Clear Day Cables Surgery Update

Hello all and hoping everyone is doing fine,

This is Paul of Clear Day Cables and it's about 10 weeks since my 9 hour spinal fusion surgery encompassing vertebrae L3-L4 and L4-S1, which now have pins, rods, screws and cages in between the L3 and L4.

The Spinal Stenosis in L3 through S1 has been addressed too and I'm so thankful.

Much of the pain that was plaguing me before surgery is gone and I'm so grateful to my surgical team, the hospital nurses, and all involved as they were absolutely wonderful.

Of course, recovery from this serious surgery will be long and I can have a bad day if I push the rehab activity too much.

On the bright side, I saw my surgeon on 10/23 and things are looking quite well as for the healing of the back.

He even lifted some restrictions, but doesn't want me to do anything too foolish although I'm cleared to ride the stationary bike and stretch more.

I see him again next month and depending on how I'm healing, he may remove more restrictions so by the 1st of the new year, there's a chance I may be able to start making cables again as planned.

Also, please forgive me if I'm not able to get promptly to those that may write me here for it's rather difficult too sit by the computer too long composing messages with my current condition.

As always, thanks to all of you for the support, kindness and love you've shown as it's quite heartfelt and appreciated at this tough time.

I'll update everyone again down the line, God bless and please enjoy life to the fullest for things can spin on a dime as we all learn in time,

I'm sorry to hear this as I was totally in the dark about the matter. Here's to a speedy recovery!

My brother in law went through something similar but it was more involved and when he awoke from surgery, he couldn't move his feet and his legs were killing him. It wasn't supposed to happen. He was completely bed ridden.

A year later now and he's riding his Harley. Take your time and enjoy life now that you're on the heal. Nothing else matters, save your health, and that comes first. Everything else will fall into place.

All the best,
Amen to what Nonnoise says, Paul.  Hope your full recovery is sooner than expected.

Thanks so much as your kind words are greatly appreciated Nonoise,

I'm giving it my best to go slow with my rehab activity, but patience has surely never been my strong point.

Moreover, at 60ish, it's so easy to overdo the rehab stuff and it does set me back when I do.

Also, I'm glad to hear your brother is feeling better and his Hog is getting some exercise too.

Be safe good brother, God bless and thanks again for the heartfelt encouragement and support,



Good to hear from you. And good to know that your surgery was successful and you are feeling good. Hope you a speedy recovery and bouncing back to normal.

Take care...
Thanks Milind and hoping you and the family are well,

I still have a ways to go and the recovery from this serious surgery in not linear so it gets frustrating at times for it can 1 step forward and 2 back.

Be that as it may, I'm thankful to be feeling so much better than before the surgery.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and God bless good brother,

Paul, I sympathize with you, spinal stenosis, arthritis, degenerate joint disease are my constant companions, along with the after effects of a compression fracture of T-7 & T-8 around twenty years ago. I'm not nearly as bad off as you were, but enough so that I have an inkling of what you're going through.

I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope it goes as planned, or better! It's no fun, but it will be well worth it in the end.

God Bless, regards,
I had a similar surgery - don't rush the rehab...take care and get well...all the best !
Thank you kindly for the nice words Dan and jl35,

Moreover, slowly but surely, if I don't push too hard with the rehab, I feel decent.

Right now, I'm slowly weening off the back brace while in the house for a few hours per day.

All the lower back muscles were cut through so they are weak now and do let me know when they've had enough.

I do need to wear the brace for walking outside or any activities outside my home for now.

Have a nice weekend to you both, God bless and thanks again,


Congratulations on your road to recovery. Like many, also been there with cervical and lumbar repairs.  If I could offer some advice it would be to find a really really good physical therapist. I’ve celebrated entering my 60’s with six surgeries in the last four years.  Each time the actual healing can be attributed to the physical therapist. The surgical team fixed parts of my body, the PT healed me. The surgeons wanted me to return to function,  with significant limitations.  PT’s wanted me to excel at the activities of my choosing without restriction. 
From my bout with a slipped disc is: Thank God for Opiods.
Hoping you recover quickly.
Holy crap, that js no joke. Glad to hear you are on the mend. You are one of the gentlemen of the business.

Thank again to you all for your kind words, well wishes and real concerns for my recovery as it's quite moving.

As mentioned, I'm giving it my best and feeling better, but surely overdoing things as usual.

I am finding balance though as I'm sure now is a paramount time to learn this elusive lesson.

God bless all of you and have a safe and enjoyable weekend,


It's great to hear from you, Paul!  Your surgery makes my L-5, S-1 fusion sound like child's play.  You have a propensity to overdo in the exercise realm.  I suffer from the same.  Since my total knee replacement in February, I have finally had to implement "the Golden Mean" in my physical life.  Not too much or too little in the rehab./exercise realm.  I am confident that you will have the wisdom to follow a similar course and allow your body to heal.  It does take time!  Be patient.

As was mentioned above, I hope you've been working with a truly committed physical therapist.  If they put you on the right path and you follow it you're in for rewarding and pain free times to come.

God bless you!
Thanks to Phil, Don and Marq and am so appreciative of everyones heartfelt care and concern for me.

Moreover, I'll be working with a PT in a few weeks and see my surgeon next month to see where I'm at with the fusing of L3 through S1.

Please know I'm trying to be patient and not push, but as mentioned, that has never been my strong point.

Again, may God bless you all and thanks for the support all across the board,


I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, Paul.  
Please heal quickly and take your time getting back to work.
When I had back problems a while back, I missed work for a month, but I probably would have been back in half that time if I could have stopped putting pressure on myself.  Stress is the enemy of healing, so please take care of yourself.
God bless!  You are in my prayers.
Thanks so much Peter and hoping you are well,

    Yes brother, I surely put undue pressure on myself and have throughout my life as that drive to excel in whatever I was doing made me semi-successful.

    Alas, as you know, that pressure/drive/discipline was/is a double edged sword and frankly, constant working out 7 days a week for 45 years without fail surely played a part in my backs deterioration.

    Moreover, although I'm having trouble digesting it, but at 60ish, I may have reached a new chapter in life and need to understand semi-moderation.

     Thereby, please know I'll try to ease up a tad and be sensible for I do not want to go through this type surgery again for although things are moving along with my recovery, it's extremely easy to overdo the rehab work and go backwards as I do it much more than I'd like to admit.

     OK Peter, thanks again, enjoy your life and God bless you brother,




Hope you recover quickley, Paul. Probably too mant years of ' picking things up and putting them down.'  : )
Thank you kindly Giantsalami and I’m giving it my best shot as I so want to be opening Clear Day Cables the 1st of the year.

We shall see though as I did quite a bit of damage to my back and am Ieaving it all in God’s Hands.

Be safe and God bless brother,