
At what starting point does a loudspeaker have to be to be a 'giant' killer? Obviously the LRS is, but can a speaker that costs $9000 be deemed as such? The new Elac bookshelf loudspeakers as heard at the RMAF this year certainly are slayers to my... 
Pls Recommend Streamer Under $500 for Tidal “HiFi”
+ Auralic Aries mini used if you can find one. 
RMAF 2019!
The star of the show for me wasn't even a loudspeaker, it was the  M-Upscaler from those awfully nice chaps from Chord.  
What’s wrong with Diana Krall?
No such as 'good taste or bad taste', its just whether a given type on music fits one's particular palate.  
Technology in speakers....
@tomic601 -I live stateside now.......If you pack them right, you should be able to take them as a carry on,lol 
Technology in speakers....
@tomic601 -My DMS are in the UK......