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question about Balanced signals.
The best man to answer your question is Atmasphere. He practically made 'True Balanced' equipment the norm when most manufacturers only offered RCA. Bob  
Would you still pay $10k or more for a turntable not full analog front end these days ?
Digital for me. As time goes by, it will equal and best vinyl as technology proceeds. BTW,  how many rolls of film have you processed recently? B  
What does the gold star mean on this listing for the LSA amp?
Underwood Wally is a respected dealer. I see no Gold star anywhere in the link you provided. Bob  
MBL 101E
@dweller , makes a good point. Also, consider shipping. I have been looking for the smaller models, but have yet to find something.  B  
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
Vandersteen would be my recommendation.  I think your reliance on frequency charts is not something that will relate to how you will enjoy your speakers.  The best way is to audition in brick and mortar dealer. Unfortunately, they are now limite... 
Krell KBX
Enter your query into hifishark dot com. B  
why expensive streamers
I can understand the skepticism when addressing streamers and streaming technology. I, too, was wary of what differences would be obtained by moving to a more costly route. I made a change to my digital system when I finally got a Memory Player. ... 
BØrresen Z1 (cryo) vs. Radiho C1 (.2)
@chesterzhong , I hope all these responses don't make you feel like we're ganging up on you. The fact is that I was able to listen to lots of speakers because I lived in NYC during the 80's. It was being in a place with lots of dealers and havin... 
BØrresen Z1 (cryo) vs. Radiho C1 (.2)
Basing your opinion on reviews is not a way to buy speakers. IMHO. I know that visiting a dealer these days is more difficult, but if you are serious about buying, it would be in your best interests to try to make an appointment with a dealer and... 
New DAC issues
Though your new DAC might need to be 'burnt in', I think it telling that you didn't notice a significant upgrade from you Schitt Gungy. I went from the Bifrost to Gungnir and heard a definite improvement in sound quality. I also had the Ayre Code... 
USB Switch Upgrade or Not
I suggest you check out Kevalin Audio. He has some very good devices for sale, esp. the Wayversa. I use them in my system. The owner is a very knowledgeable guy. Bob  
Cable vs fiber for audio quality
Unless you are streaming at the highest levels, and you equipment is at SOTA levels, I wouldn't be concerned about the differences between fiber and cable. B  
Townshend Isolation Products.
I use Townshend platforms under my equipment. I notice a tightening of the bass to be the most noticeable. B  
Schitt Yggdrasil More is Better
I never got the Yggy, but did own the Gungnir a few years ago. It was a very good DAC, close to my Ayre Codex. Schiit makes some good gear at great prices. However,  I made a leap of faith and bought a Brinkmann Nyquist 2. It was more than I wo... 
Re: streaming recommendations for newbie
Bluesound is a great starting point. A lot depends upon your system resolving point, with regard to upgrading. B