Good small/single outlet power conditioner for preamp.

Anyone know what’s out there? 
I am demoing a very nice preamp but it, for currently an unknown reason, does not play well with my Puritan PSM156 conditioner. The pre exhibits noise/hum from the speakers with any source ICs plugged into it. 
But the preamp straight to the wall is hum free and all is fine. 
If I wanted to keep this pre, straight to the wall is not ideal. So I am preliminarily curious what nice small/single outlet power conditioners are out there for me to consider… 



Hey, if you are only connecting your preamp that may be part of the issue.  Connect all your devices to the puritan.

Otherwise, I always recommend Furman.

Hi erik. All components are into the Puritan. But now with this new and very nice preamp I’m demoing, there is hum when a source is plugged into the pre. Take the pre straight to the same outlet the Puritan is plugged into and no hum. It’s a weird one, as this conditioner has never done this with other preamp or anything. 

I’ll look at Furman but I had a a 15i or 20i Pro years back that I thought sounded ‘mechanical’ in the end. 

@jriggy It sounds like there's some sort of offset being created in the puritan, which can happen when you use a balanced power conditioner, but it usually makes things better. 

I recommend the Furman because of it's 5-star surge protection and that I've heard it when absent.

Is there any other external copper connection coming into the system, such as a TV or coaxial cable? Ethernet is OK.

@erik_squires No, not on this deadicated circuit. Just the system: a CD transport and its LTA ps, an AppleTV, an IFi spidif Purifier, DAC, pre and amp. 

@erik_squires nope. Dang it, I had some hope with that one… 


Anyone know which power conditioner is considered the competitor to the Puritan 156?? I guess I could always try that one… but I’d have to commit to this preamp first and then pray that it is compatible with the new conditioner. 

@erik_squires   Hey, what about Equitech 2Q. Ok it's more than he wants- but Furman is also sizeable  :)

@ptss Furman makes single strips like the PST-8d that include the filter/surge protection features which is much less expensive and much smaller than the Elite versions. 

The must-have features from Furman are SMP and LiFT (Series protection and linear filtering).  Keep an eye out because they make a lot of products that don't include those.

If you plug the new pre-amp into your power amp with no source devices attached (while connected to the PSM156) - any noise from just the pre-amp and power amp?

If so, try a different set of interconnects? Are you using RCA or XLR cables to connect the Pre to the Power? Does the Pre-amp have a three prong power cord or two prong? If all is silent, then add one device at a time and see if one device triggers the hum. I have never seen a Puritan cause noise.

@jriggy  I had the same issue when introducing one of my valve FM tuners to my system. A different tuner works perfectly.

I trialled the 156 and it didn't work in my system, altering piano sound too greatly. I have since enjoyed a UK built "AC-2K Balanced Mains Supply". This reduces noice floor and enhances clarity and impact in my system while not emasculating natural sound of piano or other instruments. Good luck.

Grounding issue? Maybe you need to use a cheat plug on the preamp power cord? 

Use the cheater plug to see if that is the problem. If that cures the problem find the reason for the ground loop and fix it. By using a cheater plug you are lifting the safety ground.

@jriggy why do you think you need a power conditioner at all? I had 156 and now running everything direct on 2 dedicated circuits.
Doesn’t answer the question why you get hum but eliminates the issue. So why not just run direct?

Try the Furman AC215a, it's small (2 outlets) and has the features erik squires recommends.  It's about $100.

@gramophone_canada No, there is no noise when just pre and power are connected. Noise comes as soon as a DAC (two, tube or ss here to try) is connected.
I am using RCA from pre to power (and DAC to pre).
I did use a cheater plug on the DAC and it fixed the issue BUT a cheater plug is not ideal in this system. I could hear it’s affects (maybe I just need to let it settle), it added a harsh-brightness. And a cheater plug was not necessary on the DAC before this. I don’t know if it works the same with cheater plug on the pre, though.

Id actually like to not have to buy a second small filter and would rather have one that everything works with. I’ve never had hum in this system before with anything until now.

Today I am going to try the whole system on a Furutech tp609 passive power strip to see if it’s hum free. If so, I’ll dismantle the HT/TV power setup and try the Equi=Core 1800 balanced power conditioner with everything.

@psf4972 thanks for the suggestion. I looked at it but it appears to be UK based only…

wish I could edit thread title to reflect my change of heart on having two conditioners. One for all OR better yet, fixing this issue with no other purchase needed. 

Find a couple of PS Audio, Ultimate Outlets... make sure they are the high current model. One of the few power conditioner/tweaks I have a purchase that truly worked. Will never sell mine.

Our power spikes alot sometimes 5x a wk.i have good luck with furman although I've tried many and have many even the old monster 2000 plus 7000 huge transformers. I need it for my expensive amps I don't like loosing sound quality but if it saves me big $$$ on audio equipment it's a compromise I'll live with.have not found one to get rid of small ground loop but they all advertise they do.

It's the preamp. you changed 1 thing, problem started.

Preamp straight into the wall, no problem, thus the preamp is good, EXCEPT it is making .....?

I would get a length of wire for a new ground somewhere: start touching contacts, this one, that one: searching for some combo that ends the hum.

I did that on my new equalizer which hummed even in bypass mode, found connecting the left and right channel's grounds to each other solved the problem. Just hit or miss.

@elliottbnewcombjr Im not qualified/knowledgeable enough to do that. If I knew more to what you’re referring to, maybe so… but that sounds iffy for me. 

Maybe the new/different/unconventional design of the Puritan filtering system does not jive with the different/special design of the GreenForce power supply in this preamp. 

Take a look at the Audience AR2P conditioner - it has surge protection and does a nice job cleaning up the AC.  Should solve the problem with the preamp.

I would continue to troubleshoot until you are certain of the problem, then solve that. It will be very interesting to see if the problem goes away when using a power strip only.

Update: The Furutech tp-609 passive power distribution unit AND the Equi=Core 1800 balanced power conditioner are BOTH hum free!!

This confirms some sort of mismatch in power or grounding between the Puritan PSM156 and the Backert Labs Rhythm 1.4 preamp. 

So if I elect to keep the preamp, I will need to invest in another power conditioner for the main system here… maybe a new thread for that… Unless anyone has a good recommendation for something at least relatively close to the $2300 price of the Puritan, but some more $$ is fine to consider. The Puritan is so good at its price, I’m worried what it’ll take to match its performance. 

There are many excellent power conditioners on the market.  Furman is only one of many and Erik_Squires recommends this brand mostly because he owns one and likes what it does.  I use Shunyata and many others use other brands.  There is an Audioquest Niagara 1200 available used here for around $700-800.00 which is an excellent value as well. 

+1 for the Audience AR2 P.  If you can swing the bucks go for the AR2 T for better SQ. I have one cleaning the power to my streamer only so I do not shut it off.  All other components are connected to a Shunyata 6000T V1.  

@jriggy I am a Synergistic Research dealer, so take it for what you will, but they make a PowerCell One for plugging one single component direct into the wall. I’ve personally been a big fan of the PowerCell series long before I became an SR dealer, moving from higher end PS Audio conditioners. The PowerCell One retails for $1,095 and may be worth looking into if you are just looking to separate your preamp from the rest of your system’s conditioning. 

My amp and pre amp/ turntable are the oppsite side of the room and cannot change. Would i need two power conditioners?  Thrershold SL 10 pre amp and 4000 amp. 

You should try the DR . acoustics Creon. It’s $3k but will not starve your preamp or amp. I have the PSM156 but only plug my sources into it. Otherwise it starves my preamp and amp.