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A stupid question(s) about power cords
For information on your original questions call Joe Abrams at Equus Audio or MIT Cables. They have both been helpful to me in the past.    
Magnetar UDP900 vs Oppo 205
Thanks Arnold.  
Upgrade Interconnects for Spectral System
Regarding impedance. These values are given in the equipment specs but a quick call to MIT or Joe Abrams or Spectral should get a quick answer for you. I have also found Goodwin's High End people very knowledgable and helpful regarding Spectral an... 
Upgrade Interconnects for Spectral System
Joe Abrams may share some thoughts with you. Worth a call.  
Upgrade Interconnects for Spectral System
You are best off with the cables customized for Spectral. Reselling with be slower than with MIT Cables, but if you choose Spectrals best, you won't need to change for a very long time  :)  Mit's customizing for Spectral goes back a very long time... 
why balanced power last before component?
fwiw, i found using a differential noise removal product before my 2Q works best in my system.  
Who uses power conditioning?
I use differential noise reducing component before my eqitech 2q. Experimenting confirmed this works best in my system. Am curious to try filtering the grounding after reading about shunyata ground filter used in the absolute sound ref system. Has... 
why balanced power last before component?
@atmasphere  Late news. Is it possible the new grounding product for shunyata may improve the equitech 2q by filtering the ground?  I also just read fascinating information on Nyquist noise and how Einstein once again had involvement. wow  
OPpo 205.... Awesome !!
@thecarpathian   Thanks for clarification  👍🏻.  Spellcheck can translate into Greek; and doesn't even charge for that feature ..  I'm particularly happy being able to enjoy my DVD's 👍🏻.    
A treat for those who like classical piano
@mahler123 .  Thanks :)  
Changes to Orchestra tuning.
@frogman. Very interesting re the oboe for tuning. I've often had season's subscriptions to Symphonies since the 70's.  Hundreds of concerts. Just goes to show my inattention :)  I've never paid attention until I've heard the 1st violin fire up. I... 
Hurray for Wadax!
@mahler123 . I agree re their verbiage.  I had to reach for a bag as soon as I started reading. My post was in jest - I must learn to write so the joke is more obvious :)  My Oppo 205 into my Sony 4k satisfies me for DVD, for now :)  
Changes to Orchestra tuning.
I've never heard an Oboe give the reference. Always the 1st Violin. Am I missing something?  
Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
I've been very happy with my 200 watt amp from Spectral plugged into an Equitech 2Q which is a "balanced power" unit.  I use very high level MIT Cables power cords to and from the Equitech and found a benefit with these MIT pc's. I would not be wi... 
Changes to Orchestra tuning.
I have on my wall too :).  Bought from the Vancouver Symphony, long ago  :)